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Secrets kitchen space without the upper cabinet: 3 terms of layout and design tips

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Single-level design traditionally used in spacious rooms with large area. Connoisseurs of cleanliness and ergonomics appreciate kitchen interier without wall cabinets. Species diversity of furniture production is possible to create a design in a variety of stylistic solutions.

Kitchen without upper cabinets
And without upper cabinets can live, style it is in everything

Lack of hinged construction headset must be properly organized to preserve the functionality of the space. Kitchen without upper cabinets looks the most advantageous in the presence of lay-specificity. Rational and thoughtful approach to the choice of design will create an original look of the room with a personalized decor. Initially should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of options.

The peculiarity of single-tier configuration acts application shelves, or high-standing racks instead of standard modules mounted.

kitchen without upper cabinets

The feasibility of single-tiered plan kitchen

Kitchen without wall cabinets allows you to issue a joint studio space, creating a holistic and thoughtful design. The harmonious combination of single-tiered cuisine living room furniture arrangement will provide ergonomics. storage systems need to fill only the necessary items, preserving the useful volume. Kitchen without upper cabinets in the interior of organically look at certain planning conditions:

  1. Long and narrow kitchen. Single-level design will help visually expand the space, It gives additional volume area. Base cabinets in this case are the main storage place, so it is important to carefully consider the necessary kitchen appliances and accessories.interesting solution without kitchen wall cabinets
  2. Wide and spacious kitchen. Kitchen cabinets will be no sustainable solution for parking space. Outdoor tables in a roomy drawers, tall cabinets fill the space functionality and convenience. Island layout offers the possibility of equipping the central working area and additional drawers cabinets for storage headroom kitchen utensils.
  3. Designers do not recommend to install wall cabinets, in the presence of the viewing window and a large area of ​​the room, which favorably complements the island furniture arrangement. The top module in this embodiment inappropriate and looks bulky, creating not aesthetic appearance of the situation.

Kitchen set no upper cabinets
All should be tasteful

Options for furniture placement

Choosing furniture for the single-stage design offers a wide selection of original and stylish options. The original lineup of modern headset lets you create complex and intricate stylistic composition. Available to perform individual order furniture for the realization of innovative ideas and combinations.

Kitchen set without wall cabinets means:

  • traditional linear alignment;
  • island packaging;
  • corner options;
  • U-shaped floor models.

An important element of furniture design serves buffet. Stylistic solution of the product depends on the design of the room. Thoughtful storage components allow to fully accommodate the dishes and appliances. The configuration of the model has to be spacious and not cumbersome. Glass facade elements bring a product design lightness and airiness.

Wide functional model, create an integrated work surface, hiding an overall kitchen appliances. mobile units, equipped with rollers, allow you to change the configuration of the headset. Curbstones are adjusted depending on the desired configuration format.

corner model
Angle is primarily convenience and practicality

High spacious closets appropriate in spacious rooms. Without cluttering space and hiding cookware, floor cabinet will create an atmosphere of purity and space. It is recommended to install the model away from windows. Open shelf cabinets are filled with dishes, filling the interior of the home with warmth and comfort.

Small kitchen without upper cabinets provide the balance of the perimeter of the room furniture, increasing the working surface.

Organization of the island allows you to embody the stylish interior solutions. European cuisine is traditionally equipped with single-stage data element for maximum ergonomics and functionality of the space. Corner kitchen without upper cabinets retains the functionality and ergonomics of the design.

modern kitchen

Proper lighting of kitchen space

Appearance and attractiveness kitchen without wall cabinets the interior are directly connected with the right lighting. Comfortable and convenient cooking is not possible without sufficient light. In addition to natural lighting in the kitchen must be present in the lamp working surfaces. Zone at the car wash, hob and hood allow the use of LED Strip, point lighting devices.

The kitchen top assumes no use of the original equipment and lighting. Brackets favorably complement the interior, allowing you to adjust the direction of light rays in the right direction. Current models are distinguished processability and allow to hide fixtures in special niches. Ceiling construction, consisting of several levels, will help to create the right light in the working area.

Lighting kitchen space
Lighting should be correct

Functional elements of the single-level interior kitchen

Organization of single-tiered space kitchen will require careful consideration of the situation of components. Using only the lower cabinets, should be aware of the functionality of the interior. kitchen apron, protects the surface of the wall of the oil and water splashes, It plays a central role in the design of. Properly executed screen will provide a holistic view of design space.

The harmonious combination of color and texture is achieved by using similar materials to the working surface. laminated MDF, or tiles are practical and aesthetic properties. Kitchen with shelves instead of cabinets will create a visual demarcation line and give a finished appearance apron.

The original edges are split function and act as a surface decor. Kitchen without the upper drawers focuses on the apron, so it is important to provide proper care and cleanliness of the surface. Light colors shelves and table tops advantageously combined with glassware. The surface finish may take a high area of ​​the wall, allowing the execution of drawings and patterns.

Fantasy, Only she can do that, What would you like

Kitchen with shelves instead of the wall cabinets require attention to the organization of mounted systems. Wall railing consists of shelves and hooks, combining functionality and practicality. The format and the types of products are vertical and horizontal versions.

Direct food supplement without top decorative pipe, installed along the entire length of the working surface. This element allows you to put at your fingertips Small kitchen utensils for cooking. Vertical railing is equipped with baskets and stands, speaking at the same time as the dryer, or place of storage of utensils. Design kitchen corner without a corner cupboard involves the use of the vertical railing, that does not clutter the space and perform stylish decor.

kitchen space without upper cabinets

Advantages and disadvantages of single storey kitchen

After weighing the pros and cons of single-tier layout is possible to determine the feasibility of individual solutions. Kitchen without wall cabinets have many advantages, among which note the decorative and original look, climate comfort. Freedom space gives the opportunity to move unimpeded. Visually, the room looks spacious and airy.

Custom designs are fresh and do not limit the design freedom of choice. Proper care gives the kitchen a well-groomed and clean look. Lack of planes on components headset does not allow to accumulate on top of the dust and grime. On the lower pedestals need to systematically maintain cleanliness, without creating clutter effect.


Among the main disadvantages of the single-level kitchens emit a lack of places of storage of kitchen utensils. The lower part will require bulk, which affects the amount of free space in the room. You need to pay attention to surface finishes to preserve attractive appearance cuisine in general. sets, single-stage design expensive, Unlike standard products.