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Mosaic tiles for kitchen: do yourself a beautiful interior

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mosaic tiles It considered modern materials, beauty which attracts the attention of many consumers. With its help transform, making spectacular and unique interior in many styles. The decor consists of small fragments ranging in size from 1 to 5 cm, which are called chips.

Mosaic tiles for kitchen
Mosaic looks very original

Mosaic tiles used for lining bathroom, vestibules, pools, kitchens, floors or walls. Thanks to her, decorate the facades, decorate the interior or exterior of the premises.

Especially mosaic indispensable in the finishing column or surfaces with marked unevenness. Tile mosaic for kitchen, what are its pros and cons. Talk about this article.

Advantages of mosaic tiles

The most popular is a mosaic for kitchen, which has the following advantages:

  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • heat resistance;
  • Immunity to the spread of harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

Due to these characteristics decor made for use in areas catering (restaurants, cafes or bars), also popular mosaic tiles in the kitchen.

The mosaic is made from the following materials:

  1. Glass.
  2. bamboo.
  3. Smalto.
  4. marble.
  5. Porcelain tiles.
  6. A rock.
  7. Ceramics.

The products have a variety of forms (diamonds, triangles, circles) and easy to fit to the most complex and uneven surfaces. To finish sometimes used noble metals. Using the mosaic sheets rounding sharp corners, expanding space or interior isolated individual elements. The scope of this decorative material is unlimited, products have high aesthetic characteristics.

tile mosaic
Dark color mosaic gives the charm a brighter room

installation secrets

Before laying the decor was a time-consuming process, in which to create a picture of each glass inserts separately. Today sell sheet mosaic in finished form. To make a mosaic, have sufficient experience and follow the pattern assembly, which greatly facilitates the work of.

Mosaic tiles laid on a base of paper or mesh. And on paper, the tiles are glued face. and back to the grid. Surface, which is glued decor, pre-prepared, clean and align. harvest glue, the necessary tools, zatirku.

Council: mosaic tiles laid out with their hands only in a warm room with temperatures above zero, and for the correct installation should study in detail the instructions from the manufacturer.

Ideally before work surface to be treated in pieces rascherchivayut, Equal mosaic sheets.

Council: to end up with a smooth surface looked like a carpet, must strictly observe the laying geometry!

Mosaic tiles
Laying can be done alone or with the help of a specialist - the main result

Laying process is as follows:

  1. Notched trowel the adhesive is applied on the wall, in which the composition has a latex.
  2. Then the underside of the tile adhesive is spread by means of a smooth spatula.
  3. Without giving a solution to dry, mosaic layers are laid, then aligned so, to avoid lost image.
  4. To avoid the formation of air bubbles under the decorative plates rattle them gently with a hammer made of wood, then re-align.
  5. Glue starts to set over 20 minutes. It was then wiped with a damp cloth mosaic. This should be done carefully, being careful not to move the tile to the space. After that, on the surface of the paper will darken, pull the tip and gently removed from the tiles.
  6. After that, the web seams applied grout.
  7. Then check the horizon, and vertical joints between the tile thickness.

Sutures are not overwritten, until masonry has dried completely: usually it takes a few days. For this tile eliminate the paper residue, glue, then begin to work with the trowel a trowel of rubber. Mosaic in the kitchen is almost ready! Last installation step - wiping and polishing the surface with a soft sponge or cloth.

important notice, that the laying of the decor - a complicated procedure, requires skill, practical experience. Necessary to maintain the same distance between the mosaic map, otherwise the picture will move down to the end or it will look sloppy.

Variants of using mosaic tile in the kitchen

When boring-store options are tired and want a fancy accent in the interior, use mosaic tile for kitchen.

Amazing effect is guaranteed by a combination of mosaic tiles with conventional large format ceramic. Using a variety of textures, textures and shades, achieve stunning decor in the kitchen. Besides, Ceramic market offers different shapes for mosaics.

Mosaic Kitchen
Working surface - apron very often turns into a representative part of the kitchen tiles and so it is necessary to select a suitable

Making the working zone

The working area in the kitchen - this is the so-called apron, that is, the space between the wall and floor mounted kitchen cabinets. Previously, it was trimmed usual ceramic tiles or Wallpapers.

Today, creating an attractive kitchen decor tiles used for mosaic. Lined with sparkling pieces of surface attracts attention, easy to wash and clean. The only condition - avoid the use of abrasive products.

Tile mosaic should be combined with colors, which is full of kitchen space, because we seek harmony and comfort.

Installation of mosaic tiles above the stove and the sink is much easier hostess work, because not all washable cleaned of dirt and grease. But ceramics easily and easy to clean, and in the case of highly contaminated even possible to use acid reagents.

The cost of finishing the work area mosaic modules is much higher than the usual version with ceramics, but visually kitchen becomes more elite, decor and lasts a long time, without fear of damage. If you happen chips, you can not change the fabric completely, but only replace the damaged module. options tiling It suggests the creation of the most complex patterns and combinations.

Finish tile mosaic
The complexity of the patterns, fragments on the tile makes it more original

Making dining area

For registration of the dining area is applied from a mosaic tabletop. Perfect, if the decor perfectly complements the wall elements. Countertop mosaic own hands for sure will please all, who loves to decorate your home yourself. Follow the step by step instructions for installing the mosaic modules, difficulty in finishing a table will not have.

Mosaic table top solid, It looks expensive and elitist. Mosaic table is not afraid of bumps and shakes, robust and durable, is many years.

Making horizontal surfaces

Often used mosaic tiles on the floor. Modules line the room with floors of different configurations: square, rectangular, round. Options for laying tiles on the floor are selected, based schemes and, walking in a set together with mosaic sheets. Originally looks tiles with inserts on the floor, supplemented by large-format ceramics in tone.


Mosaic for the kitchen in the interior - the right choice for premises, trimmed different stylistic directions.