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The union hall with kitchen: 10 excellent designer tips

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When it comes time to make repairs in the apartment hall, designers offer to reflect, Do not combine it with a kitchen. Then the work will be more spacious wall, fit a full dining table, and living at the same time remain spacious and cozy.

The combined lounge and kitchen
The combined facilities must be designed in one style

The union hall and kitchen - a modern reception, which is used not only for standard "Khrushchev" or "stalinok". Country houses, cottages, studio apartments and Lofts also use union, both functional and design course.

Union: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are obvious:

  • combined kitchen and living room give more light sources, so the room look more spacious. Besides, two windows illuminates the room better, than one;
  • during events, when the hostess set the table for the guests, layout of the apartment makes it possible not to lose the essence of the conversation and give new starters, without leaving the premises;
  • in the kitchen the hostess prepares alone, and the connection with the hall kitchen leaves it up to date;
  • savings on the purchase of a second TV, because in the process of culinary affairs can watch flat-panel large;
  • Khrushchev in the standard full dining table does not fit, but in the next place he living there.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • the hood is not fully eliminates odors during cooking, so they reach up to the living room, Even if the union - a hole in the brick wall;
  • Sounds of kitchen appliances are heard in the hall, that is unpleasant when receiving guests or watching a movie;
  • unwashed dishes in the sink or even a dirty cup on the table spoils the atmosphere of both rooms, so the hosts need to regularly monitor the cleanliness.

Hall - kitchen
When combining no longer leave the mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, as the external background will be spoiled

variants of the zoning: two-level floor

Connect the kitchen to the hall may be adhering to one style and color scheme, but the height of the kitchen floor to the stage lift. So the separation of the room gives the working area of ​​the pedestal effect.


Rooms separation occurs due to the bar, dining table or countertop curly, thereby separating the work area in the so-called island. At the same time connect the kitchen to the bathroom in such a way to receive an unusually harmonious.


If you need to periodically close the kitchen space, in the opening using translucent partitions, that an accordion fold, if necessary, or are pushed for furniture.

Plants and screens

Another version of the association - is to remove the wall between the kitchen and hall, as well as a separator, Rooms at the border to install an aquarium, climbing plant or decorative screens. If the undertaking to perform correctly, the original partition fit into the interior rooms.

zoning screen
Zoning is a very extravagant screen resolution and also takes place in modern apartments

arched doorway

If you do not want to completely remove the wall, you can kitchen design, combined with the living room through an arch. This option is suitable, if the bearing wall between the rooms, is not subject to demolition.

An arched opening in the wall is used as an ordinary door, but visually unites the room. Besides, optionally is performed in the form of arches.

Selection of lighting

kitchen, combined with the audience, looks bright and airy, if properly chosen lighting. offer 5 design tips for successful solutions:

  • the light in the room is soft, but brighter, than in the kitchen;
  • spotlights are suitable for combined rooms;
  • to the bar, which is located on the border of two rooms, We need separate coverage;
  • working surface positioned near the window, but in the evening it will require its own lighting;
  • Do not forget, that the plate, washing, worktop and dining table should be illuminated more brightly.

The lighting in the room - the kitchen
Take care over the lighting in the common area

The choice of colors

Choosing interior new room, keep in mind the kitchen, connected with the audience, It requires the selection of colors according to the following rules:

  1. Kitchen warm colors increase appetite, while the cold contribute to its reduction. So that owners choose to your preference.
  2. kitchen, connected to the bathroom, It should be combined in color, For simplicity, you can safely pick up shades of one color.
  3. If the room lighting a good balance, Make room in neutral shades of gray and brown.
  4. Use rules saturated colors: if a small object, the brighter the color is selected, so the wall, ceiling and curtains made to perform in bright colors.


When the association decided to hold food and rooms, The following sequence of actions:

  • create a project plan and coordinate it;
  • to demolish the wall or part of it, to form an opening or arch in the apartment;
  • perform repair work for the decoration of the ceiling;
  • oblitsevat wall;
  • complete renovation floor laying material;
  • place furniture and decor.

Combined living room with kitchen
Accessories and different gadgets can now be shared throughout the territory

Project planning and coordination

Matching when combined kitchen and living room - is an optional process, but, if the owner sells a house in the future, We need to create a redevelopment plan and include local authorities before work. Transfer the wall between the kitchen and bathroom or punching openings in brick walls are also considered to change the project plan.

If the owner will not part with the apartment, an opening in the brick wall of the carrier is carried out without the consent of, but do not forget, that the change in the bearing wall integrity may lead to devastating consequences.

Demolition of walls or creating openings

Connect the kitchen to the living room, you can not remove wall. Some designs include strengthening of brick walls and further cutting opening.

If the plans to dismantle brick wall, such work is not accepted to perform their own due to the complexities and dangers ceilings destruction. Demolition bought professionals, who have experience.

Making the ceiling

For the separation of rooms is used ceilings at different levels. You can perform both rooms false ceiling in bright colors, but for kitchen use spotlights, and for the living room - a decorative chandelier.

It looks good split-level ceilings in the kitchen and in the three-level hall. So, the room will seem solid, but have noticeable differences.

Trey ceilings
Trey ceilings popular in new homes

wall design

The finishing material is selected by the owner. The only thing, that takes into account, This combination of design two rooms. If the kitchen and living room are made of different materials, make the insertion of the hall on the cooking zone, and vice versa.

arch decoration in the kitchen are performed in the style of one of the rooms, or as a decorative transition.

Installation of a floor covering

It is recommended to finish the floor carved rooms produce materials. For the working area more suitable ceramic tile, it is more durable and resistant to moisture, and for room - linoleum or laminate.

If you make a split-level floor, where the living room is a step below, then the pipes and communications are hidden under the kitchen floor.

furniture layout

Order furniture for the combined rooms need from a single source. Kitchen set is not required to be of the same style with the living room furniture, but supplemented by common element: pens, size lockers, color spectrum, identical glass insert.

Glossy and mirrored furniture makes the room visually larger, as well as other elements brilliant.

furniture layout
The arrangement of furniture should be in harmony

10 tips designers

    1. Place the TV in the living room at an angle, to and from the kitchen was convenient to watch. It will bring together not only the room, but the people in them.
    2. The ceiling in pastel colors will make the room lighter and higher.
    3. If the layout of the apartment does not allow to demolish the wall, Cut decorative doorway between the kitchen and living room in the form of window.
    4. Vivid details help to combine style rooms, so pink pillows on the couch and pink decorative flower pots, make a single whole room space. Besides, bright colors add a dynamic look.
    5. Glass and mirror inserts on the ceiling or the facades of the headset make the room more spacious and brighter.
    6. combining the room, Observe the "seamless" transition. Possible colors and decorative elements distinguish the boundaries, but do not overdo it.
    7. It is recommended to use a kitchen island in the form of the bar or the dining room table. This will add seats, and will place the review of both rooms.
    8. Separate rooms overlooking lighting. If spotlights are used in the work area, then hang a chandelier in the hall with subdued light.
    9. Separate kitchen and hall carpet, plants, height difference of sex or translucent panels, To separate the warmth and comfort of the hall from the kitchen area of ​​concentration.
    10. Combine the room with different styles are best left to the designers. Classical living room and kitchen hi-tech style is also combined, but with careful selection of interior and design objects.

successful repair!