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Cooking in the hallway: few rules cuisine transfer in the hallway or another room

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Man seeks to increase the home space, to rest and work simultaneously. And it works, as required by his personal life activity. Small flats "soviet" time 2/3 owners, as usual, are not satisfied. In this issue will help them re-planning of residential space. It is permissible to carry out a variety of ways: make the transfer of the kitchen to the hallway, move the sanitary equipment or move (remove) septa.

Kitchen in hallway
The kitchen in the hallway - a variant of a bachelor

Redesign flat

Exchange furniture between rooms certainly not out of the situation. But redevelopment - it's not a comic. It should be understood, how to implement it, compliance with all legal requirements, and how much work you have to perform owner.

kitchen in the hallway

legal aspect

The initial stage of redevelopment, which will have to make the owner of the apartment - to coordinate the process with certain organizations - house management, zhiltovarischestvom etc.. In the absence of such alignment (especially, if the house is managed by a specific organization), any technical re-equipment of the force will be illegal, and it will lead in turn to certain unwanted consequences (fine, return to the original view, and so on).

And, sometimes transfer partitions or communications systems (water pipes, vents) It is not possible due to technical reasons, which found, only, after consideration of a draft. Therefore, the owner of, before proceeding to this step, I should be familiar with a number of legislative acts:

  • RF PP number 47 PP (paragraph 24). This item approves kitchen layout rules regarding the living rooms of the ground floor. more precisely, not be accommodated in the kitchen over the living quarters. but, corridor with a hall not apply to such rooms, so the kitchen in the hallway (or from the hallway to make the kitchen) perfectly acceptable. For apartments 1st floor this item repealed, because it does not exist downstream accommodations. Shell supposed to be placed everywhere, and the transfer of the kitchen in the corridor is possible in the presence of daylight and ventilation system.

Stylish kitchen in the hallway
Agree union premises with the relevant authorities

  • SNIP 31.03.2003 (paragraph 9.12) and SanPiN (paragraph 5.1). They set out the requirements for insolation conditions. Kitchen without a window is not allowed, ie there should be an external window or a large opening in the other lit room.
  • Annex to the PP g. Moscow № PP-508 from 25.10.2011 (paragraph 11.18) It prohibits combine connected to other premises pipeline cuisine. If you can not prove the Commission, that the kitchen is not tolerated because of association, but because of the expansion of space, then the owner will be forced to make fundamental changes - to muffle kitchen pipeline, and carry out electrical mounting plate.

kitchen with a hallway in the same room

This list of regulations aimed at transport issues is the engineering and communication systems. It is recommended in this case the owner of the apartment is still carefully consider the issue of rescheduling.

Another aspect of the process - is dismantling partitions. If they are carriers or the floor bearing, dismantling will be interested in the services completely rejected, because it would violate the design features home (to reduce its strength). Combining rooms allowed, if the apartment provides a separate living space at least 8 m2.

With a firm intent of the law to conduct thorough technical changes in his apartment recommended to prepare materials for the design approval and agreement.


Moving the kitchen in the corridor
When moving the set electric stove, Order not to bother GAS

You have decided to reorganize his apartment, and, so, you have to kitchen remodeling. Under the arrangement of dishes suitable hall and corridor in the apartment, because for them there is no residential area.

With this embodiment also a problem with the gas removed, because they are not allowed bezdvernye openings between rooms, having a gas stove. Consequently, the owner has to give preference to an electric stove.

When the corridor area of ​​less than 6 m2 settling kitchenette. Dining area then there will be no. Corridor more permits a fully fitted kitchen option, but you need to worry about getting there daylight, which force regulations.

kitchen along the hall

Another problematic issue is the partition, separating the hallway from the living rooms, and the lack of the necessary for the kitchen window. Out of this situation - at the site of the doorway arch equipped kitchen in the apartment, or baffle generally dismantled for admission of natural light in the room called "corridor-kitchen" Thus equipped kitchen in the corridor in a studio apartment, and on the site of the former kitchen area organized a second room - bedroom.

The latter option is dependent on the type of building and structural characteristics. Avoid partial or complete dismantling will not work.

As a building material for the walls is best to use the equipment drywall.

Device cardboard-gypsum partitions obtained at a reasonable price, than other materials, and reducing time to repair in the hallway and adjacent rooms, It reduces the complexity and painstaking assembly.

The partition between the kitchen and corridor
You can choose any option zoning

In embodiments of hotel rooms at all the owner has to remove the partition. To organize the transition from the hallway to the kitchen - this is equivalent to direct sunlight, and corridor lighting in the apartment will then naturally. It will be an advantage in the coordination of projects in the concerned organizations.

Another option - to leave a small ledge on the ceiling and walls in the form of an arch. On the surface they provide spot lights in the hallway, they still can express visual zonal Mezhuyev and even upgrade the design of the hall and kitchen.

Anyway, when equipped with a kitchen in the hallway (redevelopment), address issues of improvement and comfort. The entire volume of repairs recommended in compliance with current safety standards.

Kitchen design in the hallway

Transfer plumbing

Kitchen is moved to another room includes moving or a new arrangement of engineering communications. It should worry, that they are in a satisfactory condition, otherwise zhilinspektsiya will make non-approval of the project papers.

After obtaining the necessary permits for the conversion of a list of documents, you can start building actions. The transfer of the kitchen and the subsequent repair of the corridor in an apartment - troublesome affair, and requires a responsible, meticulous approach. Then the result of the effort console owner.

Transfer plumbing
Transfer plumbing plumber to do it

When you transfer the food into another room you must have a good understanding, there is still renovate the hall in the apartment (design last can be broken) and equipped to move plumbing:

  1. washing sink.
  2. pipes for water.
  3. nozzles.
  4. faucets.

The owner of the apartment will need a new arrangement of water pipes, because the kitchen is only allowed to move from the sink. And not just one pipe, and under a hot and cold water. Normal layout of the apartment provides the location of a bathroom with sewer and water piping risers between the corridor and the kitchen. Thus divert vodogony follows from the point of entry to nearby water supply - from a toilet. Under hot and cold water have been successfully used today polypropylene tubes, and sometimes made of metal, copper, brass and steel. You still need to provide full water. In addition, this modern kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, and more (or washing) machine like another place entering the water distribution system.

Kitchen in hallway
Kitchen in the corridor should be the general style with room apartment

You can use a variety of pipes, When choosing the design of the corridor in the apartment.

Difficult in technical terms when moving to another area of ​​the kitchen serves arrangement sewerage, Stock as required to perform a certain bias. In order to organize a satisfactory drainage installation santehpravila provide a bias on the pipe 1 to 2 cm per linear meter. With a smaller slope will be a frequent contamination of the lumen of the tube (Ø sewer pipe for cleaning is 50 mm), and an incline of more than 2 cm. - formation of solid deposits on the inner wall surface (coating of small food debris) and as a result - clog pipes.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future arrangement sewer system novorazmeschennoy kitchen recommended to engage skilled plumbers.

Transfer the wash sink includes replacing pipes or faucets. Included with them are always two tubes attached metalloopletke.

kitchen and hallway

When using such pipes are not allowed twisting pipes, because the braid in place excessive pressure bursts, and then by a hose. recommended, as an option, review Metal-analog with santehiglami.

High-quality version - metal flexible pipes, their high cost is justified by the long-term operation.



The volume of time-consuming work when moving food in the hall made to increase the comfort of the apartment. All the above - is not the full amount, because after the dirty work on the wall yet to be renovated in the hallway and in adjacent rooms. Existing building codes and regulations and guidelines of government documents are designed for safety and comfort of the process of creating. But do not forget thus about the improvement of living below.

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