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As an apron for the kitchen to decorate the interior of plastic: mounting 4 Easy steps

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Part of the wall between the curtain furniture and worktop called fartukom.Dlya creation of a variety of materials used kitchen designs, each of which has pros and cons. Apron Kitchen plastic presents opportunities for interior design solutions. Workers on the construction drawings are applied fotopechatnye. Apron made of plastic characterized moisture resistance and capable of withstanding temperature gradients.These panels are light and small weight. They are easy to make holes for socket.

Apron Kitchen
Apron made of plastic " tulips " ideal for light-colored kitchen

Why in the kitchen apron

aprons for kitchen из пластика выполняются собственными силами. The panels come in different types. They differ in terms of resistance to moisture and heat resistance. Element is required to protect the walls from moisture, vapor and spatter from the plate and moyki.Dannye designs have various options and perform a decorative design funktsiyu.Zaschitnaya endowed with the following properties:

  • reliability and durability;
  • easy installation;
  • the ability to replace the item without overhaul;
  • decorative and style;
  • low weight;
  • the surface does not absorb water or grease.

Kitchen Apron

The original solution is the use of transparent plates backlit.

For a classic kitchen interior fit white panels made of plastic, without ornament.

contrast get, when a bright ornaments on a white background.

When choosing the design, should take into account the size of. Plastic apron in the kitchen is chosen greater than the distance from the tabletop to the hinged shelves.

The stock allows to protect the wall from dirt. In this case, the extra space goes beyond the edge of the kitchen stola.Dlya with a large area suitable for plastic dishes with dark patterns and large ornaments. For a small kitchen chosen light fabrics, which are decorated with small ornaments. Using glossy parts visually expands the space.

Apron made of plastic
Photo-illustration on apron " fruits " ideal for kitchens

Features plastic apron

To do this you need to choose the design of materials with specific properties.

Apron the kitchen made of plastic combined with a furniture set, finished walls and worktop.

Kitchen Design and the panel must be the same. The material must be hygienic and resistant to chemicals.

Kitchen Apron

properties panel

Panels made of plastic panels exposed to pollution, because it is located in countertops and slabs. This design should be practical and well wash.

Plastic wall - is an economical option, which is suitable for those, who are limited in budget. With their help, you can make a quick repair.

Such material has the same properties, that tile. The panel did not have seams, the chosen feedstock in sheets. Lack of connections for easy cleaning. On the panel are easy to apply designs and drawings.

That on the surface appear scratches, it is recommended to choose kitchen apron polycarbonate. When this material is different durability. Polycarbonate is easy to clean, It does not crack and can withstand high temperature load. If the material is of poor quality, then under heating emit harmful substances.

Such panels will be cheaper, than other finishing materials. A similar design is easy to perform with his own hands.

Apron for dark kitchen
Apron and floor cabinets one color original look in the kitchen

Advantages of plastic apron with printing for the white kitchen

The panels for the kitchen are made of plastic material, for mounting are not pre-treatment required.

The items have different parameters and composition. When choosing the right option is worth considering the properties of individual species.

Plastic panels for kitchen apron has the following advantages:

  1. increased strength.
  2. Environmentally friendly: This material is not contraindicated in people with allergies.
  3. Resistance to moisture and mechanical stress.
  4. High level of sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.
  5. Easy to operate.
  6. The smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt.
  7. Fit into any decor.
  8. No additional surface preparation.
  9. Applied to the surface of any ornament.
  10. The panels are placed on the wall tightly. In this case, there is no gap.

Apron Kitchen plastic

The elements are not susceptible to coffee and wine stains. Used for cleaning household chemical agents.

Plastic apron in the kitchen, you can decorate a photo printing. In this case, the image is transferred to the conservation of natural colors and clear forms.

This material is used in light structures plasterboard. He does not overload the surface.

Affordable price allows you to create a beautiful interior for a small fee.

The following parameters are taken into account when choosing a design:

  • the sheet dimensions are chosen with a margin on each side, to hide the edges of the furniture;
  • material has a heat-resistant qualities;
  • universal option is considered to be a kitchen apron, plastic, wood or single-color panel;
  • transparent plastic with your hands helps protect the applied finish;
  • via pattern expands space.

Apply models with different textures: wood imitation, ceramic, or metal. For joints need to strengthen border, which prevents water from flowing under the panel.

Apron Green
Apron Green is ideal for light-colored kitchen

material options, which can be glued to the wall: setting the transparent embodiment apron

Tiles made of plastic made of polyvinyl chloride. After extrusion, the obtained PVC panels. The material is divided into categories depending on the size and composition.

A decorative apron for the kitchen made of plastic created with the assistance of the following parts:

  1. PVC panels are parts, which tightly fasten to the wall. The most common width 25 cm. Installation of plastic is carried out taking into account the technological rules. Improper installation gives rise to slits, which gets dust and water.
  2. Use whole material, which is characterized by practicality. The cut sheet of the desired piece element. Width leaves 0,8 to 2 m.
  3. Making via carbonate glass is characterized by resistance to abrasion and durability. This material can not be split, it is different thermal resistance. It is placed near the stove and oven.
  4. Width from lining 10 to 12 cm. Material made of monochromatic colors.

Kitchen plastic performed with the assistance of any size material.

Beautiful apron for the kitchen made of plastic

Design Features installation of ABS plastic: like fasten panels

Before you glue the plastic surface must be inspected. The wall is cleaned of old paint and wallpaper. Then treated with a primer and plastered.

If the wall is uneven, the structure is mounted via beacons or lathing using metal profiles. Lathing creates a plane, which is mounted design.

It is possible to design glue or fasten it with screws. Hiding place fixings decorative elements or baseboards.

After leveling the surface mounting is performed:

  1. Exhibited beacons or crate.
  2. Apron for kitchen of abs plastic, is attached with screws.
  3. The corners of the hole are performed by fasteners.
  4. Instead of self-tapping screws are used staples.

plastic apron for the kitchen

If the surface is flat, it is possible to glue the plastic. For this purpose a conventional assembly adhesive. The solution is applied to the underside of the apron uniform layer. The panels were then attached to the wall.

Panel - is the best option to create a work surface protection. they are popular, thanks to the durability, thermal stability and color selection.


Apron - this is an opportunity not only to protect the surface of the walls from the dirt, but also decorate your interior.

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