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What kitchen will climb into a small room: Secrets of furniture arrangement

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You small-sized kitchen? Before repairing to ask a question of planning and good design? These issues are given the majority of urban residents, because the typical size of the apartment does not differ outstanding options, that will safely implement their own design plans. There is a possibility as compact and functionally equipped kitchen area, that it is also beautiful. To do this, please note our recommendations on the selection of the headset to a small kitchen and learn, how to place items.

Small kitchen
Furniture in the kitchen with an apron of one color looks perfect

What are the options of kitchen units are suitable for oversized kitchen

Stylish kitchen equipped with so, to every woman find the right items on hand, with sufficient working surface. Manufacturers are oriented to customers, who need to equip their small room. selection, surely there, but the main thing - do not get lost in it, and choose the best option.

stylish kitchen

Ideas with a bar, fridge: mini direct modulation, built-in furniture locations

At the time of purchase for the headset small kitchen Consider the following nuances:

  • complete interior choose a compact and roomy, do not overload the room space with unnecessary details;
  • discard huge pedestals and work surfaces, better to use the transforming furniture;
  • the most important thing - it is a reasonable accommodation of functional components and machinery parts, but this does not mean, that will have to fill every square meter.

On the Internet you will find and make the most diverse kitchen set for a small kitchen. They are usually performed by individual order. To do this yourself vymeryat space or use the services of gager, which take into account all professional details (eg, the curvature of the walls, the presence of pipes, channel ventilation, etc.).

Furniture in the kitchen
Furniture in the kitchen with chocolate bar is well-suited to the bright wallpaper

Several options plan, so it is possible to book cheap small kitchen. Their main feature - the compactness, but apart from this feature contemporary designs will surprise each customer.

Corner kitchen - the right choice in this case,! Set place as follows:

  1. L-shaped layout - located along two adjacent walls and includes a dining area.
  2. U-shaped location - an option for the "one-bedroom" cuisine, that is, the food is prepared in the kitchen, and the table is covered in another room. This option provides a large working surface, numerous lockers, as the curtain, and floor. Kitchen set for the U-shaped type small kitchen will embed all the necessary equipment.

Choose the type of layout is only one criterion - the possibility of premises. For elongated choose the first option, for a square - the second, because the kitchen Furniture for a small kitchen should not speak, blocking passage or closing the window, therefore immediately be guided by the, how will you arrange furniture.

bright kitchen
Little yellow corner kitchen with original looks beautiful frtukom

The functionality of the kitchen units

Oversized room requires maximum functionality of all interior items. We have to use all the features.

cheap kitchen for a small kitchen provide their own "chips":

  1. Kitchen set on a small kitchen will use the remaining space at the window, and two free walls. In this case, the room looks stylish and compact, Organize available square footage for dining area.
  2. "Smart" system of things saving save every square meter of space. Popular "magic sliding corners", "Shelf-trains", rotary table tops and shelves, boxes with mobile dividers, retractable baskets, etc..
  3. folding, lifting, Folding and sliding doors. To do this, equip them with special devices, that delay the closing of for a small kitchen
  4. Hanging rails and shelves are used for kitchen utensils savings. The pillars have demanded inventory, and the top - at least right.
  5. Sink place in the corner, To do this, use a corner cabinet, to place under the sink household items or trash.
  6. Hood not pick up a classic, with a dome, and simple, built-in wardrobe.
  7. Kitchen sofa plan in the least, if left free squaring. Otherwise, use the chairs.

Stylish, affordable food have to be functional, To remain a space for movement, and the hostess with the comfort involved in cooking. These little secrets to help equip a small kitchen sets, in this way, that all things were there and brought only benefit.

For the current items the job of interior - is quite real, so even in the smallest room You will be able to place a lot of cabinets, Transformers, that during the preparation of food will be more worktop, and then easily install newly fronted cabinets.

white kitchen
White kitchen with beautiful wall cabinets is a classical view

How to use a small space 5,6,7,8,9 sq.m: the standard version of the corner of Khrushchev

Kitchen set in a small kitchen is considered to be properly chosen, when there are no unnecessary details, Each cabinet is chosen purposefully and wisely. The optimal solution - to use the tops (mounted cabinets) different heights, to make the space light and interesting. Choose a solid table top, which integrates modules. Charming small kitchen should not be bent or arched facades, because they are not roomy, and this is the main criterion when choosing interior. Working countertop place between the sink and stove. Dining table, replace on the bar, under which it is possible to put chairs, when they are not needed. Built-in appliances are not located above the belt, if you put up - the interior will be "heavy".

stylish headsets

Beautiful color matters: White and other

Color kitchen units for a small kitchen- also an important aspect of, because it contributes to the increase in visual space. Contrasting combinations - not an option for small-sized room, because the space visually compressed, Instead, pay attention to the pastel facades of frosted glass, which will add lightness and dimension. Adhere to the principle of minimalism, Baroque style for a room - misplaced.

Lighting is also not the last aspect while planning a kitchen. We recommend not to allocate any separate additional illumination zone, so as not to break up the space and do not complicate.


Did you understand, inexpensive kitchen furniture for a small kitchen first thing is bound to become a functional and compact. Proper use of the space in this case - the main rule. For oversized room is desirable to individually design a set of sets. At this stage, which is considered particularly important, good use quadrature premises. If it is high, then use this advantage and safely choose hanging cabinets. Do not overload the space with unnecessary details - subject to additional decor, better to use an interesting facade or lighting devices.

kitchen set

Observing all the rules we listed, small kitchen for a small kitchen will be useful, and you are happy to prefer cooking food and will be able to gather the whole family in a room.