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Furniture units for kitchens— of them and make the headsets

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If finances permit, book luxury kitchen is not a problem. But what, when the budget for new furniture limited? Will it make a practical kitchen, beautiful and comfortable? Of course, succeed, а помогут в этом сборные модули для кухни – это мебель эконом класса, with which we have to read more.

modular furniture
Kitchen of the modules is very popular in our time

Pros and cons of modular furniture

Furniture modules for the kitchen наделены такими преимуществами:

  • not required at the time of manufacture, modular kitchen is delivered to the owners of the warehouse or direct from a store, which you have chosen;
  • the cost of the client controls when choosing furniture, so it is easy to calculate, how much it will cost kitchen set;
  • Modular cabinet presented in several embodiments (eg, two or three leaflets);
  • does not need designer services, the owner can handle himself. It is necessary to measure the size kitchen and choose, how many and what it will be placed in cabinets. On the Internet there are special programs, that will perform calculations.

Besides, kitchen modular furniture It has disadvantages, among which:

  • spacious rooms harder furnish furniture, especially, if there are niches, arches or other unusual decorative solutions;
  • facades used cheap material;
  • a small selection of colors and designs.

modular kitchen
Sometimes it is difficult to pick up the beautiful color, but still possible

Forms of modular furniture

In shops, modular kitchen furniture presented in the following variants:

  1. Single-row (linear, straight). Such an arrangement is typical for small spaces, and spacious rooms, where one side of the work, and the other - dining. It is recommended to place the sink in the middle, a fridge and hob - on the sides. note, that between the gas cooker and sink must leave a gap from tabletops.
  2. two-row. This option is suitable for through or narrow rooms. Modular cabinets and shelves are arranged on either side of the room and used for food storage and cooking. The dining area is located in another room. The advantage of two-row embodiment - is a large working surface, but keep in mind, that the distance between the rows must be at least 1,5 m, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.
  3. angular. Kitchen with right angles are set in small rooms to save space. The spacious rooms also look good, but follow, to sink and stove were not far from each other.
  4. U-shaped. Set the headset is mounted on three walls of the room. Keep in mind, that the distance between the walls should be at least 120 cm, otherwise the move will be uncomfortable.
  5. The island. This angular or U-shaped kitchen, center-filled. This furniture is located in the middle of the room, therefore it is used in large rooms. The optimum size of island - not less than 120 × 120 cm.
  6. Poluostrovnaya. This form is similar to any of the above, but the difference - a projecting portion. They can be the cabinet, cabinet or refrigerator.

Corner modular kitchen
Angular beautiful version of the CRNC your room for meals

The choice of material

sets modular furniture Kitchen made of the following materials:

  • DSP. At the heart chipboard, which is covered with decorative films. Despite the low cost, It is a good choice due to the appearance of color and patterns on the film. Environmental, this material can not be called. He identifies formaldehyde, which are contained in the resin film.
  • MDF. This material is more expensive, but different treatment options enable facades made of MDF blend in with any style of kitchen. Plates can be covered with acrylic, veneered wood or film. Accordingly, the color represented in good assortment.
  • Plastic. Of course, such facades are made not only from plastic. Main material - MDF plate, which is covered by a layer of plastic. This technology makes it water-resistant furniture, protected from mechanical damage, but poor in execution of the design.
  • Frame fronts. The optimal option, where frames are made of aluminum profiles or MDF. The inserts are made of plastic, MDF or SAD. As a decorative element, using conventional or patterned glass.

Modular kitchen from particleboard
Do not forget, that the DSP is afraid of water

The choice of worktops

Worktop - a work surface, covering the lower cabinets and drawers. It is whole, or separate section for each module. Seamless version of practical, as the crumbs and moisture do not fall through the cracks, but, if the owner plans to move or change the cabinets places, each has its own needs cabinet countertop.

The most popular materials for the worktop - it is artificial or natural stone, chipboard after treatment.

Natural stone - it's a beautiful, durable and reliable material, but its weight is guaranteed to withstand only set of solid wood, therefore, for modular furniture is better to choose artificial stone. It is made of stone powder and resin, thus it has the same characteristics, but lighter in weight and less cost. Besides, you can order the whole countertop with a sink from the same material. It is convenient for daily cooking and practical due to the lack of seams.

Alternatively suitable chipboard, which is treated to resist moisture and damage. Outwardly, this material can easily fit into the interior, and the cost is many times cheaper stone.

Generally, Modular furniture is needed countertop made of particleboard or artificial stone, at the same seamless and must match the color and style headset.

The choice of accessories and components

Pay attention to the little things, such as fastening and closers for kitchen drawers. If the set includes drawers, follow, that they were made of metal, but, If the financial condition is not allows you to purchase expensive items, make, the polymer to fully cope with the task.

It is recommended not to save on quality fasteners. Over time, the cost will come down, and the replacement will lead to damage to the integrity of the facial facade and cladding material.


Keep in mind, that the modular furniture with his own hands to carry out simple. the main thing, to get step by step directions and, of course, desire to.