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Affordable and beautiful solution to the issue of zoning apartment

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Combining the kitchen with living room или столовой становится всё более популярной тенденцией в дизайне интерьеров. The reason for this was the increasing globalization and the increasing influence of Western tradition - less and less time women devote long cooking complex dishes, increasingly prepared intermediate ingredients can be bought in stores at a reasonable price. This leads to, that the kitchen of almost workplace, intended for cooking many hours, gradually turning into a corner with the necessary tools in order, to whip up in the morning to cook breakfast and reheat cooked food, with the remaining opportunity to fully cook anything if desired.

Classic style furniture in a small apartment

The latter does not allow to make the kitchen a small table with a microwave and coffee maker, but all the rest is not to isolate it allows compulsory from other rooms. For the United necessarily follow zoning kitchen and living room, because it gives the opportunity to present the interior the most effective manner.

Zoning space kitchen and living room

The advantages of this solution are obvious.

  1. More space for friendly activities without having to crowd into a small kitchen or permanently absent for tea or toast.
  2. Significantly greater perceived space for both buildings, as known, fewer walls - more light.
  3. Convenient for families with children, when the hostess can watch, as they play in the spacious living room, while doing cooking dinner. Yes, and communicate with other relatives is much easier.
  4. Zoning living room and kitchen, different from the simple separation walls, always look beneficial and original, allowing you to implement the wildest wishes of the home owners.

Kitchen and living room

However, disadvantages are also significant.

  • First of all, such association kitchen with another room hardly will benefit the owners of small apartments (especially the bedroom). Yes, popular studio, but not everyone likes the idea of ​​having an apartment in less than one room.
  • Odor during (and often after) cooking will inevitably spread across the open area. Partly this can be combated with the help of a good drawing, but perfect insulation will not achieve.dining area in the living room
  • Kitchen - room, requiring a more thorough and regular cleaning, than any other room in the house. The reason for this is the constant operation with smudge substances - from the bulk liquid to. Spray the oil side, accidentally overturned salt cellar - all this now would threaten furniture, located near, and the view is not the most pleasant. The same applies to a possible smoke and then smoke particles settling on the walls and furniture.
  • During the planning with the demolition of the wall it is mandatory to obtain a permit. Moreover, under the current regulations to integrate the kitchen with other rooms in apartment buildings is allowed only by using electrical, instead of gas cookers.

Beautiful apartment
The original decision of arrangement of furniture in the apartment

Methods and techniques of zoning kitchen and living space: ideas for rooms 12,14,15,16,17,18,20,25 sq.m

There is not one way, how to separate the kitchen from the living room. We should also mention the version with incomplete separation - when combined with the living room kitchen separated by a sliding partition. The latter can either go to one side of the wall, reaching another, and consist of two or more parts. This method is suitable for those, who would like to isolate the kitchen space only as needed, eg, during cooking. And it looks much more advantageous, than a conventional wall.

It is also one of the ways, how to implement the separation of the kitchen from the living room can become a beautiful ceilings. Differences of color or type of coating perfectly accentuate the transition between zones. And on that, how to complete the picture, and how to carry out the lighting in the kitchen and living room with a stretch ceilings, we will tell later.

Zoning the kitchen and living room

Bar in the overall design

One of the most interesting and, perhaps, the most common of the solutions - zoning kitchen and lounge bar. This option has recently gaining popularity especially among young families, because the bar is perfect for parties, and just to, to comfortably spend time with friends, not arranging a plurality of traditional dishes feast. Besides, the bar can be used as a normal table for a meal, or as a workspace, let the bar stool and not as convenient as compared to conventional. If you choose the right design it, it would be the best decoration of almost any interior.

zoning kitchen and living room with bar

However, its presence does not limit your ability to receive guests. In the case of large events your friends will be able to comfortably seat at the big table in the living room, and the bar will become a "transit point", where you can place food and drink, that it is too early to put on the table. You can use the mobile bar rack if desired, you can move at any place at the moment. Some of the models boast a variety of shelves, and even built-in cupboards, giving much more space in the placement of kitchen utensils and even beverages collection.

Beautiful design apartments
Stunning views of the furniture, paintings and curtains - all this combines well with each other

Classical arch made of plasterboard

Zoning using arch - the essence of the fundamental approach to the combined living room and kitchen. Formation of the archway - a difficult task, which requires long-term work of specialists and large financial investments. However, the result is usually worth the effort, even classic arch usually perfectly fits in any room. And even if you consider yourself to be supporters of the creative approach to design, no one bothers to pick arch, in which there is any form of, different from the classical, whether it be oval or round pass. Yes, and how to paint the arch - you choose too. Even the Gothic arches in our time can easily become an integral part of the future interior. A good supplement will be mounted in front of the reveal small lamps, emphasizing the transition between spaces.

Zoning space kitchen and living room archway

The furnishings in the interior of a home dining

Speaking of interior design, we can not ignore the furniture care, which will be in it. After all, it is not simply performing its original function, but is a design element, contributing to the achievement of the objectives, set designer. for example, corner sofa can be a great tool for zoning, It is thus also a kind of "center of gravity" for the rest of the furniture, accumulating around her small tables and tables. Thus it is possible to arrange a cozy place to socialize.

Alternatively replacement bar (eg, if you for some reason do not like) worth considering a small table, which is a workspace with the right tools. Such a table can be positioned between spaces, implementing zoning area. This table can be a sofa or even a convertible, which will at the right time to remove it, freeing up more space.

Zoning space kitchen and living room

Wardrobe - very effective, but cumbersome means for, to separate the kitchen area from the living room. He may be one- or bilateral, And in the second case it is better to use the back side to accommodate paintings, photos or other decorative objects. Moreover, cabinet can be a "cross-cutting" - while its shelves are equally accessible from both rooms. Material, from which it will be made wardrobe, should be selected based on the total design space. In addition to the usual tree among the materials commonly used plastic and glass.

skazachno combination
Fabulous combination of living and child


Share a room as possible and with the help of a two-level floor, when the living room and kitchen area vary in height. Council: if you raise kitchen area, under the floor will be convenient to have the necessary communications so, so they do not catch the eye. In turn, lower level kitchen to the rest of the space will help avoid unnecessary contamination adjacent floor areas and will contribute to cleaning. Podium window is convenient, together with the window produces a harmonious selection illuminated space. For, that the kitchen area in the living room stand out even more, You can use the podium with lighting.

Planning zoning with the use of the podium, Always make sure a sufficient ceiling height, that the increased height of the floor is not excessively reduced the available space. Besides, such elements, as a podium, They may not be very convenient (and sometimes dangerous) for children and the elderly (especially with limited mobility). It is also necessary to consider the development of the project.

Zoning space kitchen and living room with a podium

Shine: the role played by the wallpaper, blinds, sliding partitions in a rectangular room

The light can also be used with success in the zoning premises. for example, in the kitchen, you can set the spotlights of the entire working area, while the living room is illuminated by a large central chandelier. Or, in front of, lighting in the living room with a stretch ceilings can be assigned to individual luminaires, Placed on the floor or walls, and the kitchen at the same time can be illuminated by a chandelier. The latter option is useful if, If the dining table is in the kitchen, because traditionally the chandelier should hang it over him.


But not only the types of lighting devices can be divided two rooms. To do this successfully applied and different brightness illumination, and a different range of the light sources, and even the lights of different colors. for example, living traditionally illuminate a soft light, than the kitchen. Zoning also suitable for LED strip, laid along the line of separation and forming thus a kind of "frame" around the passage. Your imagination is not limited to, but in any case we should not forget about comfort - a place for cooking should always be qualitatively subjected to bright light.