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Kitchen Budget: inexpensively, but stylish— possible!

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The role of the kitchen has long been overstepped the bounds of a shabby corner for cooking. In any modern home that part of the premises in the role of a place of family communication or friendly get-togethers. Cramped kitchen area some apartments impractical to equip expensive fittings and accessories. For this case, apply the kitchen of economy class.

Kitchen Budget
Kitchen economy class speaks for itself

The current low-cost kitchen furniture presented in various styles and colors. Kitchen set of economy class are made from cheap materials, but it does not mean fragility or impracticality. Furniture manufacturers have learned to create inexpensive items, which meet the requirements of the present time. cheap kitchen sets Economy Class are equipped with the shelves, drawers, suitable accessories.

Kitchen Budget

Benefits, vested cheap food:

  1. A small price to a sufficient level of quality - a significant advantage for families with average incomes.
  2. Cheap corner kitchen of economy class - the perfect setting for small "Khrushchev" apartments.
  3. Lightweight construction gives the potential for the production of furniture to order for non-standard facilities.
  4. Cheap modern material meets all the requirements of durable service kitchen furniture. This furniture is resistant to extremes of temperature, excessive humidity, allows the use of different means of care.

kitchen minus an economy can be called the minimum dimensions, small dining tables. but this furniture and it is designed mainly to save space, while creating maximum comfort. Cheap food and substandard, ephemeral cuisine - this is not the same thing!

What makes inexpensive cuisine?

Kitchen made of particleboard
Chipboard must always be covered with something else stratified water

Fashionable hobby progressive achievements of science is gradually replaced by another mode - to use all natural. Is it really It justified this desire in materials for kitchen equipment? Kitchen sets of genuine low-cost board will not name, but their durability is in doubt. To preserve the operational qualities of the kitchen in a peculiar atmosphere of wood must be carefully processed and impregnated by the same chemicals. These actions reduce its environmental performance and added value of.

Cheap kitchens economy class is manufactured from materials, created artificially. As a basis for the walls and partitions using composite compounds of different Quality.

kitchen economy

  • Wood - particle board or chipboard. Plates are manufactured by pressing wood chips with added synthetic resins. This kind of material is the most accessible and cheapest. Suitable for making furniture and facades of buildings.
  • Wood - fiber board or MDF. Manufacturing technology of this type of material is almost the same, as for the MDF, but the material is thinner and lighter. In furniture industry it is made the rear wall and partition cupboards and drawers.
  • plates, pressed from sawdust - MDF. Budget economy class cuisine of this material are most popular. This is due to several reasons: First of all: low tar makes MDF relatively clean in terms of ecology; Secondly: milling treatment gives the plates kind of wood carving; and thirdly: this kind of molded plate has the property to make various bends, which is important for non-standard configuration furniture.

Themselves slab of particle board has a loose structure. For the full functioning of the furniture as they pass the finish various artificial materials.

Plate of pressed wood
Densified wood - cheap and very popular option

  • Physical - chemical treatment, called "lamination" makes chipboard chipboard. Wood - chipboard covered with a thin layer of a special protective film. The cheapest economy class cuisine is made of chipboard. disadvantages: low humidity and, as a result, short service life - this time, high levels of formaldehyde in the film - two.

Council: inexpensive cuisine from chipboard suitable for equipment rarely visited the premises. This may be rarely used country house, flats for temporary accommodation, Storeroom.

Economy-class headsets

  • PVC coating film turns pressed plate to a furniture element, considerable resistance to all the trouble the kitchen, easily maintained and easily create many varieties of color and texture. PVC film is glued to a chipboard or MDF special glue, she is thin, yielding to bending. The technology of film coating on the furniture cost affects slightly. shortcoming: may eventually fade in the sun, fears of contact with very hot surfaces.
  • Kitchen furniture Economy, the facade of which is decorated with glued plastic, the most easy-to-care, though relatively more expensive in this series. Plastic resistant to high temperatures, sunproof, invulnerable to the blows, carapinami Skole. The disadvantage of this inexpensive furniture - a fingerprint, that plastic is easy saves.

Separately, on the tops

Tabletop economy - food
Worktop important part of the headset, note

cuts, grease stains, pounding, contact with the hot utensils, fluids - all these charms kitchen life more than anyone else assumes worktop. A natural stone, heavy-duty glass, Ceramics - the material for kitchen surfaces into the category of the economy not included. Cheap kitchens economy class costing less expensive, but no less robust species tops.

  • DSP, laminated plastic. Gently rounded stove, end portions which are processed by the same plastic, that is called the top - postforming. This plate with gentle care will long.
  • Plywood, trimmed with artificial stone - this countertop is natural to compete with similar models. In addition to ease of use, This material liked due to many properties of the coating surface without joints. At least, visible. Cheap Kitchen Furniture, which is framed tabletop artificial stone visually turns into an expensive and stylish.
  • Stainless steel countertops are very practical to use, but increasingly used in commercial kitchens, since it is not just the interior, they can decorate. But still, as an option, can sometimes create a minimalist modern look.

Kitchen set
Even the economy class can be beautiful

Attention:For fans of creative ideas: Try to create an original countertop from the wreckage of colored tiles: inexpensive and exclusively. for example, like this:

What else is important: some tips for choosing a budget headset

We can not afford:

inexpensive headsets

  1. Small kitchen sets Economy Class, despite the cost, can create a special climate. It is important to combine them with the external design, complement the necessary accessories.
  2. Hardware - an important detail of the kitchen. Cheap aluminum handles very much short-lived and unreliable. Preference is given to stainless steel or brass.
  3. As connecting loops, The sliding mechanism and other components should be undisputed.
  4. Places countertops connection, facades should not allow moisture and dampness, otherwise they swell and lose their shape.

Remember: "Economy" does not mean "hackneyed"!