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Improve planning by combining the living room with kitchen

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One of the most popular and easy to use solutions for the arrangement of the apartment is a room kitchen with living room. The main objective is to increase the rearrangement area for cooking and eating. Although the goals may be somewhat. And there are overlapping benefits, and a number of shortcomings, which should take into account when considering such an option.

Combined living room with kitchen
Combined living room with kitchen - it is practical

tasks redevelopment

Many owners of their own homes would, to a part of the apartment, home or country cottage was part of the kitchen, combined with living room, the size of which would allow to gather around a large table with family and entertain guests. Small kitchen urban housing facilities usually do not give such an opportunity. But, If after the repair to distinguish between the kitchen and living room, He realized his dream, space will increase, becoming exclusive and functional.

The following planning options with slightly different objectives:

  • kitchen in the living room for small apartments, where there is insufficient space in both rooms. Harvested between the wall will expand the kitchen space;
  • combined living room and kitchen in a private home or a full-length flat. Here, the main goal is to increase the freedom of movement of owners of their housing;living room
  • redevelopment in flats with large kitchens and, conversely, full-length seating. In this case, the renovated kitchen and living room is to move the walls and reducing the area of ​​the room due to the kitchen area. The remaining part of the living area serves as the other
    rooms - a bedroom or nursery.

Disposition of the premises in a private home country and in the apartment

important point combining space for cooking and recreation would be
plan living room with kitchen
- zoning, visually separating them from each other. The room is divided into zones in several ways. The reason for using popular options in the, to create a single room with two styles. And then combine the kitchen and the living room provide a border between designed to meet their objectives portions with a smooth transition from one to another.

living room

The bar counter in the interior

Frequently used methods of separation areas - living room with breakfast bar. Allowed to make this element of the interior, leaving the lower part of the walls between rooms. Rack decorated with wooden elements, natural stone and plastic, adding exclusivity kitchen-living room.

different floors

Another plan kitchen, combined with living room, the device comprises a two-level floor. for example, lifting the kitchen area or penetration relative to the rest of the. The first method is more convenient due to hiding under the floor of hoses and wires household appliances, but the second simplifies maintaining cleanliness. The main thing with this - high ceilings.

Not ruled out such a plan combining the kitchen and living room, provided that floors with different textures, and pattern material. Option would require a minimum of effort to highlight the functional areas.


The island area in a modern style

For visual separation space, at which a joint kitchen and living area are two spaces, for rest and cooking, an island portion is used and. Set in the center of a long working or dining table, bar or must fit into available space and interior design. It is not recommended to do an island stove, although a separate kitchen layout options possible.

An arched doorway of the studio project

Performing renovation of the kitchen combined with living room, division carry out the installation of arches. The border areas may be designated separately purchased and mounted an aperture or by leaving a part of the wall. Going further arranged to indicate the arch lamps.

combined living room with a beautiful kitchen

Partitions and columns in the classical style of Provence and

Installing a light screen, curtains or partitions, hiding part of the premises, It emphasizes a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room. barriers are removed or removed if desired. A similar option would be a living room with columns, delimiting space and gives a special atmosphere in the room.

living room and kitchen with columns

green corner

An unusual layout living room with kitchen done by setting the pots of live plants and aquariums. They are complemented by the appropriate style curtains and floor constructions, creating a kind of petting zoo, share a room, pleasing the eye and attracts the attention of visitors.

Using the fireplace

If you have enough space, kitchen-living room in a private house with his own hands is done with the use of the interior fireplace. Such variant zoning separate rooms and ensure their uniform heating. And unwrapped a residential part of the fireplace will decorate the interior. The same element can help, when it arranged kitchen living in the country, where there is no central heating, and the fireplace is still only possible to use in the cold season.

combined living room with kitchen with fireplace

Design features a combined kitchen with living room

In addition to proper planning Interior, for a combined kitchen and living more important and style, wherein the space formed. create it, picking up the lighting and color scheme - with the account owners tastes, but also with several recommendations.

kitchen lighting

Making the right lighting the living room with kitchen area will increase the level of comfort and make the process more convenient cooking food. The main rule - the kitchen part of the room illuminated more. The design of the recreation area kitchen and living room in one room provides soft lighting. Or lamp installation with several groups of lamps comprising separately to create appropriate conditions in different situations.

Lighting in the kitchen-living room

Interior emphasize the common living room and kitchen have all the following details:

  • spotlights;
  • separate lights for elements such as bar or wall separating zone;
  • local lighting for the working area. Particular attention is paid to the alignment plate lamps, shell and desktop.

combined living room with kitchen lighting

The color scheme in the home dining 20 sq.m

Created by trimming a living room with a kitchen requires the right color combination. it's desirable, to scale both rooms was similar. Not necessarily enjoy the same shades, but the color is selected in a range.

While designing it is important to, that
kitchen-living room with his hands was carried out taking into account the lighting balance, artificial and natural. And uniformly illuminated bright room decorate in neutral colors with gray and brown elements. To increase appetite in the kitchen area will warm more Gamma, and rest comfortably - cool shades.

Choosing the level of saturation of the interior, should take into account the size of objects. The less detail, so it should be brighter. And the ceilings for kitchen, combined with living room, wallpaper and curtains chosen with less intense coloring.

kitchen living room

Advantages and disadvantages of planning: from floor to ceiling

Re-planning of premises such as a kitchen-living room has advantages, and disadvantages. The first big, because variant-registration is often selected when changing rooms configuration. Especially given the kitchen area of ​​domestic buildings, sometimes leaving no other option.

Main advantages solutions:

  1. visually increase the space;
  2. lighting improvement, as the living room plus kitchen has 2 windows instead of one;
  3. guest reception simplification, because the owner does not need to run to the kitchen to check the availability of food and feed it on the table, breaking off in mid-sentence conversation;
  4. the possibility of acquiring a general TV. One large panel enough for two rooms;
  5. to make repairs in the kitchen, the living room can be, setting fire, which would not fit in any of the separate locations of premises.

Big hall

But the main advantage, which gives the union the kitchen and living space, It will be the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the big table with the whole family or company. Whereas in small apartments, you had to move to the larger of the rooms.

Shortcomings of scope too much. The first is the presence of odors of cooking, which is not always good extractor hood. This is especially true of frying fish, potatoes or other products with a specific scent. Coincident interfere in the living room and the kitchen microwave sounds, oven, dishwasher,, sometimes, washing machine.

room with kitchen

And more, if you combine the two rooms, Some housewives concerned about the presence in the vicinity of the recreation area of ​​dirty dishes. The problem is solved by using art dishwasher, but for the purpose of its start spending less water and detergent are usually more going objects. AND, If the dishes are within sight of the living room interferes, recommended:

  • Quick wash dishes by hand;
  • installing special screens for shell separation (or the entire kitchen area);
  • rejection of savings, and frequent on dishwashers.

kitchen with living in one room

Mandatory requirements for small and large spaces

Do not think, that the solution to the problem, how to combine the kitchen and the living room is up to the owners of apartments. If housing is not done on an individual project, and it is located in a high-rise building, Rooms combine, like any other remodeling, require government approval.


Regulations do not allow common kitchen and living room with built-in gas stove. And a requirement for electrical equipment for obtaining permits. While this is usually not a problem, electric and has many advantages compared with gas embodiments. It is not allowed by the city administration and removal of load-bearing structures. If necessary, the alignment between the two rooms is only possible with the arch doorway. But, even if the wall is not held in the building itself, and it has a partition, Reliability stands for strengthening the ceiling columns, and performing carrier, and a decorative function.


Daring to redevelop, consider possible nuances. Because the cost and complexity of the works will not allow the same quick fix mistakes, as in conventional repair. Better to discuss all issues with skilled craftsmen, where it is recommended to hire for combining rooms.