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What better flooring for the kitchen: secrets, You Need To Know?

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The floor in the kitchen can be either primary or mediocre part in the interior. But it is impossible to make a perfect floor relying only on the appearance of materials, especially in the kitchen. What is required to pay attention to when choosing a flooring and a kitchen floor better? discuss further.

Sex in the kitchen
Sex in the kitchen is like a shoe in humans

Features of the kitchen floor

Before choosing a floor covering is required to determine the amount, you are willing to spend on materials, because the coating can be divided into two categories: economy and materials more expensive options.

the kitchen floor

What qualities should have the best floor?

  • The material should be moisture-proof and are not afraid of temperature and humidity in the room, which is typical in the kitchen;
  • required, that it has the durability, because the kitchen person spends 1/3 free time. Besides, during cooking coating is immune from falling heavy ware;
  • Kitchen Floor - location, which gets dirty, because the simpler destroyed pollution, the better to meet.

And now consider the options of materials for the kitchen.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles - popular material from the last century. It is applied in all wet areas, It is resistant to changes in temperature, is not afraid of heat and cold.

Ceramic tiles on the floor
Ceramic tile, and what could be better for the floor

The advantage of ceramic tiles in versatility. This material is suitable for wall and floor, that allows you to create a harmonious room design. It looks interesting option, If the kitchen apron echoes the floor.

Why is better to make ceramic floor in the kitchen:

  1. Tile - legkomoyuschiysya material, has a long service life and resistance to chemicals and is not afraid to frequent washing.
  2. Today, many tile design variations. There is relief, matt and glossy version, to the same tile can mimic any coating - from wood to marble. The color scheme makes it possible to create a unique design.
  3. Ceramic coating does not absorb moisture - plus kitchen.

flooring for the kitchen

Deciding to make the ceramic floors in the kitchen, It needs to get acquainted with the negatives of this material. Tiles are not highly resistant to mechanical shocks - heavy saucepan, upavshaya sex, necessarily hurt the floor. It is important for families with children. Yes, and utensils when falling on the tiles will be left whole, in contrast to the drop in softer materials. The problem with damage to tiles decides granite - improved material, that it is impossible to scratch or break.


Linoleum survive all ages, but it will remain the most popular material for kitchen floor

About linoleum many misconceptions. After all, since the Soviet times we got used to the gloomy, uniform coloring of the coating, which often fit into clinics, stores and other public places.

But today linoleum It passed transformation and is an improved material, has a number of advantages.

Linoleum refers to a group of materials Economy, while it is a high-quality coated dishes. Linoleum is easy to clean, It does not require special care and has high durability, but be careful when moving heavy furniture - can damage the finish. Besides, This material is easy to put on their own.


Should pay attention, that there are several variations in thickness of linoleum. Concrete floor is better to choose a thicker version, and vice versa for the tree - the thinner, all the better. Linoleum laid their hands easy, important to prevent irregularities at work.

adhesive cork

Another material for the kitchen - adhesive cork. Today this option is gaining popularity, but its properties do not stop talking. Cork - an environmentally friendly and natural material, safe for adults and children. It serves as a shock absorber - enough to compare the sensation of walking on a cork floor and, for example, after the laminate and parquet.

adhesive cork
Cork is very comfortable feet, verified by experts

Cork belongs to the warm covers, you will not be cold to walk on it even in the winter. If desired, cork flooring varnished, which improves its appearance.

Kitchen is a cover fits perfectly. First of all, it does not absorb moisture. Secondly, material released in the form of tiles, which is easy to lay yourself with glue. Thirdly, on the cork floor invisible defects, that may arise during its operation.

Cons in this floor there is practically no. The main disadvantage - the price, which is fully justified.


Laminate, the choice of those, who wants to create in your kitchen a uniform design and transform the room is not only a place for cooking, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

color laminate flooring diverse. It can mimic stone, tree or wear designer drawing. He composed entirely of non-natural materials, that does not make it environmentally unfriendly. It is a safe material, which is perfect for kitchen space.

relatively parquet, laminate is an economical option for kitchens. In this case, it is difficult to deform, scratched or damaged. Laminated parquet - a warm coat, which is an excellent thermal insulator, which is important for the apartments, where there are children.

it looks great

But even in this ideal cover has flaws. Origin - fear of moisture. Although today the producers of the board impregnated with water-repellent agents, laminate joints are still vulnerable and could suffer from water.

To avoid this, manufacturers recommend treating joints water-repellent formulations.

Another minus - sound. Laminate is not "soft" coating, the sound of footsteps is sharper, what to say about the sound of claws, if you have animals. But this problem is solved by a sound-proof layer under laminate.

laminate floor in the kitchen

In the laminate has a close relative - parquet. Controversy about the choice of this or that coverage is not terminated until now, because unlike the laminate from the floorboard discussed below.

parquet board

Parquet board differs from the laminate structure. If the laminate is an artificial material, the board consists of three layers, the latter is always a natural tree.

If you decide to choose a floorboard for apartments, Be ready for the proper care for her. This material does not tolerate harsh chemical compounds and require special care with gentle cleaning and special formulations. It is from this material depends on the shelf life, Even high-quality flooring at the wrong care will last long.

parquet board
Parquet board is very capricious in care of her

Choosing wood flooring is not limited to selection of coating appearance. Not to be mistaken, pay attention to the quality certificates from the manufacturer.

The question of "better or laminate flooring?"Attention should be paid to the place of, where the coating will be laid. Kitchen is better to stop the choice is laminate - the most wear-resistant material. But for the dining area is perfect for flooring.

But if before that time we talked about the convenience and practicality of materials, then it's time to talk about design and luxury, element which is a parquet. This coating has long been known, but it is used relatively infrequently because of its impregnable prices. However, choosing a, luchsheparket or flooring, answer is obvious. Parquet superior to other materials in quality, durability and appearance. Here are just a laid floorboard with his own hands is easier - put yourself parquet almost impossible, and it is not worth the risk.

combined floor

Not immediately decide on the appointment of the kitchen. Today popular split the room into two parts - working and dining area. Therefore, for the kitchen are two options of coatings can be chosen - the first, which has the above-described and second kachestvamim, performs an aesthetic function. but remember, that good sex, even in the work area should look neat, because do not forget, that the appearance of the coating is not less important characteristics.

combined floor
Universal embodiment the coating is also an option to break on the working floor and poor zone

Mounting linoleum coverings

To lay linoleum on concrete floor, You do not need to have special knowledge or skills. In a small room is generally sufficient to cut a sheet of the desired size, place and, removing the air wave and, fix baseboards, however the coating can be deformed and displaced with time, forming wave.

another way to, how to lay linoleum on concrete floor. This method is suitable for large and small kitchens, as well as rooms with a complex shape. For, to cover the surface, It needs to glue the linoleum to the concrete floor with a special glue, which is applied with a roller or spatula.

So on the cover did not arise bubbles and bulges, glue must be applied to a small floor area, then immediately linoleum paste onto a concrete floor. If the material is on a roll, easier to gradually expand and prokleivat surface. In this way, to lay linoleum on concrete floor is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance.

beautiful floor in the kitchen

Not so hard to put linoleum on the wooden floor. Difficulty arises alignment only rough coating, for this it is necessary to eliminate the irregularities, and the projecting board securely lock, otherwise uneven linoleum lies. After work is required to choose the method of bonding, two of which are described above. The third method is most suitable for wooden floors, but it is unreliable. For its implementation uses double-sided tape, which is glued to one side rough coating, then it is necessary to lay linoleum on the wooden floor and lock.


Options for flooring and plenty to choose among them a suitable option is not easy. However, weighing all the "pros" and "cons" to stop the election on an acceptable variant is not so difficult.