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The ideal repair small kitchen— it's simple: tips seasoned

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It is considered, that the kitchen area 8 m. and less are called small. These include narrow, polygonal and communicating rooms. Rational and quality repair a small kitchen in "Khrushchev" will make an attractive whole apartment.

Repair of a small kitchen
Small kitchen also has the right to be beautiful

Performing kitchen decoration is very expensive, that not everyone, especially in times of crisis, disposes. Therefore, landlords are often taken to repair their small kitchen hands. Landlords believe that, the smaller room, the fewer problems. In practice, it turns out the other way around.

Particularly small spaces

Carrying out finishing and remodeling in a small room like a complicated matter and in all, there are some complexity. Besides, every owner wants, that the kitchen was functional, but the smaller the area, the more difficult to achieve.

Repair of a small kitchen

To at least a little boost kitchen area perform alterations to premises. But this will require large expenditures. If these means are not, it is better to focus on the quality of finishing. To perform a perfect kitchen renovations with a small space, you need experience and special skills. It is important to rationally arrange the furniture and household appliances, not forgetting the creative approach to the process. Creating a comfortable environment will require not only material costs. You need to think carefully about the design of the room.

Ideas for the repair of small kitchen is not difficult to find. If you do it yourself at a loss, it is better to turn to professionals. They will offer you a choice 3-4 option interior room.

Preparatory work

Small kitchen
Plan in advance all the work in the room

It sets out the repair of a small kitchen, each owner wants changes. But we need to initially know, what happens as a result of. For the exact implementation of ideas, better to make a plan of action and room scheme.

To begin, measure the conditions of the room. error in 5 mm negative impact later in the placement of furniture and household appliances. Then, draw a plan diagram on paper.

Professional designers spread on a plane colored sketches of furniture and electrical engineering at the scale. To achieve the desired result change the position of objects on the plan, but should not be at the same time forget about safety rules. Determine in advance the location of outlets and the required number of.

small kitchen in the Khrushchev

For a small kitchen is better to choose a pendant locker. but think, how they will open the door, that after the repair did not raise difficulties with the free space. Modern manufacturers have a choice of design options lockers doors.

Work surfaces better design in a single plane. This will facilitate cooking and considerably save space.

From some household items can be dispensed with, or try to place them elsewhere. Be sure to set over the stove hood, which will save the kitchen from the dirt and unwanted odors. If the electric stove, it should stand apart from the washing.

After preparation of the plan begin to repair small kitchen. And it should begin with the release of the room from furniture and electrical appliances. If a repair plan to a small kitchen, then dismantle the communications system.

Make repairs in the kitchen
Joint Repair is a good idea

Gas water heater is not a hindrance

Next proceed to release the wall surfaces, ceiling and floor of the former finishing materials. If you are unable to remove old wallpaper, soak the walls with water and let it soak, and then try again. grease stains (if they are) necessary to clean. The liberated surface coated with a special solution, to facilitate alignment and plastering.

Before you begin to prepare for finishing surfaces, paved new communication network (power, water and sewer). Performing these works are best left to the professionals, especially electrical wiring, as incorrect or poor quality of their implementation will create problems in the future.

beautiful little kitchen

Steps for repair their own hands: how to do everything correctly

At work it is necessary to strictly follow the plan and follow the sequence, it will affect the quality and timing of repair.

Professionals recommend to maintain the following sequence of surface finishing:

  • ceiling;
  • walls;
  • floor.

You should begin with a thorough inspection of the ceiling. ceiling coating must be smooth, so that you can easily wash it. If after removing the old material remained defects, eliminate them, and then proceed to finish surfaces. This can be plastered or plaster. Some prefer water-resistant drywall. It is adhered to the degreased and primed surface of the ceiling. Then you need to seal the joints between the tiles on the ceiling. To do this, use reinforced tape and shpaklyuyut. By finishing of paper or paint the ceiling surface and aligned oshkurivayut, to be smooth.

Repair ceiling
The ceiling, though on a pole, but still must be beautiful

Ceilings in a small kitchen in the Khrushchev

For a small kitchen designers recommend to install suspended ceilings. This will allow:

  1. hide defects ceiling;
  2. give the room a modern look;
  3. protect furniture, technique and the wall surfaces of the leak from the top.

Complete installation of suspended ceilings is performed after finishing walls. And then, to hide the gap around the room, after installing the ceiling glue plinth (Galt). To glue the plinth to apply the technology of stretch ceilings, which will protect it from deformation and possible damage to the film. In this case it is better to glue the ceiling moldings to the wall. These fillets are slightly wider than the lower part, which will hide the rough edges of wallpaper on the ceiling surface of the joints. It is better to glue the ceiling moldings on the glue, or the finish putty, adding a PVA glue.


If the gap is large, in it a LED strip. It is the perfect complement repair.

How to transform the wall: real ideas 5,6 sq.m

After finishing move the ceiling to the walls. Despite, that make the repairs in a small kitchen is difficult, in terms of design, There are several options for wall decoration:

  • painting;
  • gluing washable wallpaper;
  • tile trim;
  • combined method.

But under any scenario the walls should be leveled. It is important, If the walls will be painted. Tile is not necessary to carefully align the surface.

Secure the tiles on the wall
If you can not lay tile, hire a wizard

When the repair was performed in a small kitchen, special attention is paid to the creation of comfort. Walls, fully tiled, do not add to the comfort room. It is better to apply the combined version. Lay tile panel in several rows over worktops and hob. The remaining part of the walls is better to paint or wallpaper paste over.

beautiful floor: cheap budget options

Repair in a small kitchen complete floor finish. By coating is applied following the mandatory requirements:

  1. not slippery surface;
  2. low level of water absorption;
  3. resistance to mechanical stress.

Building materials market has a coating, satisfying all the requirements. it, especially linoleum, available in the financial plan for each material. It easily fits, even if you are doing repairs on their hands in the Khrushchev, not having special skills. But the floor surface should always be flat, that it does not break in the ground dents or projections. It is better to use for floor leveling concrete floor. Before laying the finishing coat to give her until the end of dry.

stylish small kitchen

ceramic (tile) tile durable material. Experienced builders consider it the perfect floor covering food. It is suitable for the topcoat when using heating "warm floor" system.

Secrets of modern design

To view the kitchen was renovated completely finished look, establish a plinth on the floor. This is done to protect the grooves from the wet vapor. Experts recommend to glue the plinth at the time of installation Liquid Nails. This will help securely fasten it, without damaging the structure. Keep track of the amount of applied adhesive. A small amount of glue will not allow the baseboard, and the excess will cause streaks. You can try to clean off the glue, when will dry up, but there is a risk of damaging the surface of the coating. Another option is to dissolve the liquid nails from acetone composition.


furniture is, electrical appliances in place, new textiles pleases the eye, which means, Repair successfully completed.