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4 type photowall: which to choose for the kitchen interior

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Mural ─ plain, yet effective way to design the interior of kitchen. Time, when their use was considered bad taste, left behind. Modern technology gave it an element of decor new life. These wallpapers are allowed to simply and tastefully correct kitchen area, divide it into zones.

Mural in the interior of the kitchen
Mural - an original solution for the decoration of the walls

Now they are available in terms of price most consumers, because you can pick up as a huge landscape or panels, and a small digitized image, - for every taste, and most importantly, - purse. In this article you will learn all, about Mural in the interior of the kitchen.

wallpapers for the kitchen

Techniques and ideas in the interior of a small kitchen

Using a kitchen interior of facsimiles has many advantages. They can be:

  • divide the kitchen into different zones;
  • increase the space;
  • "Pull" the low ceilings;
  • give the interior individuality kitchen.

Treat their choice responsibly, and your kitchen will play in a new way.

Types of modern and classic photowall: washable, 3d other

Depending on the material, of which the Mural, allocate such types: paper, from self-adhesive film, vinyl, flizelinovye. Their surfaces are matte and glossy.

paper wallpapers
Paper wallpapers are not very practical in the kitchen room

Consider the different types of photo wallpapers:

  • Paper wallpapers for kitchen rarely used due to the short operating period. 2─3 year lifespan. It is acceptable to use them for decoration of the apron, top which protects the transparent glass. If you do not know, what to do with children in the kitchen, buy for their children's Paper wallpaper, intended to draw. Turn wall art.
  • photo wallpapers of self-adhesive tapes made out small areas of the kitchen. Walls need to thoroughly prepare, eliminating irregularities in. Glue them very easy. It suffices to remove a protective layer of paper and an adhesive layer was pressed to the smooth surface.

Council! Apply the wallpaper quickly and accurately, to avoid the glue has dried and the appearance of wrinkles on the wallpaper.

  • Vinyl wallpapers are the most popular. they are long-lasting, retain color, moistureproof, not emphasize the irregularities of the walls. Their texture simulates a variety of materials ─ sand, papyrus, canvas, old plaster, etc..
  • non-woven are more expensive than the other samples. The protective coating of wallpaper does not fade, it can be washed.


Not to worry about your family's health, ask the seller a certificate of quality. Substandard Mural during use may release harmful substances. Ink for print pattern should be UV-curable. Besides, pay attention to the dyes, used when printing. That figure is not washed away during the wet cleaning or burnt in the sun, using waterproof dyes.

Size range

Mural in the kitchen
Mural can be placed not only on the walls, but also on partitions and even though on anything

Manufacturers offer a wide range of ready-photowall, web height which lies within 2,6─3,6 m, and the width from the beginning 36 cm up to several meters. Widescreen pictures are used for large kitchens, not cluttered furniture, eg, look great Mural "Flowers" on the wall in the interior catering, area over 12 m. If space is insufficient, look at the panoramic Mural.

it happens, that none of the options did not fit the parameters or design. In this case, stop the wallpaper with custom picture. By this embodiment can have recourse in the case of, if you want seamless wallpaper, in fact ready photo panels are large and therefore consist of parts. Even with good adhered to the wall, joints are a little peeps. but consider, seamless wallpaper that have a limited range of sizes and are much more expensive than, consisting of individual parts. For their gluing have to use the services of professionals.

Choose the color and composition photowall expanding space

Color photo wallpaper in the kitchen not only affects households appetite, but also creates the mood. If you watch the figure and count calories or in the family, there are people with excess weight, Stay cool shades. And families with children, on the contrary recommended wallpaper warm, but not bright colors. Beware screaming shades in the interior of the kitchen. Their negative effect on mood is proven by psychologists.

Mural for a small kitchen
For a small kitchen will suit the most light tone

Properly selected colors is able to visually change the kitchen:

  1. When choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen, in the interior of which there are a large number of furniture elements, pay attention to the light panel with a discreet pattern or panoramic images. It can be wallpaper with flowers, terraces, stairways, reaching up, open windows, alleys, scenery. To expand the space in the interior of the kitchen, fill it with cold tones.
  2. Besides, Mural in the interior of the kitchen with a low ceiling so choose, so they pulled space. For this purpose suitable image with vertical or removed from the bottom upwards. As an option, consider Mural "New York". They fit perfectly into the interior, designed in Art Nouveau style or high-tech.beautiful wallpaper for kitchen
  3. To become more comfortable spacious kitchen, stop at the major figures.
  4. Kitchen interior with photo wallpapers, located on the north side, It needs extra light. Pick a panel of warm shades. recommended landscapes, sunlit, classic stories and images in "sepia" style. Mural "Forest» ─ an excellent choice for a dark kitchen.
  5. For southern kitchens cool tone used in the design of. Good decision ─ opt landscapes marine scenes and black and white wallpapers in the interior.
  6. Interior light colors animate using vivid wallpaper. Such a design solution requires a neutral walls and minimal use of parts.
  7. The perfect backdrop for the interior to become plain wallpaper photo wallpapers, which are the same color, or create a contrast with them.

Mural with large pattern
Figures strictly an amateur, if you like, of course take these wallpapers

─ the dominant colors blue, green, purple and blue. Especially panels looked good with the image of fruits and berries or composition, which bear fruit plants. Mural, expand the space in the interior - a painting from receding into the distance trails, rivers, such as wallpapers "Venice" in the interior of the kitchen with a channel image, in which boats float, It allows you to visually increase the nutrition unit of width, but a way of sticking on the ceiling to the floor - "raises" the low ceilings.

Mural in the kitchen

Picture for still images selected, on the basis of a kitchen. It must be combined with furniture, household appliances, decorative elements, as if adding them, but do not pull all the attention on himself.

Photo pictures in large formats with rich and dark shades, make the space much smaller, and images with numerous details make some sense of the mess. 3d wallpaper is applied to a spacious kitchen design. The small-sized space, they do not perceive correctly. For such kitchens are ideal for a variety of still lifes, images of plants, abstraction.

designer wallpapers for the kitchen

Drawings on the wall: city, Provence, green and white tulips, bamboo leaves, Venetia, roses, Divino decor, flowers, sea, a rock, Paris, nature, orchid, Noises, patio

Subjects photowall depends on the design style of the room and personal preferences:

  • different types of landscapes are good at design in the style of Provence, Besides, appropriate to their use for imparting heat the interior in high-tech style;
  • to select a modernist cityscapes. You want to stop the time and to extend the minutes of communication with family, - Stay Mural clock in the interior of medium size kitchen (8-10 sq.m.).
  • take a look at everyday objects in a new way, pokleit in the kitchen panel with macro imaging vegetables, fruit, plants, berries. As examples of recommended Mural "Tulips" in the interior, Mural "Peonies", "Maki" and other. Remember, what, bright and juicy Mural "Flowers", enhance the mood even in the cloudy weather.

To give the interior of the kitchen room more depth and volume, pick wallpapers c 3D effect. When choosing guided by the same rules, in the case of conventional photographic images. Do not forget, that the wallpapers in the interior of small kitchens, not always relevant.