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Wallpapers for the kitchen: the embodiment of bright ideas

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Wallpaper application for registration of the kitchen is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to walls of the room decor. Mural in kitchen interior looks quite stylish, as proposed by modern manufacturers range allows you to choose an option for any room. Manufacturers produce many varieties with the characteristics of Wallpaper, ideally suited for the operating conditions, inherent in the kitchen: high humidity, frequent temperature changes and the possibility of grease.

Mural give the kitchen designer shape
Mural give the kitchen designer shape

Types and sizes of photo wallpapers for the kitchen interior: washable, expanding space

Modern large-format printing technologies allow to apply the photographic image on any surface. As a basis for the production of standard types of kitchen wallpaper uses several kinds of materials.

wallpapers for the kitchen

flizelin. The raw material for the production of nonwoven synthetic fiber and happened cellulose, material is used as a base for other coating (vinyl) or wallpaper made of several layers of fleece. The advantages of this type relates wallpaper:

  • Not afraid of water, in contact with water and drying is not deformed, It does not shrink and does not extend.
  • Good mask minor irregularities.

Non-woven wallpaper without coating can be quite thin, translucent. The wall must be monochromatic, without color differences, otherwise the old paint, stains and dirt are clearly visible after drying.

  • The adhesive solution was applied to the surface wall, which facilitates the work, It is making it clean and reduces the risk of unglued areas.

original wallpapers for the kitchen

Vinyl. Kitchen ideal vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing, has the following advantages:

  • Dense, sturdy material.
  • Hide minor irregularities walls.
  • Resistant to chemical detergents.
  • The applied printing maintains the brightness and freshness of colors for a long time.
  • They do not absorb moisture and are suitable for use in environments with high humidity levels.

Technological bases of modern design wallpaper

photowall manufacturing technology involves the use of water-resistant and resistant to fading ink. The image covered with a protective transparent layer, lacquered or laminated. This manufacturing method makes it possible to wipe the wallpaper and use a damp sponge to clean household cleaners.

Mural for a green kitchen

For pasting small doors or furniture fronts acquire self-adhesive film with photo printing.

There are varieties of wallpaper, the characteristics of which do not allow to use them for decoration of kitchens:

  1. It is not recommended to glue wallpapers on paper basis - the material absorbs moisture, scents, not amenable to cleaning and washing the. The maximum service life in the kitchen no more than 2-3 years.
  2. Acrylic with a convex pattern or relief - rough surface is poorly purified, Besides relief easily damaged.
  3. Made from most kinds of natural materials - are deformed under the influence of moisture, the formation of fungus or mold, absorb odors, more difficult to harvest.

Mural with forest pattern

Washable wallpapers supplied in rolls, adopted two standard size:

  • Width 0,53 m, length of the strip 10,05 m, an amount sufficient for fining surface area 5,3 m². These dimensions are easy to use, glue is uniformly applied to a relatively small area, sheet easier to attach the wall, air bubbles are removed easier.
  • Width 1,06 m for the length 10,05 m (10,6 m²). Perform complicated wrapping, It requires the participation of several people. The advantage is the smaller number of joints.

In addition to these dimensions, wallpapers are available in the form of panels, with a complete picture or story of a certain size.

How to glue wallpapers

Art of interior decoration with the help of wallpaper is known to every person, which has gone through renovation or relocation. You can hire a masters, but the process is so simple, and modern materials such qualitative, food wrapping that will take more than one day and does not require special skills. To glue wallpapers on the wall will need the following set of inexpensive tools:

stylish wallpapers for the kitchen

  • Muckle or foam roller.
  • Capacity for glue.
  • rubber roller.
  • Building or stationery knife.
  • The substrate and the metal line length 1 m for cutting.
  • Tools for marking (plumb, pencil, roulette, level).
  • Stepladder or stool, if the ceiling height does not exceed 2,7 m.

wallpaper with flower pattern

Preparing tools and buying glue, Mural can be glued to the wall:

  1. Prepare the surface of the wall. Glue Mural Mural on the old is not recommended, even if they are equal.
  2. According to the instructions prepared glue. Better to use purified water, soft. Proper combination of processes for softening water will remove impurities (iron, chlorine and other), which over time can affect the color of the wallpaper.
  3. Wallpapers spread out on the floor and combine drawing. Thereafter, the cloth is cut to size wall.Mural in the color skinali
  4. Mural properly glued to the wall starting from the top left corner of distal, however this is not mandatory. Since starting the band held a plumb line and is marking (when marking is not desirable to use markers or markers).
  5. Depending on the type of wallpaper adhesive is applied to the wall or the back of the cloth.
  6. After applying the adhesive web is glued in several minutes, otherwise the adhesive will begin to dry out and lose its connection reliability.
  7. When using a rubber roller panel is smoothed and removed of air bubbles. The roller moves in a direction from center to edge, top down (movement "herringbone").
  8. Adhesive residues were removed foam sponge.
  9. At least a day to dry wallpaper indoors, drafts slightest lead to a lag of the web walls.
  10. After drying stationery knife blade trimmed.

Wallpaper with a pattern in the kitchen

plots wall photos: white, green patterned city, fireplace, window, bamboo, Paris

By choosing options pattern, take into account the style of the kitchen interior, the good assortment of materials allows you to choose the image for any situation.

Occupy a larger market share images of nature, animals, plants, scenery. wallpapers flowers (Mural green tulips, daisies or daffodils) bring spring freshness in your home decor.

Appropriate in the kitchen and still lifes, representing the composition of the fruit (apples, pears, peaches) and pottery.

Popular for decoration Mural cuisine in the style of Provence, depicting the quiet streets of the old city, the view from the windows to the sea and other soothing stories.

Mural on the wall with a fireplace or hearth in the kitchen will bring warmth and comfort of living fire.

Mural necessarily lift your mood

For small kitchens used to expand the space visually wallpapers. For this purpose, suitable drawing sea, river, scenery, depicting an open space (field, steppe) or views of the city.

Interesting idea with 3D effect

popular wallpaper with 3D effect, creating the illusion of depth or volume images.


If there is a desire to give the kitchen a unique design, Wallpaper can be made to order to your photo. For these purposes fit pictures, made traveling or on vacation.