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Mural in 3D: a new trend in kitchen design

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Version of the wall design is not new photo wallpapers for a Russian design. In the old Soviet times the design of the apartment with the help of the banal, even homemade, photowall on them and ended. What to do, the choice was not so hot. Making in such "ancient" style and have since remained in the shadow, if not for the addition of a modern 3D.

3d wallpapers
3d wallpapers for walls are suitable for design in popular styles today

The very existence of this set-top box along with photo wallpapers causes an increased interest in this style. And not in vain, because such technologies are gaining popularity among the inhabitants. Why? Answer to , such decisions have come to us from art and kinorpoma, psychology and computer modeling. Technologically - so fashionable. so, what is a 3d wallpapers? We delve into the problems together.

3d wallpapers

3d wallpapers: distinctive features and other aspects of

Mural in the interior are the wallpaper, but with photographic images of nature, fruit or city. From the usual photo wallpapers "bulk" wallpaper differ, that create the effect of presence, add space volume and significantly widen the walls. Sometimes this effect is achieved by special plastic, Pictures under which the amount of gain.

why is there, that the figures on the wallpaper of these seem alive? Why 3D is gaining momentum in the design? A similar effect is interpreted in a jiffy: Thanks vision and the brain. Eyes see individual sector, and only later, we combine the world into a coherent picture. Knowing this effect, wallpaper for the walls have the basis for this phenomenon: drawings on which "dual-layer" and somewhat offset from each other.

wallpaper with izyumenku
Mural create the effect of the presence of, add space volume and significantly widen the walls

What are wallpapers on the market

3d wallpapers for walls are suitable for design of kitchens in popular styles today. In addition, these wallpapers - due to plastic - washable, that becomes a popular addition to the kitchen. Besides, some sellers offer warranties on wallpaper, so you can be sure, that your purchase will not deteriorate in the next month.

Today the market offers two product lines:

  1. Classic 3d wallpapers for walls, where the pattern is applied to the base of the wallpaper;
  2. Fluorescent or luminescent beautiful wallpapers. During the day, these wallpapers are not different from the classic version, however darkening night and they emit a soft cool color. This effect is achieved by special chemicals, that, note, safe for health.

3d wallpapers for the kitchen

important digression. 3q kitchens - it is fashionable, but we need to know and honor. 3d effect must be reflected in the premises dispensed, without too much zeal. The volumetric image is better to surround an additional decor, as if restricting its space. Wallpapers 3D to expand the space for the kitchen will be established only when an informed choice; if you overdo it, the room visually diminish the contrary begin. Especially, If you choose dark colors.

Advantages and disadvantages

positive aspects

  • Easy to change on their own;
  • No unpleasant odors;
  • Do not fade and do not fade;
  • These wallpapers denser usual - difficult to damage;
  • The original and eye-catching design - air charm of the room give 3d wall
  • Easy installation and no specific care;
  • Cleaner production. Paints are made from natural materials, and chemical additives - safe for pandas;
  • For the kitchen it is important to another property - moisture resistance. Now you can wash the dishes, splashing in all directions;beautiful 3d wallpapers
  • Resistance to aggressive temperatures. Use these wallpapers in the kitchen apron area. 3d drawings on them will not suffer from the stoves heat. But fireplaces 3d wallpapers, with the illusion - a romantic solution;
  • Minuses;
  • Mural with 3d effect on the wall of a small kitchen does not give the desired effect in small spaces;
  • Volumetric wallpaper with any picture are not cheap, their prices are biting.

Harping on the wall near the kitchen table

Mural kitchen
Mural will add elegance and brightness to your kitchen

Choosing a style and buy wallpaper

photowall market is represented by an extensive range of models, there are low cost options of wallpaper. Another plus, that individual liked wallpaper with a pattern made to order, eg, Mural roses which will become the central plot. But such an option, clear, hit on the pocket.

The main categories include the following models wallpaper:

  1. Classic roll of wallpaper. The highest roll is 5 m;
  2. Wallpaper-sized canvas 1.35 on 1.8 m;
  3. models polupanormanye 1.35 on 3 m;
  4. The one-piece panorama 1.35 on 3.6 m;
  5. Own picture (including custom).

Exclusive wallpapers 3d

Popularity following subjects allocated:

  • Nature,
  • Still Life,
  • Objects macro.

The macro contains all: from fruit and vegetables, to animals and space.

If these formats are suitable for you, then find the option you want is not difficult. If you see something individual, even if it is related to the size of, way out of the situation - the personal order. You want wallpapers the kitchen at the table with a particular flower macro photography - order from the manufacturer!

3d wallpapers for the kitchen

As the image is applied to the surface of the wallpaper - it does not matter, and all, that you will be required - High Definition Photo.

Choosing the right amount of material

No special rules there is no: all for ordinary wallpaper. Consider the size of the wall, which will be pasted over and applied dimensions of the image.

If possible, order the rolls as little as possible, but the maximum size: You will be easier to paste over the wall, and the joints will be less. Therefore, cut solid roll is concise solution. by the way, 3d Mural fans placed on the ceiling in order, to raise visually flat ceilings. But post Mural on the ceiling around the perimeter - ridiculous.

Select a wallpaper
The selection of wallpaper, and their number will help you save


As is the case with conventional wallpaper, these wallpapers kleyut and forces home - the main thing is not to hurry, otherwise the money will go to the forest because of the inept actions. If you doubt your skills, it is best to hire professionals. therefore, no instructions, just keeping the place, where the image.

What better to decorate the area

  1. Create the illusion. There are illusions window, where the figure is represented by an open flap, the window which, eg, sea
  2. Use the volume effect in the apron area
  3. The spacious rooms all beat the wall volume.
  4. In confined spaces, use the volume dot. In the style of, where the main element of the tree, use Sakura wallpapers in the interior.

Stick such as the wallpaper, as well, as you would a typical glued wallpaper. According to the type of glue is also no restrictions, Use standard options. Before Wallcovering make, the walls are flat. And no sticking over the Soviet sheets, Only the brink to brink.

finish the job
Wallpapers 3D to expand the space for the kitchen, become so only if an informed choice

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finish the job

Concluding the article, summarize, that the choice of the kitchen 3d photo wallpapers can be conventionally reduced to such steps:

  1. Choosing a place under the wallpaper,
  2. The particular pattern and size,
  3. Choosing a place for a picture,
  4. Purchasing or ordering goods,
  5. sticking.