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Luxury floor granite kitchen: 3 Buying Tips tiles

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During repairs, choice of flooring - a complicated matter. And the problem is not in the choice of colors and design style of the future sex (though it is also important), and comparing characteristics of materials, which are more suitable for the kitchen floor. Porcelain tiles for the kitchen floor, so whether it be good, try to figure out in this article.

Floor granite kitchen
Floor of granite is popular in the repair of premises

Differences from porcelain tiles

floor stoneware

Today the market is represented by such a wide range of building products and choose the flooring is sometimes difficult, especially when the choice is between two materials - granite tiles and ceramics, which are identical in composition coated. So what's the difference between them? To be prepared to buy, It is required to examine each material separately.

Ceramic tile

outdoor ceramic tile It has a second name - tiles and consists of sand, and clay minerals. Material manufactured by pressing and sintering, and then applied to the surface layer of enamel and tiling extends secondary firing. Tile, the last two firing stage, It has lower strength and is used for the walls. Material, which extends more powerful press and a heat treatment step is used as a floor covering, because its porosity is reduced as much as possible.

ceramic Floor tiles It has the following advantages: hygiene, a wide range of colors and patterns, durability of the material and the cost of.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles for kitchen
Ceramic granite is the best suited for the kitchen

Porcelain floor tiles - a material, appeared not so long ago in Italy, therefore Italian producers of ceramic granite is considered to be the best. The composition of this material is no different from the composition of the tile, but the difference lies in the production of.

  1. The mixture was added to the material for manufacturing the color pigment, which gives color porcelain stoneware. Compare stoneware tiles with the tile - you will notice, the first is a uniform color over the entire thickness. Tile has only the upper layer of enamel.
  2. The finished mixture passes stoneware drying and two stage pressing and weight gain in the second stage.
  3. Gres passes through the thermal treatment in the 1300-1400 degrees, which reduces the porosity of the coating.

Because of these differences stoneware tiles represents an improved version of the tile, which has advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of porcelain

Porcelain tiles for flooring has several advantages over tiles, making it suitable flooring.

  • Water absorption of ceramic granite 0,05%. In ceramic tiles, this percentage is 10;
  • Due to the complete alloying components in the material no micropores, which increases its service life;
  • The material has high morozouystochivostyu, it can be used both indoors, and outside;

granite floor
What's on the porch and inside - keramaogranit withstand any temperature

  • Wear resistant coating above, than the tile, because he is not afraid of scratches or defects of kitchen furniture, Besides, granite floor unbreakable, even if heavy cookware fall on him;
  • The material is not afraid of chemicals, which on floor tiles can stain. Porcelain coating also prevents defects;
  • From cleaning the floor will not have problems, sufficiently wet cloth treatment.

The advantages of porcelain stoneware in many respects repeat tile dignity. But the main difference is that the material, that the characteristics in comparison with ceramics improved several times.

But, like other coatings, in porcelain has drawbacks, you want to consider when buying.

granite kitchen


Floor tiles and granite tiles have common disadvantages, such as:

  • slippery surface. In the kitchen, shed water, not uncommon, because the significant negative. Required either to get a rubberized floor mats in shells, or be careful;
  • Both materials - cold, that it is important for families with children. agree, stepping on the cold surface of unpleasant at any time of the year. The solution to this shortage - the installation of floor heating systems;
  • The fragility of the material during transport. When careless maneuvers strength of the coating does not play any role, enough to drop a tile from a low altitude, and it will break;

Porcelain tiles
Afraid of targeted killings, as the splitting

Further drawbacks common, granite tiles on the floor It differs own shortcomings:

  • One slab granite weighs 18-20 kg, which complicates the transportation and installation of flooring, but because of the strength of the material to cut stoneware tiles in the home is not easy;
  • If the tile has a large range of colors and patterns, his relative does not have such diversity. Color porcelain reserved and do not have clear lines;
  • Ceramic granite coating - not cheap, but the high price is justified by characteristics of the material.

With careful handling and the observance of mounting techniques, most of the disadvantages are eliminated by themselves, because the issue of "best porcelain or ceramic tile", floor in the kitchen is better to give preference to the first material.

granite tiles in the living room

How to choose the appropriate option

The choice of material for the floor is carried out on the basis of several parameters. The first, which decided to look to the buyer, appearance. This criterion has several options for granite:

  • Coloring "salt-pepper" - the most affordable option, It is a tile with a base color, which has lots of specks of contrasting color;
  • Monocolor - single-colored floor tiles, color which is obtained by metal cobalt pigments, chromium, chicory;

Solid-color tile floor makes a great home field

  • Colors, which imitates natural stone, skin, tree, and granite marbled flooring and other variations of colors;
  • Floor tiles for the kitchen may have inclusions of limestone or marble chips, that will give the appearance of a variety of.

The material is distinguished by a superficial characteristics:

  1. Frosted granite has the high strength and low water absorption coefficient.
  2. Polished tiles aesthetically pleasing, but the properties of strength and water absorption below, than the matte version.
  3. Polished version for demanding operating conditions, It has a pleasant appearance, but its characteristics are close to the ceramic tile.
  4. Embossed stoneware resembles natural stone and has surface irregularities.
  5. Glazed tiles has more color variations and the possibility of drawing, but such coating is prone to abrasion.

Brushed granite
Matt is very well fit into any decor

Buying Tips

To distinguish the high-quality material from forgery, the following tips:.

  • Council 1. Take the tile and granite look at the cut. The color should not differ from the surface should be uniform and.
  • Council 2. Ask the seller piece element (suitable porcelain floor tile 60 × 60) and check material. Take a marker and draw bar on the surface of the tile. If through 10 minutes band rubs off easily - material quality. Otherwise, better to abandon the purchase. Another way, which will help to distinguish tiles from granite - pour water on the tile and then wait a couple of hours. Ceramic tiles on the floor will absorb some of the water, stoneware not absorb any drops.
  • Council 3. Pay attention to the ratio of the thickness and the weight of the floor covering. Granite tile 600 × 600 with a thickness 8-8,5 cm should weigh 18-19 kg. Look at the back of the tiles, on it are square grooves, not deeper than 1,5-2 cm.

Let the purchase and installation of ceramic granite floor is complex, but this coating will serve you no one ten years and does not require complex care, which is important for the kitchen.