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Beige and brown kitchen: advice of a professional designer

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None decade popular kitchen design It uses a combination of brown and beige. By using such a tandem, the room gets a touch of nobility and refined luxury. To learn how to use the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of color solutions, read our article.

Бежево-коричневая кухня
Properly using this color scheme, you can create a truly unique atmosphere in your kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages of beige

Interior in beige tones are always relevant. Classic - the eternal direction. How to issue the beige room? The palette of beige shades diverse. What kind of range prefer? Let's try to figure it out. Kitchen beige color becomes a symbol of peace, comfort and peace. he has neutral. Prefer self-confident, sincere people. This creates a good tone, in harmony with many colors range. In this case, you do not have a long time to select the right combination.

Light beige - pastel tone. It is able to give away the heat. Power it calm. In this comfortable room to spend time. According to Feng Shui color is considered a symbol of happiness and stability. This statement applies to all zones. That's why this range is suitable for interior room. With the soft shades of beige, you can expand the space visually, which will be lighter and more. This method should be used for small areas of kitchens.

Светло-бежевая кухня
Light colors are able to visually enlarge a small space, adding notes of comfort and warmth in a home environment

Beige kitchen change the mood of households. Enough to change the accents of bright colors (lampshade, a painting or a tablecloth), to achieve the desired effect. It should be emphasized, that the kitchen in beige tones with bright accents creates an unusual and interesting design.

Beige kitchen interior has a number of shortcomings. psychologists believe, that surplus of color can arouse people kind of stagnation effect. In this design there is no dynamics. He's a bit boring. Especially for this just apply elements of contrasting colors. This design advantageously looked.

The color of the non-independent. Even if the interior is decorated in black and white tones, used different shades. Design beige kitchen to create simple and complex at the same time. It is important to consider thoroughly, to achieve the desired effect. For such a kitchen requires careful care. Bright room necessarily require regular cleaning. Kitchen beige has many advantages. disadvantages are insignificant. And the cons easily remedied. Careful care and more thoughtful coverage, and design in general.

Коричнево-бежевая кухня
Brown-beige combination looks great in any environment style

Talk about brown

This color is suitable for the design of the room, as evidenced by a number of reasons:

  • on practical.
  • Universal.
  • A positive effect on our psyche.
  • Distributed among the products of a natural material.

It also happens, shades that seem bleak and boring. They conceal the light and make the space visually much less. Beige - brown kitchen today is popular. It is important to plan the design of the room properly. To do this, it is important to become familiar with the brown. Such shades have a calming effect. They give a sense of family warmth and full security. Room in such colors seem noble and thorough. This color can help to focus on the job. It balances our emotions.

Beige-brown color is good for people calm, intelligent, conservative views. He puts off the furniture and makes it harder. The same applies not only to the walls, but curtains. The volume of design elements is not increased, but also is not reduced. This color is visually neutral. That's why should be used for the flooring. For this fit flooring or laminate. You can not choose a dark range.

Светлый пол
Light floor - perfect for brown-beige situation

at this curtain, furniture and other interior parts should be light. It is recommended to try to apply for finishing beige apron for the kitchen. In this case, it is in harmony with a top made of wood or stone. When making a room in brown tones should try to combine several textures. It can be leather chairs, brick walls, Rattan furniture or something else. Better suited to styles: country, English, classical, African and loft.

A combination of beige and brown colors with other colors

Beige kitchen is not monochrome. This solution serves as the background color. However, other colors better disclosed. In a place such a kitchen almost any shade:

  1. If you are looking to bring in some easy design and incredible freshness, It advised to take kitchen in white-beige.
  2. Kitchen beige brown tonah- exemplary embodiment of the classic design premises. But this combination is appropriate for other styles. For brown furniture with facades ivory worth choosing laminate flooring and beige color apron. It is also recommended to hang curtains beige.
  3. Gray-beige room seems cool. This option is good only for those facilities, which are located on the south side. If desired, allowed to use the glossy facade and chrome accessories.
  4. Another classic combination of red. Such tones coexist with each other. If the red becomes a bright accent, it becomes the basis of beige. If there is a need to reduce red assertiveness, then diluted with beige shade. Beige kitchen with bright accents- a win-win interior design.
  5. Positive about the room in orange tones. Orange - bright and vibrant. It improves mood and cheerfulness charges. Beige in this case makes it less vivid orange. Is to choose coral or Titian.
  6. Blue on brown background is able to expand and fill the room air. This room looks gentle and romantic. Better to prefer warm colors.
  7. Brown seems to be strict. That is why it is desirable to dilute. Suited for this combination of blue, pink, turquoise and lilac brown. These shades of brown make softer and more elegant.
    Коричнево-бежевая кухня
    Very favorably combined combination of brown and orange colors
  8. Turquoise and blue make a fresh note in the room design, formed in the brown scale. It is better to use shades of dark brown to them. This solution is suitable for kitchens, have adequate lighting.
  9. Lilac and pink should be present in textiles. It can be chairs, pillow, curtains or tablecloths.
  10. The combination of brown and orange, red and yellow looks stylish. If the shades are used saturated chocolate, design seem stuffy.
  11. If you plan to use a brown interior black and gray, it will be gloomy. Such tone should be carefully combined with chocolate shade. It is advisable to dilute the white paint.
  12. The white color blends with brown. It is recommended to use two of these colors in the case, when diluted with additional tones.

Beige and brown kitchen - decision, which is suitable for the modern bathroom design, and if skillfully combine colors and dream, able to create in the room warm, cosiness and mood.