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Combined kitchen-bedroom: advantages and disadvantages of combining

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The idea to combine the two, it would seem that, inconsistent rooms - kitchen and bedroom, may occur for several reasons. first, the most popular - in a flat little space, I want to get a spacious room with two target zones. Second - tired of carry food from the kitchen to the bedroom. The third - a desire to be the owner of the apartment with an unusual situation. maybe, you have driven all of these reasons simultaneously. In any case, no matter what, it is important - as the. How to make a combined kitchen-bedroom, that the result met expectations, and whether suitable alternative association rooms for your family, We find out in this article.

Kitchen, Bedroom
Kitchen-bedroom - the inheritance of bachelorhood

Pros and cons of re-planning

For the realization of the idea in life need to spend some money, because, before making a decision, Weigh the pros and cons. to determine, you need such drastic changes or not, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of combining rooms.

kitchen in the bedroom


  1. As a result, you get a new, creative design. Even if the design is taken from the source of the fashion directory, your room will still have distinctive features.
  2. Kitchen bedroom - one large room, instead of two small. There's a lot of living space, bright and spacious. Here is where to turn, put furniture, welcome visitors. You will not need to live in the four walls, which press, inhibiting its proximity.
  3. Two steps, and you're in the kitchen, no limits, no doors, all at a glance. Minimum unnecessary movements.
  4. The hostess will not have to cook alone, away from family and guests, indoors.



  1. During cooking, apartment filled with the smell of food, the flavors did not irritate residents, not soaked furniture, blinds, You have to spend money on a powerful hood, undertake to ensure good ventilation.
  2. It will be impossible to retire in the kitchen, stay there in silence. Some people like it, they believe this kind of pastime relaxation method.
  3. sounds, coming from the kitchen, emitted by household appliances, interfere with sleep. It is advisable to equip its silent technology.
  4. The room should always be kept clean: do not leave dirty dishes on the table, sent out bed. Have to regularly take out the garbage, wash plate, ventilate the apartment.

kitchen-living room

Also, you should consider this fact:

"Option plan - kitchen and bedroom in one room suitable for a single person, couple or small family. The large number of people in the house will transform the bedroom into the hallway ".

kitchen bedroom

Think, whether these deficiencies become a barrier for a comfortable stay in the house, if you can eliminate them or live with them. If they seem insignificant to you - feel free to begin repairs.

It features a combined kitchen design, bedrooms, hall, a small hallway in the apartment

design kitchens bedroom has some features. You need to develop a project of interior space divided into two functional areas. If both rooms are small, but you seek to visually expand the space:

  • Apply a light color palette,
  • use glass, mirror surfaces;
  • Avoid pronounced textures.

beautiful kitchen with bedroom

Zoned space with the help of furniture, carpet, multicolored linoleum. You can use the floor drops, but it needs to pick it up in one of the zones to the height of one or two steps. In order to avoid disharmony, engage a range of colors and uniform style in all the rooms. At the junction of zones, set the bar, kitchen island or table, in this way, you will create another zone - the dining room. Use as a barrier between conditioned rooms open shelves, shelves. They will make the room lighter.

Lighting project 18 and 20 sq.m: variations on the rules of zoning with sleeping

Lighting plays an important role in the zoning of the space. Hang the kitchen central lamp. To illuminate the work surfaces need an additional light source. Above the dining table, place a chandelier, Arrange lighting the inside of the headset.

pleasant lighting in the kitchen, the bedroom

Abundant lighting can visually push the walls and raise the ceiling. Employing sophisticated lighting system, you can turn the bedroom into a welcoming living room.

bedroom area should be illuminated by multiple light sources - near the sofa position lamps, Mount the cabinet in the point light sources, Ceiling fix one powerful lamp or several point. Extensive lighting system creates a truly welcoming atmosphere.

Furniture in the interior: the original plan

Use the built-in furniture, Storage systems with closed and open shelves, folding tables, sofas, chair-transformers. they add, if necessary,, freeing up more space. Organize a comfortable sitting area for guests and households with a sofa, Room to Read. Padding should not be branded, suitable leather or imitation leather. TV, attach to the wall or ceiling. Sliding screen, you can temporarily hide the bed Anonymous, when the need arose.

kitchen and bed

Decorate the room with curious objects of decoration, preferably with practical functions. Bright palette of bright walls dilute curtains.
Refer to the game of contrasts - white borders on a black ... The kitchen and bedroom should be in harmony with each other, sleeper combined tone with kitchen unit. Do not be afraid to use warm shades of natural wood. In the kitchen, set the built-in furniture with integrated appliances.


Interior design - it's not just the right placement of furniture. It is the art of living arrangement. It reveals the essence of the room owner, fills the space of beauty and meaning. Combined kitchen-bedroom opens up new horizons of modern design. Your apartment will change, will be ergonomic. In the room we spend most of the day, because comfortable interior is necessary for a happy life - the home environment directly affects the quality of. Do not be afraid to experiment, Realize your dreams.

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