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How to move the kitchen to the hall: features and rules for creating a new space

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Standard apartments are equipped with small kitchens, so the owners decided to move the kitchen into the room. This improves the quality of the plan.

Kitchen Facilities
Beautiful joint space relevant today

To this question is to approach seriously, after all food transport in Hall accompanied by the demolition of the walls. On the procedure required to obtain a special permit.

To make the room spacious, you must move the household equipment in another room or move from Kitchen communication scheme and ventilation.

Why do I need to legitimize the transfer of the kitchen?

the union hall and the kitchen is considered to be the original decision. It needs to legitimize the transfer of the kitchen to the living room. Such repairs are accompanied by rescheduling apartments.

When moving the connected communication structure, and is equipped with ventilation in the room created.

The increase in the kitchen due to the living room is considered a non-traditional approach. Resort to it, if you can not use either a balcony or a corridor.

On the movement of a special permit. The documents are based on regulations.

Do not carry the kitchen to the room in the following cases:

  • in violation of the living conditions of the facilities;
  • If you are performing planning affected by the power or water supply system;
  • when combined rooms, which have different temperature behavior.

If the transfer of the kitchen to the living room to perform illegally, reworked the apartment not be able to re-register.

Kitchen moved to the hall
The kitchen in the room - the original decision

Compliance with legal regulations

It requires matching food transport into the room in special instances, since in some cases, regulations prohibit this redevelopment.

Do not move the kitchen into a place, where the bathroom is located on the floor above or the toilet. You can not move the kitchen into the room, If downstairs is a living room.

Such a transfer method can, If the living room is fitted electric stove.

Ventilation when moving in Hall, It stays connected with the existing exhaust hole.

To combine the kitchen and hall can, if not supposed dismantling of bearing structures. Not allowed transport gas stove in another room. In the presence of gas equipment will need to install a partition or sliding door design instead.

Summarizing communications to new premises

Moving the kitchen to the hall implies the transfer of communications from the kitchen into the room. These construction works are considered the most complex.

Before redevelopment project is carried out. It is necessary to obtain a special permit and for planning repairs.

The project appears to find the communication lines, as well as the redevelopment of the conditions.

The project provides for the transfer of plumbing in the kitchen to another room, that changes the circuit and sewage plumbing:

  1. The plan approved by the move to the beginning of the construction works. New piping pre-planned and calculated.
  2. The new layout is performed by the nearest point of the aqueduct.
  3. Pipes are laid under the floor screed. It is not a bias line is observed, since the pumping equipment is installed.
  4. Tap design allows for the water supply point. It should provide a sink and a washing machine.
  5. Copper pipes are used, metal-plastic or special steel.

Summarizing communications to new premises
Proper conduct of communication is very important in the association premises

Laying of sewer with your hands held with the transfer of cleaning and the replacement of the mixer.

Sewage pump in the kitchen required, if the location of kitchen devices and up the riser is too large distance.

It is assumed arrangement of the ventilation circuit. Proper design will help to maintain the optimum humidity in the room.

Mounting vent structure has the following features:

  1. new ventilation equipment schemes carried out by the former.
  2. Air from the new kitchen should not come to the neighbors.
  3. You can not connect to the vent in the bathroom.
  4. If airbox extended, inside installed additional fans.

The vent structure may be hidden in ceilings. If a hole was drilled in the supporting walls, the need permission.

SNIP recommends the use of natural light sources in the kitchen area.

If you are carrying a kitchen to the living room, where there is no natural light, it installs the glass partitions and doorways change.

The redevelopment project takes into account the required number of power supplies. After that, the wiring diagram of the apartment.

Interior features plan kitchen and living room combined space

To move the kitchen into the living room will need to install a powerful hood, as well as an induction or electric stove. It is important to be equipped with wide window openings, that affect the quality of lighting.

Make the hall kitchen and living room, you can use zoning. In this case, the kitchen is separated from the rest of the room. The large space is divided into a recreation area and a kitchen area.

Zoning of the following ways::

  1. Separation by furniture designs. It uses tables, bars or island compositions. The bar counter is used as an extra work surface and as a table for lunch.
  2. used screens, sliding design, racks or curtains.
  3. Is performed by means of delineation of the podium or false ceiling. Screed runs from allowing one stage.
  4. Applicable selection surfacing materials zones, variety of floor coverings or with the illumination.
  5. Use zoning with the help of arch structures. In this case, the arch made of plasterboard.

Zoning hall and kitchen
Zoning dining area requires a special approach

The kitchen and lounge area are distinguished visually, but it is done in the same style.

Divide the interior living spaces allow different materials floor coverings. The recreation area is decorated with laminate, and kitchen space tile.

Podium in the kitchen area is characterized by convenience and hide it held communication.

Barstand used as a dining table or work surface.

To properly move the kitchen into the hall need to wisely use colors.

To create a functional interior design with following rules:

  1. Kitchen in the hall is made in pastel colors, colors spirit of premises must not contrast. Shades smoothly blend, to get a sense of common space.
  2. The surfaces are decorated with pastel shades. Neutral shades are suitable for the decoration of a harmonious interior and create a common space.
  3. The transfer of the kitchen in the room is carried out taking into account the range of colors. Suitable soft and warm shades. From dark colors is to give.
  4. The color scheme is selected based on the selected style of interior. Classic style and Provence are made without the use of bright colors. In the application of Art Deco selected different patterns and colors. The interior in the vintage style is known for using beige, milk and dark brown shades. When making a room in a Scandinavian style bright colors applied.

The repair was performed in the hall with his hands, and proper lighting installed.

Installation of lighting is performed taking into account the recommendations:

  1. Kitchen equipment requires more lighting. Brighter light is located above the sink, worktops and hob.
  2. Used spotlights, zoned space to help.
  3. If space is used for the separation bar, then it is equipped Illuminated.

To make the kitchen in the room you want to expand the space. It is necessary to properly arrange the furniture in the room.

Furniture is used in accordance with the chosen style. Scandinavian style in the interior suggests the use of simple and concise furniture, which is made from natural materials. Provence suitable for construction rezblennye. For the combined space is not recommended to install the furniture around the room. Original solution may be a sofa in the middle of the room.

When repairing accounted laying wiring own hands. The wires are hidden in the plinth or under floor coverings. Made with their own hands and sewerage masked.

Lighting in the kitchen combined with a room
All wires, communications, compound should be neatly hidden, so as not to spoil the look

Advantages and disadvantages of combining two rooms

Moving the kitchen to the hall has positives and negatives. Such a transfer is performed to increase the space and to create an original and stylish design.

Since the redevelopment requires documentation, that such a decision is taken in case of emergency.

Transfer kitchen to the living room has the following advantages:

  1. Two small rooms are transformed into one large room, where guests are received and held feasts. This increases the number of windows, which adds light to the room.
  2. Catching cooking, hostess can communicate with guests.
  3. It acquired a large TV, instead of the two small rooms for.
  4. It is easier to distribute food on the table.
  5. It is provided to control the movement of a small child, without interrupting operations.
  6. There is a possibility to use the dining table as a work area. This saves space.

In this plan there are disadvantages:

  1. Decreasing number of rooms. This is noticeable in small apartments. In this case, there is no opportunity to retire.
  2. The process of cooking and washing dishes, guests will observe.
  3. The kitchen area is quickly spoiled floor. To maintain order require frequent cleaning to do, and in the living area. Often have to wash the dishes, so it does not spoil the view while relaxing.
  4. Cooking is accompanied by a variety of scents. To eliminate them need a high-quality range hood. It should select the quietest structure, which do not interfere with guests communication.
  5. The regeneration of the combined space is taken into account, that the refrigerator makes noise at night. Make sounds when using such devices as a mixer, microwave and electric kettle.

With proper planning, combined space increases functionality premises, and there are comfortable living conditions.


Clever design creates a spacious and ergonomic room, divided into separate zones.