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As a corner kitchen will increase the small kitchen area

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Home owners are concerned about a small area: how to equip a compact kitchen, all had to be at hand, and at the same time it was spacious? As an option, You can use the angular kitchen sets. This design takes a quarter of the room.

Угловой кухонный гарнитур
Corner kitchen will allow to save much space

Corner headsets for small kitchen is used as an area for cooking and as a dining area. The furniture is designed for the storage of various products and kitchen supplies. When choosing a headset is necessary to consider the quality of materials, color scheme and ergonomic products.

Headset features for a small kitchen

Corner kitchen furniture is considered to be a functional solution for small spaces.

One of the corners is functionally activated and converted into work area, that is the rational way for a small room.

In this case, furniture modules, located in the corner, spacious and thoroughly considered. Some tips allow the use of angular set correctly:

  1. It is not necessary to install a sink in the corner of furniture. In that position is inconvenient to wash dishes.
  2. On the table in the fold is placed a small home appliances: combine, toaster or kettle.
  3. Set triangular podium, in which you can store utensils and detergents.

Corner small kitchen does not take much space, if it is equipped with the following doors:

  1. On the upper cabinets is recommended to install folding doors.
  2. Apply angular folding door. Suitable for vertical cabinets.
  3. For a room suitable for furniture shutters or blinds in a modern style. They are equipped with a kitchen corner Plastic.

Угловой выдвижной шкаф
The original solution - cabinet pull-out corner

Options plan kitchen corner

designers believe, that the best option - it's a corner kitchen set In the small kitchen. This choice is related to usability and functionality. If space is limited - the angular placement of furniture fit better, than linear or island. This headset will make all the necessary stuff. The following types of accommodation such sets:

  1. Kitchen with the letter D are arranged along two walls, which are perpendicular to each other. Characterized by small size and versatile functions. Suitable for rooms with any plan.
  2. Scheme kitchen corner shaped P, items installed along three walls. Thus there are three work surfaces.
  3. Disposition of the peninsula is an organization space by means of the bar. The space is divided into two zones.

Планировка в виде полуострова
plan kitchen in the form of the peninsula

A headset with additional elements in the form of bar-shaped or U little suited for narrow kitchens. corner kitchen sets for small Kitchen has the following advantages:

  • activated each site a small kitchen;
  • working part and dining areas placed on opposite sides of the room;
  • suite occupies a smaller area, than with a linear arrangement of furniture;
  • corner kitchen looks solid and compact;
  • functional accommodation plate, refrigerator and sink.

Optimize the storage system will allow the following structure:

    1. Swim shelves come in the form of drops or semicircles.
    2. Corner boxes are placed in hard to reach places.
    3. trains is comprised of two parts. The first extends beyond the cabinet, and a second tightened several shelves and comprises.
    4. For angular constructions fit design in the form of a carousel.

    To maximize storage utilization and used cargo rails.

    Выдвижная карусель
    Retractable carousel - a convenient and functional solution

    Which design to choose for a corner Headset?

    Choosing the design of the kitchen corner, it is worth considering the texture, color and stylistic solution of the composition of the furniture.

    For small rooms is not recommended dark shades furniture. Help visually expand the space of these colors, as milk, beige or light gray.

    Bright colors suitable for rooms with the interior in modern style. Kitchen sets for classical interiors are made of a material the color of walnut wood, apple or bleached oak. When you create a harmonious interior consider the following options:

    1. The area affected by the distribution of objects and their arrangement.
    2. Family structure affects the choice of dining Headset, size and number refrigerator cabinets.
    3. Placing furniture, width and height of structures depends on the build hostess.
    4. Style furniture must be combined with a total interior premises.

    Оранжевая кухня
    Bright colors will help to visually enlarge the space of the room, in contrast to darker shades

    Furniture in the kitchen selected according to a certain style, which determines the type of countertops and front parts.

    1. Classic style is characterized by high quality materials, symmetry and simple forms. In this case, the table is placed in the center of the room. The facades are made of veneer and wood. Use expensive wood or imitation beech or cherry. The table top is selected from natural or artificial stone.
    2. Small corner kitchen in a modern style characterized by smooth, asymmetry and the presence of plant ornaments. The interior uses curved objects. The materials used glass elements Headset, metal, as well as wood or plastic. We recommend bright colors and combinations of various materials.
    3. Compact kitchen sets in the style of the country are made of materials of natural origin: pottery, stone or wood. The rustic interior involves the use of open shelves or doors in the form of lattices. Applied white and light green colors. On open shelves is spread bright ceramic cookware, wickerwork and figurines from clay.
    4. For small rooms suitable design in hi-tech style. It uses the minimum number of subjects and observed functionality. Actively used zoning area. It uses an inexpensive kitchen corner for a small kitchen. Furniture performed using glass and metal. The style is characterized by a strict and rectangular forms.

    Using a windowsill as table-top - the judicious use of space in a small kitchen

    To save space used combinations of functions in one subject. Frequently used connection countertops and window sills.

    Features installation of a corner furniture

    Small corner kitchen sets are an excellent option for small spaces.

    Furniture is spread along two adjacent sides. This leaves space for seating and dining table.

    Module corner region is equipped with special retractable shelves. The upper part can be positioned carousel rack for dishes. Purchased as ready-corner kitchen, and products to order. When marking composition furniture recorded following features:

    1. Organized quality lighting for the working area. apply fixtures, which are installed in the wall cabinets.
    2. To maximize the level of natural light is one of the headset is located along the window.
    3. In order not to clutter up one part of the room is equipped with only the lower shelves, and the second is equipped with and hinged. Open structure of gummed or glass cabinets give space.

    Cheap corner kitchen sets for a small kitchen presents a variety of options. Corner design with functional and give comfort and convenience even small rooms.