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built-in refrigerators: the perfect solution for any kitchen

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Refrigerator - one of the most important items of home appliances. Without it is almost impossible, because the question is not about how, to buy or not, and what specific model to choose. Especially, that the choice of the problem lies precisely in the diversity. Free-standing units are shown in a broad line of market models, but they do not always fit into the interior conceived. For such cases, refrigerator, built-in kitchen, It serves as an alternative to the usual solution.

Встраиваемый холодильник на кухне
The acquisition of the embeddable refrigerator - it, Firstly, advantageous from the standpoint of space saving kitchen.

The types of built-in refrigerators:

  • single-, ie. without freezer;
  • Two-cell, ie. with refrigerators and freezers;
  • wine.

Built-in refrigerators without freezer

Built-in refrigerator without a freezer it is advisable to operate with a limited kitchen space. But, despite its size, capacity of these models ranges from 50 to 500 liters. Single chamber has its own category of buyers. Basically, such trailers purchased for use in cottages, offices, camp sites, hospitals and hotels. The houses and apartments are bought by people such devices, Eat only fresh products exclusively, without freezing, or as an additional cooling unit, special, when there is a separate freezer. Often put in the bedroom for storage of soft drinks. Advantages of such models:

  1. a sufficient number of shelves and drawers, even with a small volume;
  2. Availability price;
  3. noiseless;
  4. opportunity to re-install the door on the other side;
  5. control of the voltage drop;
  6. ease of transportation.

Встраиваемый холодильник без морозильной камеры
Built-in refrigerator without a freezer compartment - ideal solution for small kitchens

Two-compartment built-in models

But for the families of several people option would be built in two-chamber refrigerators. Dimensions embeddable refrigerator proportional to the size of the family. A distinctive feature of this refrigerator ─ the existence of two separate chambers, each of which has its own temperature control. For the convenience of the freezer is at the top, and the bottom of the unit. If the stock is fresh-frozen vegetables, fruits and berries in the cold season, acquire unit with the presence of the freezing chamber. Built-in freezer will take its rightful place in the design of the kitchen.

Progress does not stand still. The result was the emergence of modern refrigeration systems "zero camera", which is sometimes referred to as a "zone of freshness". The invention belongs to the company skilled Liebherr. The temperature regime of this zone slows the reproduction of microorganisms in foods. Here are stored vegetables, fruits, greenery, fish and meat. При выборе двухкамерного холодильника следует обратить внимание на следующие параметры:

  • type of control or electronic -elektromehanichesky. First Embodiment reliable, Second ─ comfortable;
  • Defrost function - do not require defrosting "No frost", drip and manual defrost;
  • energy efficiency class - the most efficient refrigerators are considered Class A ++, but such models are much more expensive, so when buying accounted commensurate energy prices;
  • functionality. Under this category fall within the parameters of, is the key to each individual buyer - Energy class, defrost type, roominess, matching the design of the premises, etc.;
  • price. Built-in appliances, although it does not require the individual costs of design, It costs the owner more, than stationary models, because individual approach valued above, than consumer goods.

Двухкамерный встраиваемый холодильник
Double chamber recessed refrigerator has two chambers, each with its own temperature control

If you have questions beyond the scope of consumer, and you would like to receive exclusive product, be prepared to pay more. In the shops the price of similar models embedded and freestanding appliances is about the same, but embedded devices require additional installation costs and special furniture. what, certainly, offset by a personal touch.

Wine Fridge

Storing wine is quite complex. of course, wine cellar can afford not all. gourmet, living standard apartments, replace cellar wine coolers. In order to save space, use the built-in models, which perfectly fit into the interior. They can hide in furniture, positioned at eye level or under the sink. Shelves for wine can have different temperatures within a refrigerator. A distinctive feature of built-in patterns ─ on the outside is arranged ventilation.

How To embed?

Embed the refrigerator in the closet for a person on their own, who is friends with the tools, not so difficult, as it seems at first glance. If there is desire, the right materials and tools, available every self-respecting man, Installation can even be an interesting quest. making sure, that the house has the necessary supply of furniture handles, sheds, get to work.

Мастер на дом
If the self-installation of the refrigerator is causing your problems - you can always hire the services of handyman on call

If the instruction and materials, necessary for the construction of the box, at hand, make a case for the refrigerator with their own hands is not difficult. To embed the refrigerator specially made for his cabinet, must first:

  • take your measurements to determine the size of the facades;
  • make a drawing. For air flow is considered sufficient allowance and the top of each side of the future cabinet for recessed refrigerators. Pre-plan your shelves and partitions;
  • sawn items using the jigsaw or cut in a special furniture store. Fasten screws in furniture;
  • cut openings in the sump of the bowl, the upper and lower shelves to allow air circulation and prevent overheating. To strengthen the back wall by several webs for greater strength;
  • make for the construction of a small podium;
  • drill in the side wall of the cabinet opening, designed for power cord. check installation, referring to the construction level readings. Put the cabinet in the allotted place for him;
  • insert in the refrigerator cupboard;
  • connect the cabinet doors and the embeddable refrigerator for a pantograph system;
  • adjust the door box;
  • mask the visible sections of the plates.

Council! box, made of wooden fabrics, reasonable to equip the sample system with runners, in which the cabinet and the refrigerator door hinges each have their, evenly distributing the load.

Built-in wardrobe fridge

Experts strongly recommend embed conventional refrigerator in the kitchen furniture, to avoid a reduction in their lifetime. but sometimes, that the purchase of new equipment is not planned, and the need to effectively organize the kitchen space is always.

There are two options, how to build a conventional refrigerator in the kitchen furniture. ─ the first to make a special niche for refrigerator, not hiding the facade. The second option ─ cabinet under the built-in refrigerator according to the previous instructions do, but taking into account some points:

  • installation cabinet of a conventional refrigerator without a bottom to be, that leads to fragility and unreliability structure;
  • it should be much deeper and broader, than for the built-in model;
  • fridge, built-in kitchen furniture so, It will have a minimum of four doors, and then all six.

Built-in models have much in common with the usual. Both consist of one or two cameras. Defrost systems are identical:

  • drip;
  • nofrost;
  • semi-automatic.

energy saving classes in freestanding and built-in refrigerators also coincide. But there are some differences, chief among which are the design and installation method.

Преимущество встраиваемого холодильника
The features, built-in refrigerator is perfect fit into any kitchen design

The conventional refrigerator can be rearranged, how and wherever you go. The installation process of this model is simple enough. It is only necessary to set foot on the level and insert the plug the socket. With refrigerators, built-in kitchen furniture, In this respect a little more complicated. But the merits of list allows a blind eye to minor flaws:

  • when selecting this refrigerator can not worry about the color and design of the housing;
  • You do not have to worry, during transport or installation of this model scratch the surface, because for the panels will not be visible any defects;
  • decorative panels contribute to soundproofing.

For the price of more expensive built-in refrigerators, that can be attributed to the complexity of the installation. More and more manufacturers produce freestanding refrigerators and built-in counterparts, which coincide Function. On the market are not only luxury models embedded refrigerators, but the budget. This will be discussed in the overview.

Features built-in patterns

Today we can choose built-in refrigerator for every taste and purse in hardware store.


Among the most popular built-in refrigerators without freezers consider such:

  • BOSCH 15A50.Plyusy: thriftiness, low noise at work, drip freezing system, antimicrobial surface protection. Disadvantages of this model is not so much: weakly attached to the door, offline storage compartment for bottles;
  • Whirlpool ARC 103 AP - at small sizes to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer. Here and technology "sixth sense", and 7 thermostat provisions, boxes for vegetables and fruits, temperature preservation function;
  • budget model presented Zanussi ZRG11600WA. At an affordable price, this refrigerator offers the same qualities, and that representatives of the more expensive in this segment: Low noise level, Repositioning the door opportunity, equipped with shelves for bottles;
  • among two-chamber embedded highlights refrigerator Liebherr ICBS German firm 3156 with the volume 260 l with such characteristics: ─ energy rating A +, electronic management system, cold preservation during a power failure to 32 hours, automatic defrost;
  • It does not lag behind the quality cheaper double chamber recessed refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston CIS BCB 333 / B GE. The disadvantages of this model include only class power. Among the advantages ─ antibacterial coating inner portion of the refrigerator, champagne cooling function, quick-frozen food mode;
  • Electrolux ERN 29850 It has reversible door, shelves, that stand up 25 kg weight, intensive cooling mode. It does not require defrosting,;
  • among wine refrigerators, or, as they are sometimes called, - cabinets, It attracted the attention of buyers Liebherr WTI 2050. Features of this model: 2 temperature zones, Six shelves for wine, compact size with enough roominess.
  • impossible oboyty side MIELE KWT6321UG. such a refrigerator, Due to its compactness, easy to fit under the table top. Designed for the simultaneous storage 34 bottles of wine. material door, whose position can be changed, ─ tinted glass;
  • closes overview refrigerator Dunavox DX-16.46K. With small size accommodates 16 bottles of wine. Presentable gives a classic black case.


To date, manufacturers offer a wide range of built-in appliances, you can only choose the model, which will fully satisfy your needs. Like these ones, built-in refrigerators are.