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Combining the kitchen with living together: 10 design solutions

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Owners of small or large kitchens frequently reflect on their combination with the living room. The result is a spacious room for cooking, a full dining area, plus a modern design apartments. Lest disappointment, should know in advance, what steps should be taken for the implementation of the planned. In this article, we will discover all the secrets of the kitchen and living room with delicious.

Combining the kitchen with living room
Combining the kitchen with living room - great for small apartments

Assessing opportunities and prospects

just decide, that really want to tear down the wall between two rooms, insufficiently. Look closely at his apartment and households, Assess the current lifestyle and outlook.

Combining the kitchen with living room

moral question

usually connected living room and kitchen together in the following cases:

  1. In family 4 or more people, while all have, where to retire - after the redevelopment should not be situations, that someone who lives in the living room, and suffering from the constant presence of other people.
  2. Young family without children - kitchen-living room They fit the youth format.
  3. Large kitchen with living room - a variant often found in private homes, and the union is performed to get rid of voids and neuyutnosti.

Technical question

Since usually a kitchen-living project for a detached house is being discussed at the time of construction, then consider the situation, which is more common: Type of house - Breznev and Khrushchev, Type of rooms - small kitchen with a living room of medium size.

kitchen - living room
After collecting the required documents, you will be given permission for the union of the kitchen - living room

Let's start off with, that is required to obtain permission for redevelopment. It will have to provide the documents to the apartment, design project with the technical justification for redevelopment security, plan for construction works. denote moments, When combined living room with kitchen did not work. The apartment can not be:

  • Demolish the main wall or part of it,
  • Clean washing or kitchen area of ​​the plate,
  • Combine the kitchen stove with a gas together with the room without installing partitions.

Without walls do not odnushek owners - the entire apartment with no clear delineation of space will become one large kitchen and living space lose.

kitchen with living room

No matter how strong was not your desire to quickly do arrangement of kitchen-living room, first consult a lawyer - he will tell, how to submit a request and whether it is possible in your particular case, to speak of redevelopment

And do not forget, that after the merger of two premises change the overall climate in the apartment and specifically your life - kitchen smells will spread almost unhindered even when the powerful drawing, and you have to get out more often. Kitchen-living room does not tolerate disorder.

What to do, if you wanted to open space: design tips

design kitchens - living room
Create your kitchen design will help designers

When the moral and technical aspects of the redevelopment utryasut, It is time to start drawing up a design project. Review all the design decisions for a combined kitchen and living room, which is only found on the Internet or furniture showrooms, to choose a suitable for your particular case. Interiors vary furniture, finished, location of home appliances, but the main one is - zoning area. be sure to use the principle of separation zones for delimitation of the functional parts of the room.

Option №1 - different floor coverings

This is a simple and effective way to. For the room would be appropriate or laminate flooring, often in the kitchen laid tiles, vodostoykiy laminate, linoleum. The junction of the two surfaces has a rectilinear or curved shape, It stresses the threshold delimiter.

floor coverings kitchen with living room

Variant №2 - split-level design

Paul for the cooking zone is above, than in the living room - built a small podium. Illumination with the help of LED strip is reminiscent of the level difference. If a family has small children or elderly people, then from that Zoning better way refuse.

design kitchen and living room tiered ceiling assumes the organization. Construction of plasterboard can be assembled with his own hands or to order a combined version with stretched canvas.

multilevel ceiling
Multilevel ceiling will help to divide the space between the kitchen and living room

Option №3 - wall decoration

Kitchen chosen practical materials - washable wallpaper with a simple pattern, Wall panels, tile, paint. For a room suitable wallpaper, which have a solid appearance, or paint.

Option №4 - sliding partition

Open plan to Khrushchev often need it in this type of zoning. For isolation plate suitable lightweight construction of frosted glass. In other cases, use screen, vertical blinds or curtains, which are matched to the interior. for example, Living baroque classic curtain separated from the kitchen, beautifully drape which if necessary. Interior vertical blinds fit in urban style or high-tech. Ecostyle or Japanese screens are complemented by. Often hang curtains, yarn.

kitchen with living room partition

Option №5 - stationary baffle

You can use two options:

  1. Dividing wall from floor to ceiling - the opening is made arch or construct an arbitrary shape. Upon successful location of a concealed washer baffle, then the question of dirty dishes is not as acute. use drywall, of the destroyed wall, or a combination
  2. Partition arbitrary height - usually left lower part of the wall. The horizontal surface is suitable for placement of interior items. From the side of the room to the wall convenient to put the sofa and chair for the living room. If the partition is built from plasterboard, that is safe from the kitchen in her

fixed partition
With stationary baffle, you can conveniently arrange furniture

An interesting solution - a partition of glass blocks, equipped with a backlit.

Variant №6 - bar

Extraordinarily popular and functional zoning member. It made in the form of islands or adjacent to the wall. The bar counter is used for snacking. It allows you to not cover every time a table in the living room. Organized under the sink storage space for kitchen utensils. If you set a two-tiered rack, the lower surface of the work becomes more.

For bar purchased special chairs and a separate lighting is organized.

bar kitchen with living room

Option №7 - Furniture

Shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers, Buffets are converted into partitions. Especially interesting embodiment through racks, section that puts the book, decoration.

The second most popular is the large corner sofa. The proposed installation as aquarium of exotic options. Practical isolation zones - set dining table.

Option №8 - style

The idea of ​​combining the kitchen and living room are often based on the establishment of a common style of two rooms. They do not have to be fully compatible, but the overlap required to. Kitchen in a minimalist style and luxurious living in the Baroque style can hardly get along in the same apartment.

Shared kitchen style - living room
Unified style of kitchen - living room creates a different picture in the room

To create a single image of a combined kitchen and living room, use decorative items, similar colors and materials for finishing, echoes window decoration

Option №9 - textiles

In the first version created design of the kitchen and living room together by selecting the similar color and texture of materials - windows decorated with curtains on a style similar to the difference in length. In the second - are opposed to each other. Kitchen chosen blinds, and for living a full registration with tulle and curtains.

curtains to the style of the room combined

Variant №10 - lighting

Bright and multi-level lighting is used for the kitchen - built-in ceiling lights, illumination of the working area or inside cupboards. Soft and diffused for the living room - a chandelier, floor lamp. The bar counter or dining table, who share two rooms, They have their own lights, which complement the chosen route of zoning.

brief summary

To make the kitchen and living room together, will have to go the hard way. This will require:

combining the kitchen with living room

  • Collect documents for the apartment - the certificate of ownership, registration card;
  • To develop a design project united premises;
  • Obtain permission to redevelop;
  • Carry out a full repair;
  • legalize alterations;
  • Get new registration certificate to the apartment.

The result of the work will be a spacious kitchen-living room, which will meet on a much nicer, than to huddle on a small-sized kitchenette.