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Combined kitchen bathroom: design secrets of space unite

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Combined room with kitchen - the dream of any housewife. United Space looks original. He is practical and functional, It allows you to expand the size of the apartment or house. But how to combine the room, that they are in perfect harmony, tell our article. Look at the design of the room combined with kitchen.

Combined kitchen bathroom
The joint space looks good in one style


To align the need to demolish part of the wall or the wall is completely. Initially it checked whether it is possible to demolish this wall, without prejudice to the whole design of the house. If the wall is load-bearing, then turn the BTI for a permit and begin to make repairs. But if the wall is not a carrier, you'll have to combine with the large arches, which do not harm the base of the wall and will not disturb the structure of the balance.

Room combined with kitchen

In a private house it is easier to make a combination of. No need to take any permission, enough to see the house plan. But the owners of apartments will have to work hard in the capture resolution. Employees of BTI will have to convince, that demolished a wall does not hurt and will not cause a collapse of the whole structure. For a positive statement in the organization brought a schematic plan with detailed measurements of the width and height of the space.

But it is not enough to take down the wall. Initially detail ponders future design of the room. Increase the visual space allows ceilings. They are relevant in small apartments, which involves planning the kitchen of a small size and a large hall. Plasterboard ceilings on the contrary, "steal" space, so it is better to install in large areas. Apart from the ceiling and thought out ways to zoning, because the space required to share in the work and dining area.

design Methods: separation space partitions and furnishings

room design is created with the help of many aspects: gender, ceiling, furniture, zoning and textiles.

kitchen - living room
Everything has to be involved in the room, that does not seem that before the rooms were different

All of these attributes are in perfect combination can transform a standard room in a united work of art. The correct approach in the planning and design makes the kitchen and living room one large cozy area.

Design of the room in the apartment should take into account and include decorative elements and bright accents. Only in this case coincident space looks interesting and original.

Great attention paid to the ceiling, since using it visually "decrease" or "increase" housing area. The united rooms stylish look ceilings. But Design of stretch ceilings should take into account the size of the room. Original look plasterboard boxes with stretch ceiling. In such constructions are inserted bulb, when enabled, are reflected on the ceiling, creating glossy gleam. Classically look painted ceilings, but today they are made less frequently because of the simplicity of its appearance.

living room with kitchen

design of the room with a kitchen should combine functionality, comfort and practicality. initially solved, where the dining area is located, whether the kitchen in the room. If you plan on moving seats zones (Living in the kitchen is planned and vice versa) it originally held all communication, required for the working zone: plumbing, sewerage, Gas and electricity.

After that addressed the issue of the delimitation of the area into zones. Kitchen design in the room should be ergonomic. When combined worth sharing a dining and work area. headsets and home appliances installed in the working area. For such a powerful kitchen exhaust required to prevent flavors and smells of the kitchen in the room.

Open plan
Do not forget to put the hood, and then in the room will smell like meatballs

Often combined kitchen separated by arches and partitions. These items are dividing attributes zoning. Combining the kitchen and the room with the help of baffles helps to delineate the space without walls. As the partitions are not only arch. Low brick partition will serve at the same time a place for storage, and potted flowers to decorate a room in the style of Country. To give the same brick walls modern appearance on the surface of the baffle attached worktop, which serves as an additional work surface and dining area.

Kitchen combined with a room divided, and with the help of furniture. Delimited zone sofas, seating area, desk or dresser. But in order to divide the area so we will have to completely break down the wall between the kitchen and bathroom, since the partition wall and furniture create the impression of "nalyapistosti" design.

beautiful room with open plan kitchen

Separation of light and color

The ceilings in the room with the adjoining kitchen for differentiation are played in different ways: level, Colors and materials.

Room room with kitchen area is delimited by using lighting and color wall decoration, ceiling and floor. When the color of the ceiling a lighter tone, room with artificial light will appear lighter, and vice versa.

Light delineation well with the antique style or Art Nouveau in association with kitchen facilities. Zoning means using small lamps, which are screwed into the arch or poluarku. In this way, living room and kitchen separated by a partition and light at the same time.

The separation of the kitchen and living room light
Pay attention to the general illumination

To make poluarku of plasterboard with their hands need to adhere to the sequence of such work:

  1. Remove from the aperture measurements.
  2. Form the metal frames the desired shape.
  3. Cut the drywall poluarku. Cut two identical parts.
  4. Fasten metal profiles to the wall with screws.
  5. To attach the gypsum board profile screws.
  6. Trim poluarku putty.
  7. Paint in the desired color.

Room combined with kitchen

If you need arch Illuminated, then to connect the lighting is better to resort to the help of electricians.

In order to harmoniously combine the kitchen and bathroom, but do not mix the two styles, both spaces delineated color wall finish. When remodeling the house with his own hands implies a radical separation of the two zones, the kitchen is painted in more vivid colors, than the living. Warm colors are suitable for recreational areas, they calm and do not irritate. Cool shades visually increase the space. To complete the design hang curtains in the room combined with a kitchen. Curtains are chosen to match the furniture, it does not finish in tone, otherwise the wall will blend in with the window.

Separation color space
You can even color zoned space

In order to combine the kitchen with the room you need to take down the wall, separating the two rooms. For zoning space with light walls on the site of the demolition of an aquarium set with lighting. The working area is brighter, established powerful lamps, and are arranged in a recreation area with subdued lighting lamps. Separation of light with objects with interior illumination called decorative lighting.

room combined with kitchen


design of the room with the adjoining kitchen has to be harmonious. Not necessarily do two in one style area. But they must be combined organically. An important role is assigned to the color finish. When choosing a color to draw attention to:

  • Lighting.
  • The color of the headset and the furniture in the living room.
  • Purpose Rooms.

To combine the room with kitchen, but fundamentally they do not distinguish between, should be laid on the floor one coating. But in this case the premises do different finish or put the virtual partition to separate zones. For a uniform coating as the boundaries between the two areas can make steps or transitions.