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The original U-shaped kitchen: features and advantages of the plan

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kitchen design - not an easy task. You must select a style of interior design, choose suitable colors and furniture. On stage, dressing the question arises, how to arrange furniture, to the room was functional, comfortable and beautiful.

The design of this kitchen is the most popular version of the design of modern buildings

One of the best options are equally suitable as a spacious, and tiny rooms - n shaped kitchen. This plan provides for the placement of furniture along three walls. Thus the available space is used efficiently and saved enough space.

How to arrange the furniture in a U-shaped room: Secrets of design kitchen with a window in the middle, bar

Kitchen letter n today received the mass distribution. The popularity of this plan is caused by an optimum combination of functionality and ease of design with high aesthetic characteristics.

U shaped kitchen

Kitchen claim uses in areas which are not less squaring 10 m2. This limitation is due to the fact, that the kitchen units must howl distance between the opposing sides in 1,5 – 2 m. Besides, between the peaks of the "golden triangle": fridge, sink and stove, also observed a minimum distance - 1 meter.

developing plan, decide on the location of the dining area. For miniature buildings are advised to make it out of the room: in the room or dining room.

U-shaped kitchen
Beautiful countertops made of wood and stainless steel shine perfectly complement the snow-white composition

Design n shaped kitchen provides, that each party is responsible for performing a particular function:

  • Storage - area with a fridge, lockers, storage area, etc.;
  • Preparing food - is a work area in it, to whcih, including, concerns and washing.
  • Cooking - this part of the kitchen, in which the stove is located, oven, etc.. note, that the "hot" zone is thus, that the distance between it and the dining space is not less than 1,5 m.

Elegant U shaped kitchen

With proper design of this zone,, it is divided into two parts: dirty - which is cleaned and sliced ​​products, and clean - designed for serving meals. Conventional working area is delimited washing, installed at its center.

If you organize the space properly, even a small U-shaped kitchen will become a comfortable and cozy. It is maximally simplified cooking process, cleaning and other works, since everything is within walking distance.

High objects and furniture should be placed in the corners of the room. In this position, they, even with open lockers, not blocked the passage.

cozy kitchen
Several bright décor items, or serving, will bring to the design of the kitchen a touch of positivity

Benefits of placing the kitchen: modern vision of the layout and style, with living room

U-shaped kitchen plan creates a surface for placing of necessary household appliances. Besides, It remains enough space for the organization of the working area. The headset is a large number of shelves, drawers and cabinets for storing utensils, cooking utensils and other things.

This layout is convenient, if you have a kitchen with a window in working area. It organizes space in such a way, to use the available space to the maximum benefit. The working surface is easy to be placed near the window. At the same time it will get good coverage, and the sill is a continuation of countertop. Another interesting option - a sink near the window.

white U shaped kitchen

Separation dining and work area - is another advantage of this lay-. kitchen design allows you to delay the letter n or near the place eating, depending on the concept of space and the owners desire.

This layout can be easily transformed into an island or peninsular, which is especially useful for studio apartments. Besides, it is combined with different colors and materials, which makes it versatile and suitable for any interior style.

The transformation of a U-shaped kitchen layout: the correct dimensions according to the drawings

If the size n shaped kitchen allows you to create an "island" in the room, it can easily be transformed. Using the dining table or the bar can be zoned space. Separated from the dining area and working to transform the interior of an island or peninsular. Here are some interesting ideas:

Beautiful kitchen
Applying similar design manages to create a calm and neutral atmosphere of the room

  1. For studio apartments, one of the walls of the kitchen units can be wall to separate the living area. At the same time equipped with furniture doors to the free movement. To facilitate the design, make the headset through shelves, through which freely passes air and light.
  2. U shaped kitchen with a window for the distribution of ready meals - is another interesting idea. If done at waist level sufficiently high shelf, it is quite up to the task. A united in one part of the headset few such areas have a truly unique design.
  3. Fridge, made outside the kitchen unit, increase the working area. This space can take additional cabinet or countertop lengthened. note, that this option is ideal for kitchens medium and large sizes.

U-shaped kitchen

Classic, Provence and other options- All styles in a U-shaped form

If we arrange all the elements along three walls could not - knock out something in the center of the room. In the role of the island you can use work surface, washing or dining table. There is taken into account room area, so, too, is working in the planning for the rule of free space. In the form of the peninsula may make kitchen letter n with a bar. This extra space for serving, and mini dining area.

small U shaped kitchen

Headset requires proper illumination line. Sunlight is not enough. elegant chandelier, appropriate under the general style of the room - a simple way to provide the necessary level of illumination. Where it is appropriate, or it is not enough light,mounted spotlights. The use as decorative lighting LED Strip, allocate the necessary zone Headset.


For transformation of the premises used and textiles. Properly selected curtains significantly affect the character of the room, changing its perception. If you have a kitchen window with the letter n, is taken into account the location and size of the light source. Decoration of the interior element should complement the overall style, to emphasize its character.