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Renovated kitchen with his hands: clear instructions

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The kitchen - the heart of the house. Since ancient times fireside family gathered for meals and rest. This tradition has survived to this day in many families. On the kitchen not only do we eat, and in the close company of close friends drink tea, make plans, We are discussing important questions, organize friendly gatherings. In this environment is very important in these moments the situation, competent organization of kitchen space and the atmosphere, in which there is a desire to do, to love and to live simply.

Beautiful kitchen
Renovated kitchen is painstaking, but very interesting process

Even at the end of the last century German kitchen manufacturers have developed a number of standards, standards, recommendations, requirements, clearly regulate and optimize the parameters of kitchen equipment and furniture. The purpose of this work - to make the room as comfortable eating, functional and comfortable.

Most of us are striving to become owners of apartments renovated, but not all are aware of the essence of the concept, considering it possible to save on materials, change at their discretion described tolerances, receiving a result of a dubious result.

Kitchen renovated

the, What we call "kitchen renovation" - ghost premises in line with European standards and household sanitary standards, Each piece of furniture has to be easy convenient, but also the best in terms of human needs. To achieve the desired level of quality need exclusive use of quality tools, materials, technology.

Working process

Having requires skills, may make such repair their own hands, which will save on costly wizards.

Before starting work, prepare to head to work, because you will trouble, costs and a heavy mental activity. Especially if you think about the kitchen renovation in Khrushchev, where a modest area is equipped with maximum functionality.

plan specialties
Imagine in your head or on paper, what you want to do, and ahead

upcoming kitchen renovations It is divided into two stages:

  1. Preparatory, implying the drawing up of the detailed design of the project.
  2. Finishing work.

During the first phase, you will create a detailed plan for the forthcoming transformation, the result of which will transform the sample kitchen style and taste. Determine, whether cosmetic renovation in the kitchen, capital or simply planning a typical installation of furniture, You do need a professional designer help. Note, Design project - not a rough sketch of the future appearance of the premises, but also a very detailed communication and supply layout, furniture placement plan, the list of required materials and cost estimates.

Kitchen after renovation

The second stage eurorepair includes training facilities: Liberation of furniture, old wiring, sewerage, plumbing and batteries, finish dismantling.

If you are there doubts about the progress of any of the types of work, we suggest you contact the professionals, or at least carefully study the benefits and recommendations for repair.

Design project

Plan the design of your own home - with what incomparable pleasure, in this process is embedded soul, and the result reflects the nature, attitudes and aspirations of the owners. In search of inspiration, you can turn to the Internet, where by driving in the search box the phrase "renovation with his hands photo" really find interesting and useful ideas.

The original design of the kitchen
You can realize the most original ideas

Interior design is maintained in the same style, thought out color scheme, furniture layout, lighting, semantic load literally every centimeter kitchen. To achieve functionality in a standard apartment complex, so it is possible to resort to redevelop. This procedure is best left to professionals, the main thing in any case not touch the bearing walls and follow safety rules.

rules, help achieve better results

  • To distribute the workspace, pave the communication mark the exact dimensions of the furniture and equipment.Renovated kitchen with his hands
  • The distance between the peaks "of the triangle" - plate, refrigerator sink should be minimal, then approach the desired object is possible without obstacles and unnecessary waste of energy;
  • The sink is held 40% time the kitchen, Ideally you must place it in the center of the triangle;
  • Refrigerator located in one of the corners of the kitchen, so as not to break the line of furniture;
  • Plate set as close as possible to the ventilation opening, but away from the window, not to disturb the inflow of clean air;
  • Evrokuhnya consumes an impressive amount of power, take care of the wiring of sufficient capacity;

Take care of the kitchen electrics, consult with experts

Selection of materials for repair

Just a couple of decades ago, the choice of finishing materials not pleased variety. Ceiling traditionally bleached or dyed latex paint, walls papered washable wallpaper, and the floor laid linoleum. Now we have an inexhaustible number of opportunities to bring into your life the originality and diversity.

renovated kitchen is preferably made by means of finishing materials, corresponding to the established quality standards, but fit and local counterparts, not inferior in quality, and often for the price. Due to frequent changes in temperature and humidity, use quality, water resistant material. Aggressive conditions kitchens provide a certain amount of fat and soot, settling on the finish, choose materials resistant to household chemicals.

beautiful kitchen renovated

Stick to the immutable rules of decorating: the work is done from the top down.

For finishing the ceiling all less likely to use the usual whitewash, She slowly gives way to the position of the suspended structures: tension ceilings, The tiles and slabs, original looks mirror finish, visually "slides in" the wall.

The walls are fitted with ceramic tiles, vodorazbavlennymi painted or pasted over with water-resistant paints for painting wallpaper.

Basic requirements for the kitchen floor - perfectly smooth surface, aclinic, shockproof and waterproof. Laid floor tiles or granite often.

The final stage of European-quality repair - a thorough cleaning of residues of construction debris and dust, and prepare food for the installation of furniture. It also includes the installation in the designated areas of lamps and sockets.

Light - a key point of repair

Do not be afraid of the complex work to the value of euro-repair, besides comfort and convenience in the kitchen, you make a successful investment - apartment renovated and furnished in the real estate market are valued higher.

Placement of kitchen equipment

On the basis of stylistic directions cuisine and personal aesthetic preferences, kitchen is made to order or buy ready standard version in the store.

The average height of the working surfaces is 85 cm, this figure corresponds to the average growth in Europe.

kitchen renovation

To buy household appliances come elaborately, defining the necessary equipment for their needs. According to current trends in the kitchen are not taken to keep the microwave, they were replaced by ovens and electric grills.

Built-in appliances helps to save kitchen space, Besides, it is convenient and hygienic.


Add your kitchen comfort and convenience will help you choose the color in the little things, such as curtains, paintings and panels in framed and euro blankets on the sofa dining group.
Described by a set of works will create fashion, stylish and comfortable interior for a pleasant stay and implementation of culinary ideas.