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Wallpapers for the kitchen: selection rules and gradual sticking on the wall

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Transform the interior and make the original kitchen area help wallpapers for the kitchen. large format printing technology expands the space in high quality and creates the right atmosphere. A wide range of images available today allows you to choose the appropriate format, colors, the style and quality of the material.

Mural drawing with "View" is ideal for the dining table

color schemes

choosing the kitchen wallpapers, first of all take into account the compatibility with other elements of the interior. The best thing, if the image becomes part, the most eye-catching. This is done by sticking to conventional wallpaper in neutral tones and proper arrangement of furniture.

Wallpapers for the kitchen

By changing the design desktop cuisine, not only decorate the room, but the space is zoned, and visually increase the volume of. Therefore, the important point is wallpaper size, Color and proportions pattern or picture. Large and dark images make the kitchen smaller. Small details increase the feeling of clutter in the room. While the bulk wallpapers, conversely, help expand the space, but it should not be too bright.

The predominance of the "cold" colors in the image have a positive impact on the small kitchen - for this suit, eg, Mural, expanding space: view from the window, blue sky, seascape. A "warm" colors filled with light cuisine with poor lighting. Increase the feeling of comfort and arrange to communicate the use of combinations of shades of orange, red and yellow.

beautiful wallpaper for kitchen

Using monochrome photowall balance the bright kitchen interior. Striking black-and-white panoramas and landscapes transform a room, oversaturated colors of the furniture and the usual wallpaper.

Wallpaper scenes

An important factor in choosing a kitchen photowall is their compliance with the overall interior style cuisine. Therefore, there still lives well look on the food theme. for example, Mural vegetables in the kitchen, representing a discreet decoration and at the same time a reminder of the purpose of the room. Appropriate on the kitchen wall and wallpapers with flowers or cutlery.

wallpapers nature
Wallpapers nature - go well with green furniture

Demand Kitchen Mural, simulating wall surfaces. Images of natural stone, wood, bamboo or brick divide the room into zones and are used separately, and in combination with each other, with conventional tiles and wallpapers.

Classic cuisine style involves the use of natural landscapes - photos and paintings on the theme of nature, country life, seashore. Pasted on a wall picture sea will raise the mood on a cold winter evening. A Mural in the style of Provence is configured to rest and calm nerves.

The most modern style, hi-tech, characterized images using of 3D-technology. The wallpapers depict:

  • urban landscapes;
  • unusual flora or fauna;
  • abstraction and space objects.

original wallpapers for the kitchen

Such wall painting bought ready, but often make to order, printing a picture of the client computer on a special material.

The images with the illusion (Mural view from the window of the city, step up, garden walkway or access to door) not only increase the size of the kitchen, but also make you feel like in another place, where we would like to visit. for example, on the Boulevard Montmartre, or in a cafe on Rome streets.

Mural brand «Komar»

Choosing the brand and image wallpaper, worth a stop on the products of famous manufacturers. A good solution for the finishing of the kitchen is considered the German brand Komar wallpapers. Production company offers high quality material. And there are an assortment of colors and themes for every taste.

Mural in the kitchen
Magnificence photowall - original style with dining table

product Features

The main advantage of the brand Komar, besides selection and quality of manufacture, is the presence of wallpaper with a different base. So, vinyl material is suitable for rough walls and high humidity small kitchens. A glue wallpapers on paper based on the best in a spacious room with smooth surfaces.

Any Mural mosquito resistant to sunlight and do not fade with time. Maintaining physical impact and low friction, the material will last owner of more than one year. If we choose the option of a protective film, washable glue wallpapers permitted anywhere in the kitchen.

Products easily glued to the wall, quickly removed and are suitable for any interior. Komar Company offers a collection on various subjects. And to emphasize the features of the kitchen can be, Mural by green tulips, urban landscape or an abstract painting.

Mural under the color of the kitchen

Wallpaper sticker

flat finish, including wallpapering, it is best left to professionals - spoiled materials and time spent not pay back the desire to save, or to take the initiative. But, if you have already decided to glue wallpapers on the wall by yourself, it should be done properly.

choice of instruments

Any difficulties with the, how to glue wallpapers on the wall, should arise. If you do everything by turns, and gently, process does not take more than a few hours.

Before you get to work, choose tools, among which one must have:

  • ruler and tape measure;
  • two brushes (wide and narrow);
  • rubber rollers to align the wallpaper;
  • ladders;
  • sharp knife.

The choice of adhesive

In order to properly pokleit wallpapers, choose not only the material and tools, but also the glue. He should approach the type of wallpaper. Many manufacturers produce for their finishing materials special glue. But there is a universal options, suitable for the majority of wallpaper.

Mural tulips
Mural luxurious tulips - spring atmosphere in the kitchen

The best materials on the market are considered to be adhesives following brands:

  1. Quelyd and improved versions of the Super Express and Express;
  2. Metylan;
  3. «Contact Vinyl».

Pasted with their help wallpapers Non-woven keep strong. A breed glue follows the instructions supplied with. Given the density of the material - the thicker the wallpaper, the thicker the glue.

black and white wallpapers for the kitchen

Preparing walls

The qualitative fit of wallpaper to the wall provide a surface treatment. It should be dry and smooth, without irregularities and cracks. Even mud must be washed with a prepared wall glueing. Therefore glue Mural Mural on the old is not recommended. Special, if the pattern of the lower layer is darker than new.

Too dark wall, too, is not well suited for light colored material Bonded. Such surfaces require pre-painted white and primer. Only then glued wallpapers.

If the area of ​​the wall is not the same as the size of the wallpaper, on the surface of the coated lines for proper placement. Do not interfere, and mark the location of the individual fragments.

Mural in the kitchen

Stages correct gluing of paper, non-woven, 3Dr. options: on which wall to apply and how to use glue

After preparing the walls and the adhesive preparation itself begin gluing. The first step is a pre-layout wallpaper laid on the floor of the newspaper or film. Now the adhesive is applied - first on the wall, then at the wallpaper. After waiting 5-10 minutes promazyvaniya and glue the first strip, strictly according to the marks and avoiding distortions.

To properly glue wallpapers on the wall, from under them by roller withdrawn air and excess glue. It is impossible to wipe and smooth cloth material or cloth - can deteriorate image.

tematichnye wallpapers for the kitchen

The following bands overlap glue photowall, to figure exactly aligned. Now, exactly on the line, formed bunting, make a clean cut, using office knife and straightedge. Cut residue ejected, and wallpaper glued back to back already. The same operations are repeated with the other parts of the image.


Before drying wallpapers protect against the following factors:

  • drafts (vents and doors tightly closed);
  • high humidity (try not ready yet);
  • direct sunlight (lowered blinds or curtains zadorgivayutsya