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Washing machine in the kitchen: accommodation options

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properly installed washing machine in the kitchen It will be an effective and ergonomic solution for an apartment with a small bathroom. A full-size kitchen equipment are many ways to install. But, even for compact spaces for cooking, there are food options, allow to place even dishwashing equipment, not to mention the washing. Problem solving, arising from plan kitchen with washing machine, It will only require the implementation of several recommendations.

Placing the washing machine in a corner of the kitchen

The best accommodation options

A suitable embodiment of, how to hide the washing machine on the kitchen, will disguise using decorative facades, cabinets (ducts) or closing doors. Close the device and specifically set shutter. Although the main thing - do not just hide the typewriter, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for all people using technology.

Firstly, determined location to install. It is not necessary to conduct experiments, placing the machine away from the running water and washing. Long water supply and exhaust hoses prevent movement in the kitchen and spoil the interior and hardly camouflaged. And even during the set and drain away located machine work harder, and its service life is reduced. For this reason, the installation of the washing machine in the kitchen corner or a niche in the cabinet must be carried out close to the sink.

When selecting the method, consider, that the height of the washing machine according to the standards 85 cm. Such vertical dimensions and has kitchen cabinets, is aligned with the plate. When using the cover as a working surface of the machine (dishwashing and other accessories) or replacing the top of the countertop, acceptable option. In other cases it is necessary, or choose a different technique or lift the table above ground level.

decorative facade
Built-in washing machine close decorative facade

Permitted and raising all surfaces, apart plates. Along with "stiralka" trying to build in the dishwasher under the countertop - both require connection to the water supply and sewage and set nearby. To plate looked in the interior fitting, use a special stand, increasing the level to the main unit.

Types of washing machines

The choice of the type and model of the machine to be installed in the kitchen depends on the room size. Excess space allows you to purchase a device of any size - even calculated on 8 kg load and having a width greater than 60 cm. If the space in the apartment, including the bathroom, lacks, a washing machine in the kitchen, layout options also have - but the instrument chosen medium or compact size.

For the kitchen area small apartment pick up equipment at a reduced height and width. The variant with a semi-automatic machine to the dimensions of the vertical and horizontal to 40 see - even a curbstone under the washing machine may be required for him. Shallow equipment is suitable for installation in a cabinet or mounted on a table top and closing doors or curtains.

Usually choose to install machines with front loading type. Horizontal devices allowed to be embedded in the finished kitchen wall, where space is left before 50 cm. The width of the front - from 60 cm.

public offering
Option public offering of the washing machine under the table

If the space in the kitchen wall is not, and set the machine nowhere, one for use with the equipment to a height 70 cm. He is suitable for installation under the sink and for placing in the closet. This the height of the washing machine under the table top It provides the same level of all elements of the interior. A disadvantage would be only a limited load weight - up 3,5 kg.

When installing without masking in a closet or behind the doors do not necessarily choose white cars. A wide range of online stores offering equipment, suitable for any kitchen. There is a solution, even for non-standard design - the front panel is glued film desired shade. For decorating machines it is desirable to load master.

of floor space restrictions

Due to the size kitchens of old houses, where space saving took precedence over convenience and ergonomics, place the washing machine in a small kitchen is problematic. Restriction for installation in the considered area 6-8 sq. m. Smaller dimensions allow the installation of the device in the bathroom - but there it is impossible to do.

output will:

  1. Machine under the sink, compact, imperceptible - the truth, not so easy to load;
  2. Refusal of one of the kitchen cabinets, which takes place the washing machine.

washing machine in the bathroom
If the kitchen area does not allow to install a washing machine in the kitchen, It is always an option with the installation in the bathroom

Plus version with accommodation under the sink - the proximity of water supply and discharge pipe. But negative with a decrease in load may outweigh. If you solve the problem installing the window, become a hindrance and pipes, i'm accessories. Because kitchen design with a washing machine at an affordable area to 8 "Squares", looks like that:

  • refrigerator is closer to the window;
  • kitchen area located in front of the letter "G";
  • lower cabinet at busy washing washing machine, or located under the worktop or on the same level with the rest surfaces.

About the dishwasher in this embodiment, the speech is not talking, but for the washing place remains. Also, it does not fit in the kitchen a lot of pans, pots and other utensils - a decision It allowed for a small family or storing utensils elsewhere (a pantry, on the balcony).

Installation Tips

Determine the methods and installation features, take into account the type of washing machine. There are two options - top-loading or front. To embed a recommended way to front, but sometimes the machine already acquired, and can not be choosers.

comfortable seating
Installing stiralki next to the sink provides a convenient connection to water and sanitation

vertical machines

for technology, clothes which are top, masking wardrobes, shutters and doors excluded - in any case, the washing machine does not hide. Even, if a establish removable table top, hiding the typewriter, Remove and leave open the heavy cover have often - to load laundry, for unloading and drum drying. Swing out option sometimes used, but also considered inconvenient.

Installation art front-loading

Ways to install equipment with a lot of front-loading. Simple option - custom furniture for pre-prepared drawings, drawn up together with the expert-measurer. In this case, possible to install a washing machine in the kitchen sinks. The height of all surfaces will equal, and will build technique imperceptibly - to set the execution in the general style of kitchen worktops and closing doors. For convenience, the machine does not boot at all close. Or hide behind one door, time-saving stacking laundry into the drum. efficient, but expensive option would be equipment, already staffed door.

small kitchen
Variants of the washing machine on a very small kitchen

To use the ready-made furniture will need to make an effort to - to get an embedded machine and install it on the supplied facades. Top attach a separate tabletop and combine with other surfaces. Just install and built Dishwasher, height 60 See which allows such assembly.

If the standard height of the washing machine with the same level of countertops, remove the top cover. If this fails to install equipment, table surface is made higher. This increased worktop above the washing machine in the kitchen, too, fits into the interior and does not attract attention.


implement option, in which the washing machine in the cabinet and not visible, and can be independently. To do this, make a separate gypsum box, closes the door. When installing the equipment take into account the height, which should not exceed the dimensions of the box, and the possibility of closing the opening for loading washing powder. If a different machine can not install, detergents are added directly into the drum.

small models, working in semi-automatic mode, or related to equipment activator type (popular abroad), also placed in boxes. Their compact dimensions allow you to set the table for a washing machine in the kitchen, where appliances can be placed anywhere in the room. Now you know, how to place the washing machine in the kitchen.