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How to choose the color of the walls in accordance with the interior of the kitchen

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By the choice of color kitchen wall should be taken seriously. After all, it directly affects the well-being of people in the room.

The color of the walls in the kitchen
Also, the color effect on appetite and performance, so choose the right color of the walls in the kitchen - a question important

The choice of interior style

The choice of style - a complex process, especially if in the family there are people of different generations. Youth like a modern-tech style, seniors prefer the time-tested classics. So often we have to compromise. Good, now combine styles - it is fashionable. Pick up the wall color and style intereramozhno without problems.

Color selection

Walls - is the main backdrop for the interior. Therefore, when choosing colors the walls in the kitchen do not leave without attention to the following factors:

  1. ceiling height;
  2. common kitchen area;
  3. set;
  4. illumination level;
  5. on which side of the light exit window.

Kitchen interier
For miniature kitchens the best solution would be lighter shades, visually expand the space

The abundance of bright and annoying pressure on the subconscious in a small room.

If there is insufficient natural sunlight you need to pay attention to the calm warm shades. If the kitchen is constantly shining sun, the bright colors here out of place. The sun's rays make the surface more bright, besides paint faster vygorit.Vazhno to choose the right color for the spacious rooms. In the kitchen with a large area is not recommended to use the cool shades, as they give the room emptiness raid, bezzhiznennosti and bezlikosti.

Each shade has a certain positive or negative effect, and it is necessary to consider:

  • Red like the emotional and explosive nature. But this color must be careful. The abundance of red overexcited nervous system, so it is best to limit red accessories and decor. If you want to paint a room in red color, you need to pay attention to the soft tone. The tiny kitchen red contraindicated.
  • The orange color of the walls to kuhnipobuzhdaet human activity and continuous striving forward. It is particularly well combined with the dark suite.
  • Yellow walls with pastel colors bring the room charge of energy and energy for the whole day. Against this background, look great strict headset brown shades.
  • Green wall is refreshing, cheer, uplifting, a positive effect on the digestive process has a positive effect on the psyche. Many shades of green, particularly elegant look pistachio, olive surface and light green.
  • Blue and blue shades are known for their property to lower appetite. they are unobtrusive, so calming effect on the nerves. Perfectly combined with headsets White, gray and beige. Dark blue is contraindicated in small kitchen.

Blue walls in the kitchen
Blue and blue walls advantageous to look in the rooms, Overlooking the sunny side

  • Purple color of the walls for the kitchen - a kind of mystery and mysticism. It soothes and suppresses appetite. Fioletovyesteny light colors look refined and luxurious.
  • Gray at first glance seem impersonal. But in combination with bright colors and accents, it looks elegant and surprisingly stilno.Belye kuhne- wall on a classic, which sometimes seem boring. Many snow-white otdelkanapominaet hospital ward. But white can successfully beat the combination of color elements.

There are no suitable colors for the decoration of the walls - black and rich brown. They do kuhnyumrachnoy, gryaznoyi uncomfortable. But if you really want to arrange the room in black, you can paint one wall in etottsvet (but not anymore, otherwise provided by depression).

Color kitchen and wall color should be in harmony with each other:

  1. White set harmoniously looked on the bright walls;
  2. Brown - best combined with white surface, dairy, beige colour;
  3. plain lockers and cabinets should be advantageous to stand out, so brightly decorate the walls and brightly.

The design of the headset also puts its contribution to the choice of the wall design:

  • rustic and romantic furniture styles require beige, light green and pale-colored brick background;
  • classic style - blue, restrained pink, Solid beige;
  • modern tech style - soft solid color.

Furniture - an important element of the interior, and often a shade of the walls are selected under it. You need to follow this rule.

Bright walls in the kitchen
If the kitchen is decorated in bright colors, the walls make brighter

But if the main focus of the room is done on the furniture, the background should be restrained and unobtrusive. The original look furniture, the calmer should be background.

Interesting ideas and tips

There is a lot of design rules, to which you must heed when choosing colors.

  1. Diagonal lines on the walls of the room creates the visual effect of motion.
  2. Horizontal pattern reduces the height of the kitchen, but expands the space.
  3. Vertical stripes increase the height, therefore seem high ceilings.
  4. Large ornaments or images visually reduce the floor area.
  5. Small picture creates the illusion of a wide space.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Optional painted the entire room one color. It is interesting to look options, where the bottom is painted with dark paint, top - the lighter the same ottenka.Kraska wall kitchen facilities should be water-resistant.

Psychologists recommend that when choosing to start from their own temperament:

  • sanguine - sunny yellow and light green;

Orange wallpaper in the kitchen
Choleric - warm orange and red

  • Phlegmatic and melancholic - soft blue, blue and brown shades.

It is necessary to take into account employment and the type of work. If a man worked all day, worrying and being nervous, One evening, he will be uncomfortable to be in the kitchen with bright walls.

Designers recommend to stop the choice on a neutral wall color. Against this background, to easily create different experiments and to periodically update the space with bright accents. In addition, the family is very difficult to come to a common denominator: one likes purple, another - Green, and the third - limonnyyton. We need to come together and together determine the color, that all were satisfied. The right choice of color - a guarantee of a pleasant atmosphere in the room.