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Tips for choosing a kitchen cabinet: 5 the main components of furniture

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Today imagine kitchen area without a modern and functional kitchen the headset can not be. Furniture needed to store products, crockery, devices and works of different kinds of work. Therefore, many people buy corps furniture sets, help "hide" all these things, and to facilitate the process of cooking.

Freestanding kitchen
Freestanding furniture is very popular and inexpensive in our time


Freestanding or modular kitchen is simple and easy to use. The name itself says about itself. Furniture is made up of modules, which is obtained by combining the kitchen cabinet.

contract furniture for the kitchen

For the manufacture of kitchen originally made body (basis) which then screwed or attached furniture fittings. agree, hard to imagine a set of loops without handles, espagnolettes or locking mechanisms. Without these attributes for kitchen furniture was not so comfortable and versatile. Freestanding kitchen furniture was first released more 65 years ago. While it has made an unprecedented splash and won the appreciation of many people.

Plus these sets in their mobility and an attractive appearance. Kitchen housing swapped if desired, without spoiling the appearance of the headset, and without depriving the owner of space and comfort.


  • Mobility.
  • Secure attachment between the buildings.
  • Enables awkward areas premises. Housings for kitchens without fronts or facades allow transform space angle in the functional zone for storage or wash.
  • Range. Case furniture is popular, therefore it produced in large-scale production in different styles. At the request of the design chosen, color and equipment.
  • Efficient use of space. Furniture does not occupy much space and fits in any space plan.

Carcase kitchen
Hull set as a designer, you can subtract, but you can add the number of boxes

Depending on the financial situation chosen material for. Freestanding kitchen furniture is made of economy class DPS or MDF, and kitchen cabinets housing the premium class furniture made of solid wood.

Case furniture consists of:

  1. rack.
  3. hanging lockers.
  4. mounted shelves.
  5. countertops.

Modern cabinet furniture for the kitchen

Each piece of furniture has its functional properties:

  • The table top is used for cutting products, preparatory work, dough and other.
  • The canisters and cabinets stored utensils and food.

For the convenience of modular structures are equipped with sliding wardrobes, baskets, steering gear, etc..

When ordering or buying furniture is to choose the set with one large table top.

In such furniture all the lower cupboards are located on one level, and this extra convenience when moving modules.

Materials for manufacturing

Materials for food manufacturing
The materials on the market a wide variety of, suit oneself

As noted earlier, The housings are made of different materials. But if you want to install the kitchen, we always pay attention to her wanting to save costs. Therefore, most of the sets made of LDPS, DPS or MDF.

MDF compared to particle board is more expensive, but it is better in quality. strong chipboard, but not very demanded material, so many manufacturers to furniture manufacture base used laminated chipboard. The difference of this material consists of chipboard stock or a laminated layer film, which increases the moisture resistance chipboard.

With the help of the film created by a natural tree ornaments of different colors.

beautiful cabinet furniture for the kitchen

Modern furniture cabinet is made of plates with a thickness of 15 to 18 mm. Freestanding kitchen furniture, made of chipboard, different strength and durability. But this material has one major drawback. This toxicity. In the process of manufacturing particleboard sheets applied formaldehyde resin, which adversely affects the health condition. But today, vendors are assured, that the amount of this component is so small, that is not able to harm, so the material is considered safe.

facades: purpose and varieties

Originally created by the body without the kitchen facade. Often, different materials are used for the manufacture of furniture facades and bases. Facades are the "outer shell" of furniture, hide lockers and body depth. With the help of facades are adjusted shades and colors of furniture.

In other words, contract furniture consists of a base, which is then attached to the façades and accessories, helping to transform the furniture housing, make them functional and mobile.

Facades for kitchens
Facades can be changed and painted in a different color

Facades made of finely-dispersed fraction, rarely from wood - chipboard. MDF more popular and dense material, so it is best to do the facades of it.

But it is worth remembering, that the front part of the MDF to a presentable appearance require additional finishing. Four known material for covering facades:

  1. PVC film. This method of coating an inexpensive, but not long-lasting. Plus the film - is the ability to simulate various ornaments under a tree, creation of glossy and matte shades. set, finished film, It looks stylish and original.
  2. Plastic. The most common coating. Material moisture resistant and shockproof. Not afraid of high temperatures and is easy to clean. A wide range of colors allows you to create a kitchen in any color scheme.Green contract furniture for the kitchen
  3. Paint. Covering look natural. By staining with a relief effect is created, due to which the set looks elegant.
  4. Veneer - a thin plate or a sheet of wood. Finishing veneer expensive process. But the veneer looks solid, helps give products a natural appearance.

Facades of solid wood do not require additional finishing, since the furniture manufacturing process has passed all the necessary procedures: drying, varnishing and tinting.

Facades made of wood is expensive -, which not everyone can afford. The external parts of the headset is made of oak, cherries, nut or acacia. This is the most durable trees, so the service life of such furniture is great.

Facade of wood
The tree is long, but almost always

Headset with framed facades

Today popular suites with framed facades. Frame fronts - a facade, where the frame (edging) made of wood or aluminum, and the inner part of other materials.

For the manufacture of the central part are used:

  1. LDPS.
  2. Chipboard.
  3. Glass.
  4. Finely-wood fraction.

Modern cabinet furniture for the dining room

But if the usual chipboard or MDF look easy, the glass facade gives the elegance and sophistication. Therefore frame facades are a demand for.

On the glass with the aim of ornaments created different patterns: freezing, reefing. Conventional glass completely or partially toned, covered by a glossy or matte finish. Glass decorating many variations.



Modular set - a boon for small kitchens. He ergonomic fit, It helps to save a lot of space for a dining group. Case furniture, made of solid wood, It does not require an additional coating. It only opened varnish for durability and practicality. A modular headset, made of chipboard or MDF, require additional finishing veneer, foil or plastic. Many variants coating, but builders and developers are advised to furniture sets furniture made of MDF covered with veneer. Thanks to this material the impression, that the structure is made of wood. And as you know, Wooden set fits in any design and interior, as it is considered a classic furniture.