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How to arrange the furniture in the kitchen: Why do I need a project ?

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How to make a placement of furniture with his hands, everything to be close, in spite of the dimensions of the room? Terms of use of space and help make the project properly positioned elements.

Properly arrange the furniture in a small kitchen is particularly important
Properly arrange the furniture in a small kitchen is particularly important

Placement of furniture which vary depending on the form, its size and fantasy owner.

Competent planning involves creating an ergonomic and functional environment. Placing importance appliances and outlets.

Embodiments plan kitchen area

Before proceeding to the interior design, We should plan with furniture raschertit on paper.

For this room is measured with a tape measure on a smaller scale is transferred to the paper.

drafted, should take into account the hood and radiator.

Variants of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen are considered in terms of functionality and convenience.

placement rules furniture in the kitchen include six types of arrangement of elements:

  1. Disposition of the letter "P" allows you to use the angles. It is used in rooms large or medium in size, since the length of the bar should be at least 2,5 m. A refrigerator and a tall cabinet installed in the construction ends. plate, refrigerators and washing adjusted, taking into account the principle of the "triangle".
  2. "L" - shaped version is suitable for medium-sized premises. This layout allows the effective use of space in small rooms. The angle or washing zone located corner cupboard.
  3. For large areas of the island is recommended option. In this case, the room is set. It consists of cabinets and work surface. Above structure arranged Hanging shelves or racks for glasses. The rest of the items and appliances are placed on the perimeter of the room.
  4. Placement of furniture in the kitchen in the form of the peninsula allows zoned premises. at This suite is located along three walls, and is near a "peninsula". This design consists of a table and bar.
  5. Parallel lay in two rows for narrow spaces. Ease structures in a successful location. On one side is the refrigerator and plate, and on the other a sink. To move freely distance between the rows is not less than one and a half meters.
  6. Compact layout is considered to be in a row. Functionality is increased at the location between the refrigerator and the washer plate. This project kitchen with furniture is to use the built-in countertop appliances.

With the right approach you can fit everything you need in any room
With the right approach you can fit everything you need in any room

It is important to determine the location of the kitchen triangle - is the mutual alignment of the shell, plate and cooler. It is believed, that the alignment of the three tops make the space comfortable.

Nuances in the balance

placement kitchen furniture is performed based on lighting. The kitchen should be light and a large working surface.

The upper shelves are arranged, to them it was easy to get.

There are some subtleties, knowledge which will allow construction to place more effectively:

  1. Refrigerator posed as, to open the door from any part of the table was the distance 65-75 cm. This would leave a free passage. it is recommended not to place the refrigerator next to the sink or the entrance door.
  2. Not recommended plate placed near the sink, that when the dishwashing water did not get into the food. Refrigerator is not located next to the stove, so it did not get fat.
  3. Efficient arrangement of kitchen furniture, when two working surfaces present. Thus refrigerator, washing and separated by two plate surfaces. This plan offers the convenience. In this case, the table is placed in a corner or in the center.
  4. To room was spacious and bright, is necessary to minimize the number of items and use light curtains of light fabric.
  5. Refrigerator is located at a distance of not less than 15 cm from the heating devices.
  6. Dining table became at a certain distance from the wall. In this case, placement of furniture in the kitchen should not hinder the free movement.

To create a comfortable environment space is divided into zones. This releases dining, working area and an area for storing products.

Proper placement of the kitchen furniture to turn the kitchen into a housewife's dream
Proper placement of the kitchen furniture to turn the kitchen into a housewife's dream

Small kitchen: how to distribute the furniture

Many questions persist: how to place furniture in a small kitchen? Some tricks to help properly plan the space.

The table top is equipped from the sill. To do this, it is made more widely. Furniture selected with multifunctional properties.

Proper placement of furniture in the kitchen will create more space in a small area. In this case, the following recommendations:

  • apply angular arrangement, which is characterized by compact;
  • not recommended the use of massive and colorful designs;
  • to divide the room into zones are set high decorations, which visually increase the space;
  • if you choose a low refrigerator, the additional working surface will;
  • arrange the furniture in a small kitchen standing along the walls, and the table in the middle, when this embodiment is used convertible;
  • recommended built-in appliances and washing;
  • are arranged in the corner areas are triangular and suspended cupboards, which saves space.

Thinking through the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen a small square

Every centimeter of space should be used as much as possible
Every centimeter of space should be used as much as possible

Oschad, you should choose a simple configuration items. Use rectangular elements or articles with bevelled corners.

Use of kitchen furniture zoning - living room

Special Program for the placement of furniture in the kitchen makes up space plan. In a small apartment you can combine the kitchen with living room. This increases the useful area.

The advantage of combining the originality of the interior is considered, saving living space and more comfort for kitchen furniture in the kitchen.

The following methods of zoning will create an original and comfortable interior:

  1. Culinary zone rises via the catwalk. In this floor covering made of tiles, and the floor in the living room with laminate or carpet.
  2. Zoning is performed using different finishes for walls.
  3. Divides the space bar or racks.
  4. The use of multi-level ceiling performs zoning.
  5. With the couch space is divided into two parts.
  6. arches and screens are used for zoning.

Variants of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen and living room are performed in the same style. To increase the space used loggia, wherein the refrigerator is placed and a part of the kitchen area.


Be sure to use extractor, which has noiselessness.

Applicable location of cabinets in the kitchen. When this equipment is hidden inside.

The technique must integrate harmoniously with the interior.

Showing taste and imagination, you can create a functional and comfortable space.