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Secrets Excellence creating dishes under a tree: interior design solutions and materials

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Kitchen Design wood has a special versatility, allowing you to create graceful classic interiors, or embody the elegance of modern solutions. Warm texture of the material fill the room with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Wooden elements are organically combined with metal parts in the Art Nouveau style, high-tech. Artificially aged surface under help emphasize the patination retro elegance environment, country, Provence. Kitchen wood will come to so many styles and bring warmth to the room atmosphere.

Kitchen wood

Textural and color decisions in interior wood

Selection of color and pattern of wood can affect the visual perception of space and interior as a whole. Noble oak organically looks in the spacious kitchen in classical style. The light texture of ash, birch, beech and alder create spacious interiors, filled with light and comfort. The color scheme of cherries gives an elegant and original look of kitchen furniture.

Natural wood is environmentally friendly and natural material. The beauty of natural textures and patterns are widely used in interior decoration. Despite the advantages of an array, material properties have instability to temperature, moisture, chemistry. Natural array fastidious in the care and requires careful treatment.

The specifics of the premises may adversely affect the appearance and condition Wood kitchen. Thanks to modern technology developed unique wood-based materials with resistant coatings. Affordable and durable materials deserved recognition of consumers.

Realistic simulation of natural color and texture allows you to create original and practical kitchen interior wood.

Kitchen under the dark wood
Dark wood looks very rich and creates a luxurious effect

Materials for finishing wood

Modern versions of the materials are able to simulate the texture of expensive wood species. The application provides a design and room facing surfaces, piece of furniture, kitchen fronts. The interior wood is different and beautiful aesthetic appearance, Resistance to moisture and temperature. Widely used materials fiberboard and MDF.

Advantageous characteristics of hardboard

Production of slabs based on the processes of pressing and bonding under the influence of heat, pressure and intense. Wood-fiber material has a mass of advantages:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • strength;
  • dense structure;
  • Plate convenient in handling and installation;
  • does not crumble;
  • It allows you to create reliable attachment.

Fiberboard qualitatively mimics the structure of oak wood, walnut, beech, alder, ash. The choice of texture depends on color preferences and the overall design premises. Material cost significantly lower array, opening the possibility to choose an original and stylish headsets.

Kitchen from MDF
MDF covered with veneer wood pattern and everything falls into place

MDF in the interior of the kitchen

MDF wood is capable of transmitting complex texture patterns, giving the surface similarities with the array. The coating material confers resistance to steam facades, fat and moisture. Plates used for the manufacture of facades, frame, wall decoration. Kitchen from MDF wood have a high degree of resistance to the development of harmful microorganisms.

The material is not subject to the emergence of mold, fungus, even in high humidity conditions. Facade wood MDF different sets of safety, practicality and durability. Invoices popular acts artificially aged wood, cherry, nut, Pine, ash and noble oak.

Lamination involves applying MDF PVC film on the surface of the plates. Drawing can realistically imitate wood structure. It is important to take into account the instability of the coating to temperature, protecting the film from damage.

It is not recommended to use metal brushes and abrasives for cleaning laminated MDF, have a detrimental effect on coating.

Kitchen sets and plastic frame facades

Kitchen made of plastic Wood presented headsets, facade which is made of fiberboard, or MDF. Plate in the production process are covered by special plastic. data creation method is called postforming fronts, turning the plastic under the tree for the kitchen in the original product. The advantage of the method is the possibility of realization of curved shapes and lines of furniture.

Kitchen from MDF
Even plastic can be a wood texture

Plastic Wood conveys the texture of the array and color. Brittle material will require careful treatment. Aggressive detergents, exposure to temperatures may degrade surface. It helps avoid delamination plastic hood good high power device.

Frame MDF facades allow to embody the interesting design techniques. The basis sets is made of MDF material, and finally coated veneer. Internal filling frames involves the use of glass, mirrors, rattan, DSP. The result is a stylish and original typefaces. The choice depends on personal preference and the overall style of the room.

Making kitchen space surfaces

Modern kitchen wood mean quality surface finish, projecting into the future the main background of interior space. wall design, ceiling and floor must comply with stylistic direction. The interiors are made of wood presents an interesting composition and decisions. Ceiling decorated with original beams in the classic style of old, giving a special charm and atmosphere of sophistication.

Walls involves the use of several options. Tiles under the tree on the wall in harmony with the stone, or brick. Working wall clearance must be different practicality, easy to clean. Wall tiles Wood realistically simulates the texture and pattern of natural material, resistant to moisture, temperatures. The material is eco-friendly and safe, what is important in cooking conditions.

Kitchen tiles wood
Tile wood creates warmth effect and at the same time remains steadfast solid

Kitchen floor is constantly exposed to stress, so it is important to choose a durable and resistant material. As used flooring tiles, parquet, laminate, tree. Appearance finish similar to natural array, creating a high-quality and reliable coverage. Ceramic parquet wood has many advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. fire resistance.
  3. moisture resistance.
  4. Easy maintenance.
  5. decorative.
  6. Durability.

Features creating kitchen interior wood

The spacious kitchen area allows the use of carved panels, large timber. Tile wood in the interior space zoning perform one, separating work and dining area of ​​the room. Installation of tiles on the diagonal will make the room more comfortable. Decorating one wall panels provide a desired visual effect and will make a fashionable accent premises. Kitchen set under a tree looks expensive and luxurious, giving finality stylistic decisions.

Limited kitchen space visually increase floor tiles under the tree, It brings to the interior of the warm tone and the atmosphere homepage. Furniture in light colors give light and airy atmosphere. Tiles for kitchen wood favorably complement the environment, with the right combination of colors and textures will create the desired visual effect. Specular reflective surface and is advantageous in small spaces look, increasing the amount of light in the room.


kitchen interior wood lovers will appreciate the comfort of the atmosphere, home warmth and comfort. The original invoice with the natural wood pattern create a harmony of space. Modern materials will present a long and comfortable operation, allowing you to create culinary delights and enjoy the aesthetic appearance of kitchen design.