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Kitchen set in hruschevke: ideal options

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The owners of miniature kitchens Khrushchev built the buildings themselves in a quandary when choosing kitchen units. limited kitchen area, not exceeding 6 square meters, It makes it impossible to establish a favorite model of standard sets. Way out - production of furniture on individual order. This solution is more expensive, but will allow for maximum use of space.

Kitchen set in hruschevke
Even in a small kitchen can create a miracle

Wall shelves - the way out

The main requirements for kitchen set for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev - compactness and capacity. The necessary utensils and products must be at hand, within reach, but to be hidden from prying eyes. Cabinets and hanging shelves to help solve this problem. In the small kitchen for wall cabinets is not always enough space, besides their excessive amount of overloading the already limited kitchen space.

Wall shelves installed anywhere. Manufacturers of furniture sets are made kitchen, which include different types of shelves. Previously, corner shelves had little functional, since with conventional doors it was difficult to ensure the availability of their content. But now standard hinged facades have changed on the sliding door or door with a raised, and internal partitions can be moved to the desired height. Open shelves perform a decorative function.

Hanging shelves in the kitchen
Wall shelves with proper design looks very interesting

Corner embodiments garnitures

Now furniture companies pay more attention to the headset for tiny kitchens. Угловые кухни для хрущевки - optimal solution:

  1. Owners easier to organize space. Corner kitchen set on two adjacent walls and enables zoning premises. In the opposite corner of the form of mini-dining room and place a dining table with stools. If the room is small, should look at the folding table (by type tables in trains). If necessary, they are expanded during a meal, and then stacked up against the wall, freeing a decent space. If you want to put a dining area seating area, you should look at such models, who under the seats are equipped with storage space. But if the place is small, you can make a dining area in the living room.
  2. Angle - roomy storage space. Previously, corner cabinets were uncomfortable to use. But the latest construction developments have made the corner cabinets and closets convenient and simple, allowing maximum use of space in the corner. Although these units are roomy, apparently they do not show anything bulkiness.
  3. Corner headset imposing different capacity at small sizes. Custom configuration pedestals and floor mounted cabinets creates a large volume inside at small facades.
  4. Design experiments allow you to choose among a large variety of colors, shapes and materials for the corner kitchen in the Khrushchev.

Corner kitchen in hruschevke
The concept of angular version without sharp endings really attracts attention

For security, ordered set with no sharp corners, and with rounded edges, especially if small children and elderly people living in the apartment.

Color in the interior of a small kitchen

В интерьере миниатюрной кухни to Khrushchev цвет играет немаловажную роль. Color always affect human health and mood positively or negatively. So pick a shade should cause only pleasant associations. If the room is small, not worth ordering headsets in bright or dark colors. This will reduce the visual space, make the room dark and will put pressure on the subconscious. Designers recommend when choosing colors for the future of the headset look at such options:

  • muted yellow tones;
  • pastel shades;
  • White color;
  • cool shades (but not saturated).

Bright shades of brown, gray, olive colors looked harmonious and stylish. If you want a bright design, necessary to be limited 4-5 accents. In a small room saturated color misplaced. Good, if the kitchen in the Khrushchev color blends with the walls. In any case, a shade of furniture selected depending on the compatibility with the ceiling, walls and flooring. Appliances (extract, fridge, hob), sink and countertop must not clash with the surrounding objects.

kitchen lighting
If the equipment, appliances and lighting are in harmony and in keeping with the location, it is ideal

With the help of well-chosen artificial lighting can also be interesting to beat the kitchen. Central lighting should be bright. Each functional area is also illuminated.

If you want to experiment with colors, You can beat the upper and lower tier headset via harmonizing hues between themselves. In this case, the upper cabinets must be lighter than the lower. This gives the kitchen a strong personality and singularity. One of the favorite design techniques - a combination of facades with a glossy and matt surface one shade.

Design techniques to increase the space:

  1. Do not overload the small kitchen flashy accessories and decorative elements. The abundance of patterns and drawings nothing good will, and will only bore and annoy.
  2. To visually expand the space and ease of use of glass inserts, and open shelves instead of blind facades.
  3. Smooth and shiny surfaces reflect light and also enhance the room.
  4. Mirrors in the kitchen require frequent cleaning, but deceiving vision and visually add centimeters.
  5. To kitchen appear larger, should look at the headset, which includes a large number of lockers.
  6. Hanging lockers better to tall and narrow, to benefit from the space under the ceiling.
  7. Transparent glass or plastic furniture looks almost weightless and invisible.

When you select a corner of the kitchen headset to Khrushchev, and with the room you need to remember, that the smaller structures, colors and materials will be collected, the better it will look interior. In this case, the most important of all the simplicity and conciseness.