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Corner compact headset: 5 the main advantages of forms of furniture

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Large catering department ─ the dream of every housewife. Few can boast of considerable size dining room. The rest have to be content with small, and sometimes altogether tiny kitchen, are found not only in "Khrushchev", but in modern design houses. How to be, if you want to set and roomy fit, and a dining table positioned, and even to a place for the working area remains?

Corner compact headsets
Corner suite - the most practical furniture in the kitchen

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Perfect solution ─ coal headset. Their use dramatically transform interior. You will understand, that the small-sized kitchens are spacious, comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Pros corner small furniture: price and other positive aspects of top-class models

Let us consider the small kitchens, their design in more detail.

Corner small-sized kitchen

To begin with we define, Why angular kitchen are so popular among housewives:

  1. Corner kitchen are characterized by their compactness. For small kitchens, where every centimeter counts, this is a big bonus. Corner kitchen Economy will allow to spend a family budget carefully and choose the option, ideal for interior.
  2. Thanks to the ergonomic, to organize the working area is not difficult.
  3. To share the kitchen space into functional zones using T-like layout. The interior of the dining area without headsets put shaped P.
  4. Small corner kitchen will allow to use the space inside the cabinets to the maximum. Look closely at the structures in the form of a steam locomotive, swim shelves, carousels.
  5. corner of the kitchen you can use, depending on your preference. Here is placed a plate, sink or cabinets for the storage of kitchen utensils.

compact headset

Choosing a style for the room 5 and 6 sq.m: options with a bar, gas column, corner sink

Corner kitchen in a small kitchen to choose is not so simple. Design of small-sized kitchen will begin with acquaintance with styles, where she often performed. Properly chosen direction will visually change the dimensions of the room, give it integrity and originality.

Small kitchen design is carried out in such styles:

  • classical;
  • modern;
  • Provence;
  • Scandinavian;
  • high-tech.

classical corner Kitchen require considerable size room. Models made of wood in a classical style meant an abundance of decorative elements, which reduces the space. But it does not mean, that the design of small-sized kitchen can not be performed in the classics. Choose light-colored furniture, facades supplement inserts of glass and see, how to transform the interior.

small kitchen

Kitchen corner in a modern style ─ a good choice for any room. This style allows you to add an interior light and color with the help of furniture fronts vivid colors. Pay attention to the yellow, blue and orange colors. Corner kitchen in a modern style ─ combination of functionality, simplicity and ergonomics.

Simplicity and deliberate negligence of the corner of a small kitchen emphasize the style of Provence. The interior of the room will warm and home through the use of natural colors in the design. Use all the pastel palette. To design a kitchen corner in this style of home appliances hide behind facades lockers.

Kitchen corner in the small Scandinavian style will unusually bright and spacious. And to the room did not seem boring and sterile, add to the interior decoration elements of bright colors.

Compact corner kitchen in high-tech style allows fully enjoy the achievements of progress. Where appropriate the latest models of home appliances, furniture with metal and glass inserts.


kitchen corner: recommendations on design

Corner compact kitchen does not require a large space owners. This variant is suitable for owners of the premises, even in a few square meters.

Magnification Space ─ main task, we face when choosing a kitchen for small kitchens. What you can do:

  1. Arrange the room in bright colors. Design Corner kitchen work out, Guided by conventional techniques: the lower modules can be dark, and for the upper use light colors. Do everything the other way around is not worth!
  2. Of furniture for kitchen angular small-size pick up secondary or not large. Built-in models of home appliances look good in the kitchen corner. Many hanging lockers ─ taboo for small spaces. Better to stay on 2-3 embodiments, elongated. For the convenience of headsets equip hinged doors.
  3. From wall cabinets can be dispensed with completely or partially. In their place hang open headsets
  4. Closet-case, mounted on the floor, visually pull easting. If this option is you do not like, stop in the bottom insert with legs.
  5. Kitchen tables square or rectangular shape with all kinds of decorative elements are not desirable for a compact kitchen corner. They are very "cut" the space. To avoid this look at the table in the form of an oval or circle. Complement dining group chairs. For better use of space-saving folding table or a folding model, which is attached to the wall. Bar counter ─ currently saving for a mini-kitchen corner. Put it near the high bar stools with a jumper for the feet.wooden kitchen
  6. Properly organized lighting plays an important role in the design of small-sized kitchen. To do this, place the light sources so, so they were sent to the work area. Cosiness can add, if mount spotlights in hanging lockers and place them along the table top. Natural lighting securely, if you put the headset angular design at window. This is an excellent location for the work surface and washing.
  7. Properly use the apron area. For small angular kitchens it becomes functional area.

green kitchen

Council! Corner rails help organize the space effectively. They can be purchased or made independently.

How to use a corner from the headset

The small kitchen corner kick from the headset Always apply. Consider recommendations, how to use it properly:

corner suite

  • Equip coal boxes. It is convenient to store dishes and other kitchen utensils.
  • Place a washer. bowl Dimensions pick depending on the dishes, you are going to wash. The Corner is convenient to arrange several cups. Do not forget about the tap! It is better to set it in the middle or on the side of the sink. The space under the sink fill Shuhlyada, which put household chemicals, washcloths and other utensils. Under the sink is convenient to store the trash.
  • Buy coal hob. The market offers gas and electric versions with different number of burners. The top angle in this case will take extractor. This is a good solution for the kitchen in the form of the letters P.

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Make the kitchen beautiful and practical!