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Built-in washing machine: a good solution for a small kitchen

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On a beautiful and functional kitchen every modern housewife dreams. In this room can not do without the grinder, juicer, hob and many other useful household appliances. Looks good among them and built-in washing machine, at properly connected and selecting a location capable of becoming the perfect mate, and even decorate the kitchen interior.

 machine in the kitchen
Washing machine in the kitchen can be easily integrated in the headset

installation requires

It is worth noting, in the apartment, where not taken into account, as to build a washing machine in the kitchen, this option will be next to impossible. But, if the furniture layout is selected simultaneously with the technique, a chance to optimally fit the appliance.

The reasons, which built washing machine in the kitchen is preferable to install elsewhere:

  • the need to save the limited space in a small bathroom, typical of old housing;
  • compliance with fire safety regulations, prohibiting electrical installation in a humid;
  • improving usability appliances, It is now located in one place apartments.

the most necessary equipment is not always placed in the small-sized bathrooms Soviet-built homes. And even the washing machine under the sink is not output when the size of the room 2 × 1,5 m. Special, If the bathroom combined, and the old-style bath - in this case, there is no place to put not only for additional equipment, but even for a basket with things for washing.

Although not prevent the machine and in a spacious apartment with a large bathroom - kitchen on a living space is also spacious and saves space, and help the hostess to do all the household chores at once. And if there is room in the output to a balcony installed dryer, Built-in washing machine Kitchen becomes a necessity. Besides, almost all new appliances designed to fit right among kitchen furniture. And to build a machine, inscribed in the interior, not difficult, than the fridge.

hide the washing machine
How to hide the washing machine in the kitchen? close the door

Pros and cons of embedded washing machines

Sometimes the size of a washing machine and kitchen allow installation without embedding in the wall. This is possible, but not aesthetic and occupies a lot of space. Therefore selected built car, having more benefits, than disadvantages.

Among the advantages noted:

  • convenient placement within the wall, whose width is 60-65 cm. The same or smaller width may be machine;
  • use of the space above the equipment. So, built-in washing machines sinks allow to cook over them;
  • built-in washing machine for a small kitchen, Hosted in the closet, It has minimal vibration;
  • the same option with the cabinet does not require selection of designs and colors for the rest of the interior. Because furniture under the washing machine may be purchased separately.

Disadvantages of this technique following:

  • It did not turn out so conveniently stored before washing dirty laundry in the machine (collecting it, eg, by color), as it is done in the bathroom, due to appear after a while the smell, especially noticeable in the kitchen;
  • Using a washing machine cabinet, difficult to load things;
  • you have to be careful with the powder, preventing it from falling on foods.

unusual setting
Installing the washing machine at a gas hob

Choosing a washing machine

Starting select a particular typewriter, It should define the functionality. Semiautomatic would be the best answer to the question, how to build a washing machine in the kitchen, taking up a minimum of space. For this purpose there is a special technique to size 30 cm on each side. Under it, you can even put a table underneath the washing machine, hiding inside the whole structure of furniture. Automatic option saves time and gives access to a number of useful features. If the choice was a small washing machine, saves space.

Select the method of laying things play a role in the placement of technology. So, narrow recessed washing machines and dryers are not designed to be installed under the sink and cabinets. This technique is placed separately. Horizontally loaded appliance is built under the table, and in the closet.

A particular point are the characteristics of the machine - linen weight, revolutions, manufacturer. Choosing these options to your taste, worth remembering, that the larger model offers, the more expensive. An important characteristic is the size and built-in washing machine. Firstly, height:

  • at the location next to the furniture necessarily match this dimension;
  • built-in equipment cabinet and a washing machine in the kitchen under the sink should not be higher than the available space.

Scheme for embedding
The scheme for building a washing machine in the kitchen

The depth of the installation has little effect - standard sizes of furniture wider conventional machines. If a, of course, not selected for 8-12 kg load size. But vehicles, sufficient for the needs of an average family, and erased at a time within 5 kg of things, Depth does not even reach 60 cm.

Buyers pay attention to the noise generated by appliances, power usage (class selection, A + and A ++ will pay the difference in price and power consumption device. It can be an important design. In any case, the modern market, offering a wide range of washing machines, It will help you choose quickly and find your device model.

Selecting placements and masking

Preparing to install the machine on the kitchen area needs to choose their. If the room is small (to 8 quarter. m), stop on the option under the sink washing machine. Especially that the connection to the water supply requires proximity of cold water.

It is convenient to place the machine not only under the sink, but also a number. Special, If the kitchen has a dishwasher, Sizes for embedding which also carefully select. Recommended installation in a row and a sink, and equipment for washing and dishwashing. This makes it possible to arrange the tap to connect the washing machine to the water supply immediately and dishwasher appliances.

accommodation next to the sink
It is reasonable to place the washing machine closer to the sink, where there are cranes with water and kanalizayiya

Considering the type of device (vertical and front loading), masking selected type. technique, top loading, furniture hard mask, so closing the washing machine in the kitchen or tabletop, no wardrobe will come. Although there is an option and the installation of a removable surface. But it will have to be removed and boot, and after washing, and even leave open for a long time - more than an hour is required for the drying tank. Hinged table top too, it proved to be not the best option, the more that is lost permanent location for the kitchen utensils.

Front machine easier to install, because the choice is given between a number of ways. This can be a separate accommodation in the center or corner. But the easiest and most convenient way to order, how to build a washing machine in the kitchen, looks like that:

  1. Furniture ordered by the results of measurements made in advance (Calculations and measurements of distances skilled trust, reserving the right to select the location of objects and suggestions about masking) and taking into account the built-in equipment, which may include not only the washing machine under the countertop in the kitchen, but the oven and extractor hood;
  2. Experts made the kitchen wall and collect it, together with the instruments or separately;
  3. The machine is masked or countertop doors.

built sitralka
The unusual location of the washing machine furniture

If the furniture is already, and buy a new one is not yet possible, version with self-installation takes longer, but save money. An inexpensive option for kitchens with a ready-made furniture will be built and washing machines under the table top with special holes for mounting the facade. Set top surface, is flush with the rest of the wall objects.

At shallow depths the machine can simultaneously install sinks and hiding behind doors. However, in this case,, as well as when integrating the cabinet, drawback is the need to open both doors if necessary, download things. Over time, this bothers, and, to simplify the task and still hide technique, curtains are. Designers offer a small kitchen with washing machine, Photos are easily found on the net, in different embodiments.

For a device with a height, more, what is needed for location under the table, but not exceeding the overall height of the working surface wall, allowed to build a washing machine under the table top, removing the top cover. Or simply lift the table a few centimeters up - if the unit does not occupy a central place in the kitchen, it is virtually imperceptible, It does not attract too much attention, and looks good in the interior.

installation technology

In corner
Location stiralki in a small kitchen near the gas pipe

Regardless of the choice of mounting options and the type of household appliances, Built-in washing machine requires the hands of an experienced specialist. Self-installation is recommended only if a separate location. Especially that the masters are usually given for the installation of a "guarantee" - if something happens with the technique, all redesigns free.

When, when selected still handedly way of built-in appliances, selected from the unavailability or specialist, or funds, We must have patience and proper tools:

  • tape measure;
  • the right amount of fasteners;
  • screwdrivers.

It needs to work more and countertop and place, of the installation. When checking for compatibility appliances and furniture, worth considering, the washing machine, built under the worktop, the dimensions of which are almost equal to the vertical height of the enclosure, It gets butt. And the cover prevents access to the compartment for powder. The problem is solved falling asleep detergent directly into the drum. Such a method and powder allowed manufacturers, and manufacturers of washing machines.

By establishing an integrated "stiralku", pre-prepared for installation, checking the reliability and availability of communications. Since correctly connected and unreliable tube may damage an expensive machine and even incapacitate.

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