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4 Council on the selection of a corner furniture for a small kitchen

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Most people spend much of their time in the kitchen. Today this building - not just a place for cooking and eating: this area, where we are doing things you love and spend time with friends. Only the correct selection kitchen units It makes the time spent in the kitchen comfortable and cozy. Among a variety of modern models of sets people prefer angular variations. This choice is explained by the fact, kitchen corner that has a variety of furniture design, it is universal, practical. Corner benches - an effective way to save space in the apartment with a small area.

Corner kitchen layout
Corner kitchen is a very common solution

Design Corner kitchen Borovichi, Lagoon, Sura, why, Nagatino, Artem, ABC, Penza, Close, many, Minesweeper and other companies

Modern design corner kitchen It impresses with its diversity. On sale there are sets, made in four stylistic directions. Are used:

  • classic;
  • country;
  • high-tech;
  • modern.

design corner kitchen

Corner kitchen in classic style suitable for large premises. This style is meant the presence of luxury, delicacy and richness in the interior. The furniture is made from expensive wood, and her appearance involves direct, strict and clear lines.

For a small kitchen in the country house is appropriate direction of country. It combines both the coziness, naturalness and elegance. The furniture is made in solid wood. The color scheme - not bright, and natural. This style is characterized by minimalism in respect of decorative elements. Textiles is recommended to select with floral ornaments or cell.

Corner kitchen furniture for a small kitchen, performed in the power of high-tech, considered rational design solution. In this direction the used metal members and structures, glass and plastic. Suitable for sets of economy class with a minimal set of objects. It is characterized by a combination of strict and straight lines.

Interesting kitchen design
Even in a small room, you can create your own custom design

Modern combines elements of classic and hi-tech. Kitchen small size, you can safely draw in this style. It's comfortable, cosily, practical and beautiful. For furniture use expensive and cheap materials.

Designers are advised to give preference concise and simple style (minimalism and high-tech), lacking the abundance of decorative elements. They do not overload the space and can accommodate all equipment and utensils.

How to choose a soft, cabinet, built-in furniture for small spaces

Today there is a wide range of suites for kitchen. Pick one, which is suitable for premises with a small area.

The decoration of kitchens, use light shades, because they are visually expand the area. This means, furniture, wall surface, textile, the ceiling should not be dark. To diversify design, add some contrast in design elements. use picture, photos and tablecloth bright or darker colors. It is not recommended to use more than two colors at the same time. In order not to overload the space and visually reduce the kitchen, it is important to avoid a large number of elements, large patterns.

Dining table and chairs
The important point is competent arrangement of furniture

The angular furniture for small size dishes not "take away" the already small space, when choosing furniture you must follow a few guidelines:

  1. Cabinets should be narrow and high with a large number of shelves. This embodiment allows to use the top tier storage room utensils.
  2. Choose shallow cabinets. Instead of the standard depth of the shelves in 60cm, better hang closets with shelves in 40cm.
  3. use Cases. They look appropriate with any style and fit into tight corners and dead spots.
  4. The doors in the cabinets better to use lifting or sliding, instead of the usual swing.Interior corner kitchen
  5. Use a headset with built-in storage system, which will store the maximum number of items.
  6. Choose the kitchen modules, which are equipped with, eg, pivoting table tops and shelves, retractable baskets, drawers with dividers, skladnыmy tables. These "Transformers" are used only when necessary and do not take up a lot of space.

Types corner kitchen furniture

Corner kitchen furniture is presented in various embodiments and is defined by, as the space will be organized in the premises. The proper selection of furniture depends on the, how comfortable it will be and whether it will be convenient to prepare the woman to her.

Red kitchen with breakfast bar
Even in a small kitchen, you can find a place at the bar

Corner compact headset with bar

The presence of bar counters in the interior of the kitchen is becoming popular. In the modern kitchen, she is not only an element of decor, but also enhances the functionality several times. It is appropriate to look at the separate kitchen and can be divided into any space area.

In addition to its direct purpose, bar plays a role:

  • table;
  • work surface;
  • storage space;
  • when combining two rooms, Front divides an area between.

In a small room the kitchen desk is performed in a visual light versions with simple and solid form.

Angle with headset bar

In kitchen with corner sink

Kitchen unit with a sink in the corner is ideal for a small area of ​​the room. Such designers washing arrangement embodiment is considered rational, because he:

  • the box looks.
  • It uses the space under the sink;
  • allows more convenient to use the sink.

Small kitchen with corner sink, and so convenient, that the closing of the pipe to enter the water in the room and the sewer path.

Kitchen furniture with corner sink manufacturers available in two basic versions:

The minimum layout of the kitchen space
In recent years, the fashion is minimalist in design

  • one washing bowl;
  • two bowls WASHING, which are arranged at an angle or through.

Council: Corner sink - economy, rational and practical option. Therefore, for a long time will be considered popular and influence the choice of the type of kitchen units.

Appliances: convenient location

In the kitchen with a small area to be a responsible approach to the selection and placement of household appliances. In the selection must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • the choice to stop the built-in technology. So, refrigerator can be placed in the pencil case. To install the microwave oven and the angular shelves for use microwave ovens. For convenience, a corner shelf for the microwave is mounted on the waist or chest.corner suite
  • Equipment to blend harmoniously with the suite, Pick colors to match the furniture.
  • Small household appliances should not be placed on the working surface. To accommodate the cabinets fit - columns.
  • It is not necessary to purchase large household appliances, as they take up more usable space, they are more difficult to place in the closets.
  • Small corner kitchen is recommended to equip the multi-functional appliances, ie. when the functions of several types of equipment will be concentrated in one.

design, decoration and furniture for a small kitchen corner you can think about and choose the way, because of the uncomfortable and cramped it will turn into a comfortable, spacious and comfortable.