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kitchen module: accommodation options and additional features

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Every owners are trying to equip the kitchen so, that it is the maximum functional, but it looks stylish. In high-rise buildings of the old buildings has a small kitchen area, It is forcing the owners to come up with various options for improvement.

modular kitchen
Modules is a convenient invention for the construction of furniture

Three in one

Kitchen modules (furniture designer) - a suitable option. The buyer can pick up and collect kitchen on modules, forming configuration, suitable size. If you get bored with a set time, Modules can easily swap, getting a new interior. Of these sections were collected linear, L-shaped, Corner and island headset.

modular kitchen It combines functionality, compact and attractive design. Kitchen set consists of three zones:

  • cooking area;
  • area storing utensils and products;
  • Product treatment zone.

Each level is designed kitchens for specific tasks:

  1. Lower level (1-40 cm). They are easy to store large and infrequently used items.
  2. Below average (40-80 cm) designed for storing things sought, kitchen utensils and small appliances.
  3. Average level (80-190cm) - part of the kitchen, which is constantly on the mind, It is often used and is attracting attention.
  4. High level (from 190 cm) It used to store infrequently used items, so how to get the desired object would have to stand on a stool.

L-shaped modular kitchen
L-shaped modular kitchen is very popular among the people

Kitchen module consists of a frame and façade. The frame may be glued or precast. In the first case the frame is collected in the production of, therefore deliver ready-made modules. In the second case, all taken apart, then gather kitchen modules falls after home delivery. framework material - chipboard, which differs democratic value, practicality and safety. It is easy to clean and with careful care will last for years. The choice of materials, used for the production of facades, extensive:

  • wood (expensive option);
  • metal;
  • Chipboard with wood veneer;
  • LDRI;
  • MDF, enamelled or glued veneer;
  • plastic;
  • combination options.

Care kitchen units

The modules provide an opportunity to conceal and disguise the appliances. set, assembled from modules, It allows you to combine different tools and devices. Equipment combined with each other, since it is designed in one style direction, It agreed on the size and location. The layout is different. Often, a set of kitchen equipment is powered by a wall outlet, Therefore, when installing pay special attention to the wires and fuses.

Food processor - a multifunctional appliance, which replaces not one item of household appliances. He serves as the perfect blender, Tossed, grinder, juicers and other devices. The more features, the more expensive is the processor. But in a small kitchen it has no price, as it allows you to get rid of the mass of small household appliances, that occupy so much space in an already small room. The modular kitchen furniture is provided for embedding food processor, so it is worth buying.

Food processor
Food processor rchen no ordinary, but useful and funtsionalnost system

democratic modules

With the structure of the modular kitchen is easy to understand, it is important to find suitable elements and harmonious place. Options module:

  1. Floor corner cabinet roomy and are often equipped with a sliding carousel. It is attached to the inside of the door. When the door is opened, mechanism operates smoothly and inside shelves appear. Such an arrangement helps to make full use of the space in the corner.
  2. Floor under the sink modules are used to accommodate the necessary utensils and a built-in home appliances.
  3. Floor standard cabinets have one or two doors, where food is stored and dishes.
  4. Floor cabinet with drawers of the same or different sizes.
  5. Base cabinet under the sink. In this module, the rear wall offline, so as necessary to bring the cleaning sewers, and to the crane - supply. The latest models are even equipped with a shredder for food waste.
  6. Suspended island - Connect 3-4 modules into a single element.
  7. Wall shelves without facades, which are arranged with taste kitchen accessories, decorative items and souvenirs.
  8. Wall cabinet dryer is placed above the sink. It arranges dishes after washing. Residual water in the drain pan installed under drying.
  9. Suspended sideboard with blind facades or glass inserts. If the door glass, the shelves are arranged beautiful dishes and try to maintain the contents in good order.
  10. Closet-case or column set only in spacious rooms, in a small kitchen, stealing space. It placed appliances (microwave or refrigerator), kitchen utensils and products dolgohranyaschiesya.

modular kitchens can to purchase ready-made or order. The first option will be cheaper, and 2 days enough, to equip the kitchen. If necessary, the standard furniture complement or replace the same modules. But the originality in this case can not speak. custom designed manufacturing - not cheap, The production process has been delayed for 3-4 of the week. But this solution has its advantages, as it gives the opportunity to create an individual interior and with maximum benefit to use every centimeter.

Before purchasing a headset should carefully examine the dimensions of the modular elements, to the maximum to coordinate them with the size of the kitchen premises.

In the furniture stores provide an opportunity to shape the future of the kitchen on the computer and to see the assembled set. If necessary, at the design stage should be amended and place the zone correctly.


collect the kitchen from prefabricated modules easy. The main thing - to consider the nuances of furniture and accommodation equipment.