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Furniture for kitchen: DPS or MDF?

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In kitchen plays an important role. It must be practical, affordable and beautiful. Today, selling headset, made from different materials: DSP, plastic, wood and MDF. But popularity have worktops Kitchen of MDF and DPS. These two materials are similar to each other in appearance and method of manufacture. But it is better to MDF or chipboard kitchen? we try to understand.

Kitchen set made of MDF

According to professionals, better to give preference to small - dispersion fraction. This material is not as toxic, different strength and looks much more attractive. But there are differences among people in the last issue. Somebody think, the furniture, made of LDRI, It looks much more elegant, rather than set, made of finely-dispersed fraction. What material choose furniture kitchen - it's up to the owner of the apartment. But, no doubt the choice should know all the advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

Chipboard: countertops strength

Kitchen furniture made of particleboard

Chipboard called chipboard. Used for manufacturing sawdust and wood chips, which are impregnated formaldehyde resin. This material allows us to "fasten" chips into a single panel. From the wood-base material made furniture and partitions.

Today the popularity of purchased material chipboard. He is a little different in composition from the wood stove -struzhechnoy. ADI differs from the lack of chipboard laminated cover, due to which the sheets look neat and attractive. The principle is simple manufacturing LDPS: sawdust treated resin, then pressed. Then the surface is laminated by paper foil, which is pre-impregnated with melamine resin.

Processing is done in two ways:

  • laminating.
  • lamination.


experts note, the coating method of laminating better. When laminating the film adheres and eventually peels off. When laminating film is applied with high pressure, which ensures a long service life of the laminated layer.

Laminated chipboard gained relevance thanks to its qualities: strength and moisture resistance. Chipboard can be considered one of the major competitors of finely-dispersed fraction. The main difference from the MDF LDPS is a method of "bonding". If the chips for the manufacture of chipboard plates treated resin, the sawdust for finely-dispersed fraction treated with paraffin. Make chipboard major sawdust, and production of finely-dispersed fractions involves the use of a smaller chip size. Therein lies the difference between the MDF and chipboard / DPS. Due to the different-sized chips increases the strength of the material. The smaller wood chips, The material the stronger will.


Advantages and disadvantages of particle board and chipboard: what is best for the kitchen

Wood - chipboards possess such advantages:

  • Resistant to moisture.
  • increased strength.
  • Amenable to staining and sealed if necessary.

They do not break down and exfoliate, which makes it possible to twist in them screws and dowels. But the main advantage - it's low cost, that allows you to purchase it, even people with little financial income.

beautiful furniture


  • Formaldehyde resins adversely affect the human body.
  • The material should not be exposed deep milling. If desired cut pattern in a sheet of, one tresnet.
  • It requires additional finishing. kitchen sets, made from chipboards, covered by a decorative trim like, acrylic plastic, or to impart a presentable appearance.

LDPS slightly different from chipboard, but thanks to the laminated layer is moisture. The material is resistant to hot temperatures. It is difficult to damage. In addition, a wide range of colors and patterns allows you to select the desired color in kitchen, which will naturally emphasize the interior of the kitchen. Laminated chipboard resembles a tree, so it is difficult to distinguish from the "real" wood kitchens.

Kitchen from MDF

Finely-dispersed fraction: beauty facades

Kitchen furniture made of MDF It enjoys great demand, than furniture made of particleboard. It often occurs laminated MDF for kitchen. This same sheet of finely-dispersed fraction, but covered with a laminated foil to increase the strength and service life of the material. They have the same density and have the same properties.

If a person has a desire to upgrade or do a new kitchen, it is better to order a kitchen made of MDF. The main advantage of this material - it's environmentally friendly and practical. Meanwhile, as the facades of chipboard kitchen require additional finishing with veneer or plastic, front MDF parts do not need it. And thanks to the connection with paraffin, sheets of finely-dispersed fraction not emit toxic substances, therefore completely safe.

beautiful headsets

The advantages of MDF:

  1. Strength. When compared with particleboard, you can note, sheets that finely-dispersed fractions were twice as strong.
  2. Durability.
  3. On the finely-dispersed fraction can create even the most sophisticated patterns, since the plate during milling does not accumulate and do not break, can not be said about DSP. Inability to deep processing - one of the main disadvantages of wood - chipboard.
  4. moisture resistance. This property is inherent to both conventional panels finely-dispersed fraction, and laminated. But laminated MDF moisture resistance higher due to the fact, that the pre-glued on the plate melanin film.
  5. Environmentally friendly. As the joint material used lignin or paraffin, instead formaldehyde in the style of classics
  6. subtlety. Sheets striking diversity thickness. Minimum thickness 4 mm, and the maximum 20-22 mm.
  7. Appearance. In appearance not much different from a natural tree.

Lack of MDF - the price. The material is cheaper wood, but more expensive chipboard. The high cost is due to the lack of resin in the composition, which emit toxic substances. In other words, material Safety, and therefore it is more expensive.

conclusion: on what to choose

kitchen, made of chipboard and MDF, They look almost identical. But it is at first sight. When purchasing or ordering of kitchen chipboard, worth remembering, that it would require additional processing.

Furniture for kitchen
Kitchen furniture must be made of a practical material

If there is no desire or ability to trim the sheets chipboard, it is better to order chipboard. But keep in mind, that matter on human health is adversely affected due to the content of harmful resins.


As chipboard, MDF in appearance resembles a tree. A variety of ornaments, imitating wood, allows you to order a kitchen for every taste, not overpaying on natural wood.