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How to effectively combine the living room, kitchen and dining room in the overall project: secrets designer

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Planning for a project of three functional areas is a challenge. To create the design of the kitchen-living-dining room in one space, it takes some stylistic decision and competent combination of all zones.

Kitchen with living together
The refined design of the kitchen with the living room with beautiful furniture

When creating such a project there is a need for redevelopment apartments. You may need to special documentation.

Features a combined design and zoning

Creating interior in one of three living-dining-kitchen area has many advantages. It turns spacious room and disappears sense of isolation. Combined interior provides opportunities for original design decisions. Such a solution is suitable for small apartments.

Living-dining room

Kitchen-dining room has some drawbacks. Cooking accompanied by the spread of odors. To eliminate them need a powerful extractor.

In the apartment, where more than two people live, have difficulties with the organization of personal space.

When planning the design is necessary to place three zones, which must be separated and at the same time united in the same style and color scheme.

Interior kitchen-dining-living room is performed using zoning. In this case, designers recommend the following methods:

Dining room in one room

  1. The division of space with the help of color. A separate space is performed in different colors, but it goes well.
  2. Floor covering delimits a total area. kitchen area finished with tiles, a dining room and living room - carpet or laminate.
  3. Separation by furniture designs. The bar counter is used as an element of the interior, work surface and a dining area. Oval table for the living room creates a feeling of a smooth transition between rooms.
  4. zoning performed using screens, curtains or sliding partitions.
  5. Different floor height, catwalks and suspended ceilings help divide the space.

Finishing materials in different areas have different. Since aggressive media is present in the kitchen, then apply durable and moisture-proof options as liners.

Kitchen and living room
Classic view kitchen and living room in white tones with dark floor

Methods of processing kitchen area

kitchen design requires special attention. Determined kitchen Lot, which is separated from the dining room and living room partitions and other structures. This uses the podium, bar racks and furniture. Select a single design style for the entire room.

By combining space and the global re-planning is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • demolition of partitions is possible, if the wall is not a carrier;
  • rooms can combine, if the electric stove, instead of gas;
  • sink and stove remains in the zone, which was originally planned.

The living room and dining room as a kitchen

The design of the dining area in the kitchen-living room is performed using zoning. Replanning has some features, to be considered:

  1. minimum furniture. Do not use massive closets and cabinets.
  2. Use built-in appliances, which does not take useful space. Compact model will create an ergonomic interior.
  3. It takes into account the height of the room. It is recommended to be installed vertically furniture. Cabinets can be placed up to the ceiling. It is often used utensils located nearby.

Making dining area in the kitchen is done via headset dining, colors and special separating structures.

Placement of furniture and dining room Zoning

Making dining area occurs via Furniture, which determines the visual boundaries and does not violate the unity of the premises.

To delimit the space used plasterboard partitions. They are inserted into the niche, which is placed in dishes or souvenirs.

A good option is to bar.

Living room with kitchen
Originally looks ceiling and floor in the same colors of the kitchen combined with living room

Kitchen area can be placed on a small hill. In this case, a podium decorated with spotlights.

dining-living room interior delimited furniture or floor coverings.

When making a dining area the following conditions are met:

  1. Used furniture - transformer, which creates mobile space. Furniture placed near a wall.
  2. wall, wherein dining area located, runs in darker shades, than the rest of the room. Above the table is placed the original mural or painting.
  3. Functional areas are allocated using drywall constructions or spot lighting.

Living room with kitchen

Design dining room-living room and kitchen area has the following advantages:

  • the ability to create original interior;
  • decorated room looks modern and stylish. resting and feeding zone in harmony;
  • each living space portion is used usefully.

Furniture: Dining Room and Kitchen set according to certain rules:

  1. For large areas suitable island layout. Thus headsets may be present or a corner structure for furniture in the form of the letters P.
  2. For a small room suitable layout of the letter G. Used bar.
  3. Good location considered placement of furniture set in a row.

Arrange the furniture for the dining room-living room, you can use the combined options.

dining area in the living room

Subtleties of registration of an interior living room and studio in the style of classics

Functional design is carried out in the living room. This zone is made to last and complementary elements in other areas. At the same furniture in the living room combined with a headset in the other parts of the room.

For the living room and a zoning upholstered furniture dining applied group.

The recreation area is equipped with a coffee table, TV, sofa, and set the chair in the living room.

dining area in the living room

dining-living design of the apartment combined with the help of the following methods::

  1. It applies the same window decor. Hung like curtains. Over window openings to perform the same coverage.
  2. Textiles repeated in the living room and dining area. Apply the same shape tablecloth, cushion chairs and cushions in a recreation area.
  3. Combining shades in the whole house. Bright accents used with caution.

Furniture in shades of blue
Furniture in shades of blue looks perfect with a bar under a brick

Living room is separated visually with the help of the following methods::

  1. Combining floorings.
  2. It applies a different level ceiling. Mounted ceilings and multi-level design. The ceiling for the living room is decorated with another spotlight.
  3. Use stylish furniture for the living room. The bar counter separates the space and is characterized by versatility.
  4. Large sofa delineate space. Modular design suitable for small apartments.
  5. Round table in the interior of the living room can be a central element. If the structure is expanded, it can move up to the wall.
  6. Screen for separation space. With it, the room is divided into two separate rooms, when it is necessary. Arches are popular. They share a room and have a presentable appearance. The kitchen with dining area and an arch for the room, decorated in a classic or oriental style.
  7. Multi-functional interior create shelves, who share the space and serve as a storage place for many things. demand shelves of plasterboard living Room, which are suitable for storing books and accessories.

living room with dining area

To modern design methods include low partition. This construct is used as a decorative element. Also, it is located on the TV in the living room.

The use of colors in a private house, apartment according to the premises of the project 16, 17, 20, 60 sq.m

Choosing the right shade creates the overall look of the room. Color solution living room and other areas is carried out taking into account the functionality and practicality.

Make a modern design the wall in the living room, dining room and kitchen to follow these guidelines:

living-dining room

  1. If the wallpaper dark, the furniture is chosen light.
  2. Large ornaments reduce space, so it is best to choose a finishing material with fine patterns.
  3. Decorating the walls in the living room with light colors visually expand the space.
  4. Horizontal bar increases the width of the room, and vertical lines to visually lift the ceiling.
  5. Heavy curtains create a feeling of closeness. For a small space suitable light curtains light shade.
  6. Visually enlarge the space will use mirrors.

Using modern styles, with a predominance of bright and pastel shades, It gives space and airiness of the room.


Knowledge of the intricacies of design will create a comfortable and functional interior. Proper use of finishing materials, colors and furniture designs will connect the separate zones into one harmonious space.