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The device and the secrets of gas lift installation in kitchen furniture

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Using a gas lift for kitchen furniture - is a modern step for improvement. Such mechanisms Furniture can be self-assembled in a ready-made cabinets for smooth opening and closing of the door leaves. Today we will talk about, a gas lift for the kitchen better, what they are and how to install them.

lifting door - convenient device in the kitchen
Lifting the door - a convenient tool in the kitchen

Lifting mechanisms for opening doors

Speaking of lifting gear for kitchen furniture, immediately comes to gas lift head. This is a unique bracket for furniture. It is used like accessories, but more for the installation of doors of kitchen furniture, which open up.

The benefits include the following mechanism:

  1. you can open the door silently;
  2. closes slowly and without cotton;
  3. stroke is adjusted independently;
  4. the door is securely locked in the open position;
  5. gas lift device allows not to use the pen, opening occurs by pressing one.

With such advantages mechanism, kitchen sets will last for many years with the reliability and convenience.

Gas lift is designed to open the upper tiers of lockers
Gas lift is designed to open the upper tiers of lockers

Gas lift design and principle of operation

Gas lift is assembled from the following components:

  • button;
  • outer cone;
  • gas valve;
  • plastic sleeve;
  • external cavity;
  • gas lift cone;
  • gas bypass channel;
  • the inner cavity;
  • the inner cone;
  • compactor;
  • lifting rod;
  • thrust bearing;
  • planting cone.

Do not open the gas lift. The slightest interference will damage the housing leak and lead to injuries and injuries. And since this mechanism is not folding, therefore no longer possible to repair the gas lift.

Principle of operation of gas lift and is based on a simple gas springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. If you open the door leaf on 8-10ᵒ, then it will continue to own. So it is closing.

Open the device with your hands is not recommended. All internal system is under pressure
Open the device with your hands is not recommended. All internal system is under pressure

The internal cavity of the housing is blown with nitrogen gas. For this process to lift furniture and got the name of the gas lift. It is worth noting, nitrogen content that occurs when a mechanism, and then hermetically closed,therefore it is impossible to repair the gas lift.

How to choose a gas lift

There are three criteria, which are based on the selection and purchase.

  1. compressive force. Gathering in front of hardware store or search on the Internet resources, nuzhnoopredelit,how heavy doors. The more weight, the stronger should be the parameters gazlifta.Proizvoditeli produce models with a nominal value of 60-140 N. To determine the effect of compression you, Multiply the weight of the door with all fittings and decor on 10 (1 kilogram stand mechanism power 10 n). On the internet you can find an online calculator to calculate the load on the gas lift.
  2. mechanism Dimensions. gas lift length depends on the dimensions of the door, to be open.
  3. Automatic or step by step design. If incremental view has long been known and is, so to speak, door with handle, then automatically uses the new technology. With such a mechanism the door is opened by lightly pressing, and then independently close after some time. This is useful due to the absence of handles, for which you can catch on, and automatic door from closing.

How to establish and strengthen the gas lift

The lifting mechanism adds comfort and convenience kitchen, but the service life depends on the correct installation. Since the process is very simple, install gas lift for kitchen furniture, and can be independently at home.

Gas Spring - it is by far the most convenient mechanism for opening the doors of kitchen furniture
Gas Spring - it is by far the most convenient mechanism for opening the doors of kitchen furniture

To set the lift mechanism will need the following tools:

  • screwdriver.
  • Cordless;
  • drill;
  • roulette;
  • ruler;
  • pencil or marker;
  • hammer.

Installation begins with the measurements on both walls of the gas-lift attachment. Location of the mechanism on the walls of the cabinet depends on your desire. Before installing the need to define, at what angle will open the door leaf. Thus the location of the gas lift in the walls of the enclosure varies in both places, fixing.

In the furniture hardware store offers a wide range of gas lifts. They vary in size, and other technical parameters. One of which - the method of attachment.

There are two types of gas lift mounting bracket:

  1. To install using the bracket-pruzhina.Dostatochno easy way, in which the lifting mechanism is attached to the head mounting elements. Run it with a touch of. How visible, mounting requires no special tools and additional knowledge.
  2. plate is used to install. Fixing is no more difficult the previous method, but the stores comes defective products, wherein the folded edge of the plate. In such a product is not possible to fix the head and can only buy a new gas lift.

Also, when you install the below tips:

  • to distortions, mounting of gas lift is carried out on both sides of the cabinet;
  • door, on which are mounted gas lifts, conventional furniture hinges are mounted to the top wall of the cabinet;
  • manufacturers produce elevators with a capacity of more than 80 n, but they are used for heavy doors, in other cases, their purchase is impractical due to the cost and increased the level of stringency;
  • fastening mechanism to the door is carried out after the completion of the lining, decorative parts and the other mounting hardware;
  • installed gas lift to the doors and walls of the cabinet filmed;
  • if the attachment point of the mechanism to move closer to the edge of the sidewall, thereby increasing the angle of the door lifting;
  • Automatic views lift furniture is installed according to the instructions.

Kitchen set - a functional furniture in the house, so her choice are special requirements. findings, used in the process, also affects the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the lifting gear, such as gas lift, only improve the functionality and quality indicators of kitchen furniture.

Installation of gas lift for the kitchen is not a complicated process. If you follow the advice and recommendations of professionals, the installation can be performed independently at the highest level.

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