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Fridge in the kitchen: to choose the main breadwinner

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The choice of the refrigerator - a complex activity. Immediately raises the question of the power unit, specifications and functions, the cost, additional opportunities. Selection of the size of a refrigerator - first paragraph, who decide to purchase.

The choice of the refrigerator is only at first glance it seems a simple task. many factors must be taken into account for a perfect result

Selecting a location

Not all the apartments and houses can boast of a spacious kitchen, in which all appliances placed without difficulty. If the room has an area of 12-18 m, the placement of a large-sized device is not a problem. In the small kitchen it can interfere with, therefore, the unit is set so, so that it takes up little space. Possible options:

  • Angle.

Terms of saving space is recommended to install the refrigerator in a free corner, so it does not interfere with the movement of the room. The dimensions selected so, the device combined with kitchen furniture, not hurt and is not evident. Sold elongated and narrow design, which saves space and allows you to comfortably use them.

  • Near the door.

tall fridge in the kitchen near the door forms a wall. Often in such cases, the door is dismantled, and combine the kitchen and hallway arch. Refrigerator at the entrance to the kitchen acts as a zoning element. Visually increases the space immediately. If you want to convert a room for cooking and living room into a studio, niche for the refrigerator in the kitchen is very appropriate. For this passage from the kitchen to the hallway overlap, and put the unit formed niche. Niche under the refrigerator in the kitchen most often made of plasterboard.

  • under the table.

Mini kitchen the best solution would be separate modules. A refrigerating chamber of small size is placed under the work surface (as the washing machine). Thus separately set and freezer. Built-in refrigerator without a freezer compartment - a reasonable solution for small-sized kitchen.

  • The kitchen set.

If space is available built-in refrigerator is placed in a kitchen headset. With closed cabinet doors can not see it. Kitchen design with built-in refrigerator looks like a single entity. Interior drawing does not violated, all done in the same style, kitchen appliances can not detect its presence. The advantages of this choice: Low noise level, savings of space, ergonomics.

  • Not in the kitchen.

Встраиваемый холодильник
Built-in refrigerator can be placed under the table - ideal for small-sized kitchen

Kitchen with refrigerator - a classic. But if the owners want to place in the kitchen room 3 on 3 m the family dinner table, the possible non-traditional option - to bring equipment outside the kitchen and put in a corridor or hallway. Appliance manufacturers produce stylish models, which will decorate any interior. Classical variant - detached refrigerator in the kitchen, regardless of size. It is a tribute to the traditions. important advantage: these separate models are cheaper embedded, they can at any time to move to a different location.


Top ten tried and trusted manufacturers: Liebherr (Germany), LG (Korea), Ariston (Italy), Electrolux (Sweden), Indesit (Italy), Samsung (Korea), EYELID (Turkey, United Kingdom), Whirpool (Italy), Bosch (Germany), North (Ukraine). Rating top refrigerators Reliability looks:

  1. LG GA B489TGDF.
  2. Bosch KGS39XW20.
  3. Indesit BIA 18 NF.
  4. ATLANT XM 4010-022.
  5. Liebherr CBNPbs 3756.

Elite European companies produce models of the expensive material - stainless steel. pros: long life, do not leave scratches. Among the shortcomings: on the surface of the body clearly visible dirt and fingerprints, It requires gentle care (process every three months by means of a stainless steel care).

Холодильник из нержавеющей стали
Refrigerators stainless steel expensive and require regular cleaning

Inexpensive models made of carbon steel coated with a polymer. The surface does not require special care (wipe with a damp cloth when they are dirty). Scratches may remain. Shelves are made preferably of plastic, less of tempered glass.

When buying a machine it is necessary to pay attention to energy consumption indicators. Letters from A to G - is the level of electricity consumption 12 months. The most fuel-efficient models are labeled A. The letter G is, that the device consumes 125% energy.

Refrigerators defrost system «No Frost» and two compressors are much more expensive than others. Quietest refrigerator with no frost collected by Liebherr. The company positions its product as an almost noiseless. Refrigerator Side by Side does not require manual defrosting, rapidly cools and freezes products, equipped with independent thermostat. Such equipment provides maximum comfort to its owners.

Installation and assembly

Refrigerators are transported in an upright position. Failure to observe this rule may leak from the compressor oil. After arriving at the destination equipment can not be immediately connected to the mains, it shall stand.

Погрузка холодильника
Transporting the refrigerator is carried out only in the vertical position

Setting the refrigerator with their own hands - a simple matter. If the unit has to stand alone, it can be set independently, By following the simple rules:

  1. Choose a suitable location away from the oven, plate and radiators (45-60 cm), which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise enclosure will overheat during hot weather.
  2. Check for a faulty wiring and sockets.
  3. The apparatus is connected directly to the outlet (without extensions, adapters and tees).
  4. Leave a space between the wall and the cabinet (10-12 cm), the system is not overheated.
  5. Install the voltage regulator, the unit is not burned.
  6. Unscrew the front feet on 1-2 mm above the, so that the machine rejected on 2 degrees backwards. The doors will be closed completely.
  7. Set the refrigerator without distortions in the level. Otherwise, the door will not close, and the device much noise during operation.

Buyers ask, whether it is possible to build in a regular refrigerator in the kitchen. Experts say categorically: "Not!». Sometimes owners do not like the look or color device, so the desire to hide the refrigerator in the kitchen has its reasons. But it is inconvenient to continue using.

Установка холодильника
refrigerator installation, if necessary, You can be trusted handyman

Build in kitchen unit in difficult, so it is best to entrust the installation of qualified. To the motor suddenly out of order, for such models it is important to provide a place for adequate ventilation. Electrical installation component - an important aspect of the installation. Without special knowledge, skills not cope here. attack during, smoke, fire - the sad consequences of incompetent intervention in the electricity network,. Cabinet for built-in refrigerator craftsmen make their own hands. the width of the embeddable refrigerator should be on only 3-4 cm less cabinet, depth - on 12 cm, length on 9 cm.

Care and maintenance rules

Compliance with the rules of operation - guarantee flawless operation of kitchen equipment. better pay 5 minutes a day on the service unit, than to spend money on repairs and replacement of parts. To refrigerator working without interruption, need to:

  • timely defrost unit, to avoid falling productivity;
  • not put hot food inside, not to provoke damage to the motor and temperature control;
  • completely close the door, to the inside temperature did not rise because of the ingress of warm air;
  • not to overload the refrigeration and freezer products, should remain free space for the unimpeded passage of the internal flow of cold air. Otherwise, the machine operates with an overload, whereby premature wear compressor.

Чистка холодильника
It is recommended to regularly wash the inside refrigerator

The refrigerator should be clean. Single-chamber models defrost times 2 of the month, Two-cell - times 6 months. Devices with System «No Frost"Designed for automatic defrosting, so no need to defrost manually.

Cleaning unit is carried out exclusively when disconnected from the mains. The inner wall is wiped with a damp cloth with a mild detergent, in any case without using brushes and aggressive substances for cleaning. Ice can not be removed and chipping by sharp objects or knives, so you can easily damage the plastic parts and leakproof device. If the owners are going to travel for a month, the apparatus desirably completely off. Simple fault really fix their own hands:

  1. If the unit is very noisy - unplug it and thaw.
  2. If the refrigerating compartment detected water - clean the hole for draining the condensate formed on the rear wall.
  3. If a bad cold - check the refrigerator load and the position of the thermostat.

If the unit does not work after the above steps, it's time to call the master, that he repaired equipment.

refrigerator repair


White refrigerator remains the most popular, as it is combined with any color scheme of the kitchen interior. It can be decorated with decorative stickers. true, it shows all the dirt, so it requires frequent maintenance. White shades - beige refrigerator looks stylish and elegant. Black refrigerator combined with kitchen appliances of the same color looks modern and fashionable.

Manufacturers are not limited to standard models in white and black, Sales have units of any color and configuration. true, unique design of the refrigerator is always more expensive. Refrigerator in the color of the kitchen to create a single ensemble of furniture. Colored aggregates to create a bright interior, their matte surfaces are not so noticeable fingerprints and minor contamination. But keep in mind, that the color model in the near future may go out of fashion or the owners radically changed tastes.

The usual appliances can be easily turned into an art object. The original image of the fridge - and highlight the exquisite decor element. In modern models depicted flowers, fruits, vegetables in maxi-format, creates a nice accent in the interior of the kitchen.


Beat the fridge in the kitchen can be arbitrarily. For creative people have a unique opportunity to update each time drawing on the surface of your refrigerator. The models with a special coating to paint markers. The pattern can be changed at least every day. It will be appreciated by the younger members of the family. Creative people with artistic abilities can easily update your old fridge with your own hands with the help of paints. A variety of refrigeration equipment impresses. Producing companies regularly inform their customers with the latest, so easy to choose the appropriate option.