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Kerama Marazzi tiles in the kitchen area: 8 collections brand

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certainly, kitchen needs a high-quality finish like no other room. Often the planning stage repair of a desire to put the tiles on the walls, not only, but also decorate this field pictures, which regularly have to "communicate" with the fallen pots, spilled liquids, oils. Appeared to wash stains from linoleum or laminate is often not possible, can not be said about ceramics and porcelain stoneware.

Kerama Marazzi tiles in the kitchen area
Tile is very practical and comfortable material in the cleaning plan

Especially popular tile Cerama Maratsii, neizbity impressive diverse design and exceptional quality characteristics.

What to look for when choosing a tile

Tiles for kitchen Kerama Marazzi is the personification of a decent quality and very affordable price. Its production is carried out by the method developed by Italian technology, in each step monitors compliance with production. Glue consumption depends on the tile structure and its porosity.

Tile Kerama Marazzi

design Features

Tiles for kitchen from the Italian brand is available in a large number of textures, colors and design registration. Catalogs abound matte, glazed, embossed wall tile decoration with printed pattern, simulating cloth, brick, skin, or striped design. Features and design different floor tiles Kerama Marazzi, made natural stone, tree, repeating other surfaces.

Kerama Marazzi tiles in the kitchen area

The following main collections of the brand, defining feature of the decor:

  • French. Represented by elements of three different sizes. A characteristic feature is seen in the design of romantic notes and refinement;
  • Scandinavian. Made in bright shades for the kitchen tile Kerama conjures up thoughts of the snowy expanses of northern countries, It sets a calm and becomes a harmonious continuation of the interior in the same style;
  • Japanese. For this collection is characterized by confusion in the design of ancient traditions and the achievements of modern technology. The variants with the surfaces, imitating Japanese fabric, rice paper, predators skins;

French style
Style pattern is used in many countries

  • British. Here we have a classic British restraint, which harmoniously combines a modern and avant-garde expression. The catalogs are models, representing art panels with scenes of hunting or decorated with platinum, gold production. This apron for the kitchen from Kerama Marazzi will create a luxurious aristocratic atmosphere;
  • Alpine. The main trend of the design - the personification of calm and silence of the Alps, the desire to live in harmony with nature;
  • Italian. Such finishing material will appeal to sun lovers, soft color patterns, plant motifs;
  • Latinoamerikanskaya. A characteristic feature is the game of contrasts, the use of bright paintings of flora and fauna of the Amazon, expensive decoration Series Carnival separately dedicated silver and gold elements;
  • Roman. The collection appeared a couple of years ago, but it has become popular due to calm light shades, Application patterned by digital printing, provides realistic images.

Kerama Marazzi tiles in the kitchen

In each of the described collection necessarily provided for the floor tiles Cerama, thereby creating a complete interior.


As noted, product brand Kerama are characterized by high quality, regardless of the choice of collection. We need to underline the floor finish, for which thickness is very important, required to withstand permanent loads. Italian ceramics meets this criterion and is characterized by rough enough, excluding slip. Thanks to the peculiarities of the process with optional compression, Product from Kerama Maratsii retains the properties of more than one decade. Tile Kerama Marazzi long an owner.

Tile Kerama Marazzi

Installation instructions

To properly lay the tiles, you need to prepare in advance the necessary materials, perform work on the surface treatment of walls and floors.

Cooking surface

Cerama Marazzi finishing material for kitchen firmly fixed on the surface only if the quality of preparation in accordance with the following paragraphs:

  1. Pre-inspection is carried out the floor and walls using a spirit level, evaluating evenness surfaces. If large deviations need to align the walls by spackling, floor - through concrete screed. If the minor fluctuations, increase spending tile adhesive of 1m2, providing a thicker layer in areas depressions. A suitable embodiment of the adhesive composition becomes universal tile adhesive.
  2. Perform wiring, if the wires are held in the stacking area.
  3. Mark a surface sized fabric.

Putting tools and buy materials

For fast and qualitative performance of the installation need to have on hand brush, level, trowel and spatula, drill with paddle, plastic crosses, Tile, Tile cement adhesive. If you plan to laying tiles on the floor, additionally desirable to use the knee for comfortable work.

Tiles in the kitchen
If you can not lay tile, then hire a wizard - will come cheaper

Acquiring finishing products and cement composition, it is important to correctly calculate the required amount of materials, taking into account the consumption of glue on the tiles.

We put the tiles

If Kerama Marazzi tiles for the kitchen it will not be extended to the whole surface of the wall, stacking sequence (floor or wall) irrelevant. For convenience and to protect the ceramic surface is best to decorate the walls, correctly calculating the density of the tile adhesives and following the step by step instructions:

  • According to the marked level masonry layout begin from the center of the wall (for a symmetrical arrangement of elements) or one of its corners;
  • To adjust the joints must be inserted into the space between adjacent tiles plastic spacers crosses;
  • The collection Kerama Marazzi present granite, so, if necessary for producing a seamless surface, desirable to use such variant;
  • Formed in the walls form angles of joints, honing tiles at an angle 45 degrees;
  • The rate of application per 1m2 tile adhesive depends on the structure of the material, so this issue is desirable to clarify the consultant in the process of buying a selected collection;
  • If the surface of the porous material, it is further coated with a primer, reducing the consumption of adhesive for tiles;
  • The last stage is the grouting and sealant treatment.

Tile Kerama Maratsii floor laid based on the same recommendations, starting from the center of one of the walls.

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