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Standard modular kitchens: a variety of choices for all tastes

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The kitchen is a place in the apartment, where functionality and comfort are important. If space allows squaring, achieve this easily. But what, if you live in a small apartment? To the aid of modular kitchens. With their help, furniture using modern technology, ennoble and equip even a compact space. In this case, a bit of money spent, but the result pleases the owners and guests of the house for many years.

Модульная кухня
The advantage of modular kitchens in, that you do pick up a complete set Headset

Advantages of modular kitchens

strict lines, simplicity of forms, contrasting shades - these factors make Modular set demand among many buyers layers. Such designs are very nice on the furniture market and attract the following advantages:

  1. Originality of design solutions.
  2. Versatility.
  3. affordable, you can easily calculate their own.
  4. Each of the modules involves 2-3 variations, of which always choose the most suitable.
  5. Operational delivery method.

Among the shortcomings expensive isolated feed, used in the manufacture, as well as the lack of options for finishing. Less well in, that not all rooms can be equipped with modules of standard sizes. modules food bought in a ready headset or individual elements. buying modular kitchens poelementno, selected wall cabinets, outdoor tables, freestanding cabinets-column, corner modules, locker under the sink, etc..

Модули кухни
By selecting the modules you need, you can collect headsets, which will perfectly meet the requirements

Features kitchens economy class

Thinking about buying a kitchen set, owners understand, that the costs will be great. But significantly reduce costs to help the economy class modular kitchens: price category of such products varies 10-15 thousand. rubles, that afford people with any level of income.

modular furniture kitchen of economy class on the modern manufacturers is an attractive stylish design. Due to this such furniture fits comfortably in the room, decorated in high-tech, eclecticism, Provencal or classic styles.

Cheap modular kitchens economy class - no reason to think, that they are substandard, because the postulate of "the more - the better" has long lost its relevance. In the manufacture of such products are used special technology, can make even a cheap raw material reliable and environmentally friendly. Structurally isolated kitchen transformers following configurations::

  • corner;
  • linear (direct);
  • U-shaped;
  • double row;
  • peninsular;
  • island.

Кухонный гарнитур
L-shaped or angled kitchen

traditional option, suitable for linear spaces - modular kitchens Economy linear type, characterized concisely and design simplicity. The working area is located along the wall, Included are assumed floor and wall cabinets.

often take Corner modular kitchens Economy class poelementno. This is done in order to save the selection and details, the most appropriate setting and headset. Corner modular kitchens element by element - the very best deal, by which Headsets different configurations and styles. Cheap modular kitchens DIP type differ, that the modules are arranged along two walls. In order not to overload the space, this set often involves open-shelf.

Кухонный гарнитур
U-shaped set

U-shaped kitchen element-wise by the manufacturer suggest a large room, wherein the working zone will be on the 3 planes. This version is strictly not suitable for small apartments.


Modular kitchen furniture is made from such materials:

  1. MDF. It is the most expensive material, used for the manufacture of modular sets. Used in different designs, environmentally friendly and durable material, decorated metal or glass.
  2. Plastic. Such headsets require simple design, a plastic front cover plate. This cheap option with a wide color gamut is not afraid of water, scratches and moderate mechanical damage.
  3. DSP. The product is a plate of wood shavings with, covered with protective and decorative layers. material cheap, but it has a disadvantage - insufficient level of environmental cleanliness for release formaldehyde.
  4. Facades of frame type. The basis frame stands, which is placed facades from different materials. Plus the fact, that the product in the box can be replaced after a time, and thus give the design a second wind.

МДФ панели
Color solutions MDF panels

Assembling headset

Modular kitchens from the manufacturer are easy to assemble, even without practical skills. Operational supply the following set of tools:

  • jigsaw to cut holes for sinks;
  • fasteners;
  • measuring tape and a pencil;
  • level;
  • mallet and hammer.

The main condition for the successful assembly of the headset - strict adherence to the step by step instructions, came with modules.

installation cuisine modules starts, depending on the type of headset. If this corner suite, the first angle table mounted washbasin, and if the line - extreme wardrobe, which serves as a reference.

The nuances of installation

Details set in steps, ending the previous module assembly, otherwise there is a risk to get confused or lose.

Council: setting the table, remember, that they do not lean against the wall close, leaving a small gap!

Obligatory adjustment facades level, lest gradients and bevels, which are then difficult to correct. If the system has a modular wall panel, item for security mounted to the wall with screws. The hood is mounted at a distance of not less than, than 65 cm from the tabletop level.

First collected cupboards, and only at the final stage of their Sets of furniture fronts. Equal door position is achieved by means of adjusting screws, and fittings and handles are attached at the last turn.


finished kitchen of economy class for a small kitchen in great demand. After all, no need to order the original design of the project for the purchase and spend the money. The specialized online resources offer the customer online miscalculation complete modules in different versions, on the basis of predetermined sizes.