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I want the kitchen to the living room: All "no" and "yes" to transfer to the living room

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From time immemorial all house parties are carried out in the kitchen. This area belongs to the universal - and stryapaniya, and conversations. And how to do it, when the kitchen is small? hosts, We need to increase the area of ​​kitchen space, come to the idea of ​​transferring kitchen in the living room. However, they are in doubt about the legality of such actions. Transfer to kitchen living room - it is a legitimate procedure, trudnooformlyaemaya but in terms of coordination of project documentation, because the existing legislation makes such a process a number of conditions, required to perform.

Kitchen in the living room
Eat in the living room, you can not leaving it

basic conditions

Before you start to transfer, is required to get the consent of the, which are responsible for rescheduling dwellings. Permits are issued paper, taking into account the requirements of the regulations in force, including both opportunities, and restrictions. If finally decided to move the kitchen, It recommended to use the services of the company, Harmonize rescheduling in apartments. It usually has a staff designer, architect and construction team. Employees take into account all the preferences of the owner apartments on the basis of existing legislation and building (health, including) regulations.

kitchen living room
Cock the pros and cons of space unification process


There are a number of items of existing legislation, in which the apartment is not possible redevelopment. These prohibitions are based on the individual requirements of SNIP and SanPin:

  • Disturbed the comfort of living conditions. This figure has not changed for a long time. In some cases, the owner has to agree in writing to the deterioration of living conditions, special, if the apartment has a bathroom and a kitchen, and the owner wants to make room from the kitchen. Currently, these conventions have become invalid.
  • Broken technological instruction utilities. To move the kitchen into the living room, for example, can, but it will change the electrical, vodoprovodnuyu (sewer) system, ventilation, etc.. Then the possible failure on the part of the services concerned. In recent years, especially do not look at this condition, the only thing, what is needed: to a new place of location of communications was a free
  • Prohibited connection rooms with different average temperature indicator. otherwise: the kitchen is not allowed to transfer to a room, which is combined with a balcony, forcing the heating system to bring into the territory of the latter.
  • If a new area is located living room of the ground floor (This situation is mainly, when the apartment consists of two rooms and a kitchen).
  • If the transfer is scheduled in WC, even when the area allows. It also relates to the deterioration zhiluslovy.

When planning to move the kitchen into the living room, It should take into account the subtleties of even, to get on the rescheduling agreement related services and organizations.

The proposed list of conventions - is not the whole list, but they are the main.

Beautiful kitchen
Agree with the transfer of the relevant authorities and forward

nuances, allowing to obtain the consent of

In addition to the main requirements of a number of moves, helping to get the long-awaited resolution:

  1. apartments, which are located on the first floor.
  2. The presence of multi-level apartment allows you to move in any room.
  3. Transfer to kitchen room is permitted provided that no dwelling subordinate floor (pantry, etc..).
  4. Location of the apartment on the commercial or administrative offices (offices, shopping area, services sector).

kitchen in the living room


In the process of redevelopment should be moved to the kitchen furniture in the living room, with it all kinds of household appliances and kitchen accessories.

A specific list of relevant public services, employed considering the development of project documentation, loyal in their results. In some cases and under certain conditions, these organizations agree to transfer, but, dishwashing sink and sewer networks is required to have on the area of ​​non-residential premises in the underlying floor apartment.

Gas stove in the kitchen, living room
transfer, such as the gas stove requires intervention gasmen

In any case, the re-planning regulations prohibit some operate on gas stove, therefore it is possible to change the gas stove in the apartment on elektroanalog. Pipes are installed only in the kitchen room, and transferred to the gas pipe in the kitchen forbidden, and the change in layout of their own is fraught with penalties by the inspection services.

When using an electric cooking surface for cooking, increase the electricity bill. Therefore, whether to change the gas stove, if it is more economical in a similar situation? but, when the owner finally decided on the transfer of the kitchen in the room, or dictated by an acute shortage of space, We have to go to such extremes.

The ventilation system of the premises

kitchen in the living room with ventilation

Particular requirements for room ventilation, where the kitchen will be moved:

  1. Vent moved food must pass through the previous channel. Consequently, the owner is forced to hold the ventilation duct passing through all the rooms.
  2. Air masses from suffering the premises must not penetrate to similar channels in the neighboring premises.
  3. Do not connect the air ducts to the channels of a toilet or bathroom.

Exit from a difficult situation with the ventilation ducts - suspended ceiling.

May arise another problem - the need for forming holes for the new channel in the supporting walls. For this, too, will require a special permit

At arrangement of long channels is permitted to mount additional fans as the driving force of natural traction. In the case of self-paced work, should gain experience from other sources, or contact the appropriate construction company.

Driving flat ventilation
It is worth to grasp the ventilation circuit apartments

transfer Features

In addition to strict requirements, subject to strict compliance with the layout of the kitchen to the other living room, there is a list of some features, they should be remembered.

Such features include the new device communication systems, previously mandatory, but the kitchen without them can not exist. This connection of water supply and, respectively, sewerage.

Water supply and sewerage

kitchen in the hall

These systems require a change in the placement of the washing sink. In this way, the owner is forced to apply additional pipe. For this purpose, initially prepared by rearrangement sketch new water supply arrangement. In some cases it is necessary to block the water lines doorway.

Output - water system is allowed to reach under the floor screed or above a suspended ceiling.

The new scheme of water and sewer system requires the introduction of standing closest point - sanitary node. Water should be scheduled so, to account for the number of all points of tap water flow (dish sink, washing or washing machine).

To perform the water supply may be used metal and plastic, steel, brass or copper pipes.

kitchen in the living room

With sewage somewhat more difficult - the pipe is required to spread a certain slope - 20-30 mm per linear meter. In the case of a long interval to the riser, bias will not give the possibility to place them in a tightening of floors. In this case, pull without bias, but the water pumps used, which are intended for pumping the liquid from the main conduit into the dishwasher. The cost of these pumps in the mid-range, mounted under the sink device. In the arrangement of the sewage system pipes are used having a diameter not less than 50 mm.

After completion of construction work check the correctness of the paving, constitute acts of the hidden works. And in addition to this, operation agreement relevant supervisory agencies.

room and kitchen


The kitchen in the room should have the two types of light - natural and artificial, as required by the building regulations. In normal transfer enough and windows. If you plan to transfer the kitchen to another room with the absence of the latter, you will need to transform the partitions or doors opening. In this situation there are two options of problem solving problem:

  1. Setting transparent partitions (of glass or plastic) doorway or device as fiberglass door for penetration of natural light from a window opening adjacent room.
  2. dismantling partitions to penetrate daylight.


Daring to reschedule the apartment, or transfer of the kitchen into the living room, encouraged to consider, even if the apartment and fully complies with the requirements and conditions of the existing regulatory frameworks, permission for such actions is possible to get a very small list of apartments owners.