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Wallpapers for a small kitchen: how to bring beauty and comfort

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Wallpaper - a background, which plays an important role in the spatial perception of the room. Mural in a small kitchen on the background of well-chosen texture walls radically transform the interior of a small kitchen. To achieve the desired effect, you need to learn some simple rules, in which designers selected color, texture and pattern wallpaper for small kitchens.

Interesting wallpaper in a small kitchen
Interesting wallpaper in a small kitchen will give the room personality

Ideally, the design of the kitchen is planned in the context of the design of all dwellings, when first performed schematic drawing of the apartment to the plan of arrangement of furniture and study of options for finishing the walls in every room. If a small kitchen connects to the living room, This approach is relevant. In other situations, a small kitchen decoration is designed to expand the space, regardless of, whether its design is in conflict with the rest of the interior of the apartment or not.

Color and pattern

When you select a background color for the kitchen walls into account design features of the premises and the, What associations does a person a certain range:

  • If the style of interior design does not conflict with the use of bright colors for the decoration of the walls, then expand the space and make the kitchen a warm and cozy orange wallpaper help, yellow, beige or golden brown. They raise the appetite and the overall tone of the person, promote active communication. But an excess of bright colors tired eyes.
  • Dark shades of visual space is compressed, so they are used only in cases, when gloomy background is the basic idea of ​​interior decoration style. This concept steampunk or popular ethnic styles.
  • In the selected plain smooth wallpaper as background for photowall. Color is selected on the basis of matching the base color or contrast. To Mural looked harmoniously, Background shade should match the subject image.
  • Balance the bright colors in the interior of the kitchen will be black and white wallpapers. The monotony of monochrome furniture enliven floral pattern.
  • The red color and its shades are characterized by irritating properties, so they are only used as small inclusions in the interior design to create accents.
  • Green - the color is calm and tranquility. Mural for a small kitchen with images of forest subjects harmonious look on the natural background.
  • blue tints help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and freshness.

blue kitchen
The blue color in the kitchen is exotic

Important! Mural for a small kitchen will not accept visual competitors in the interior as elements of additional small wall decor.

Mural presents a huge variety of pictures. Kitchen pick an appropriate theme to taste. When fotopoloten can help emphasize the purpose of the premises. For the youngest members of the family dining area animate pictures with fairy tales. Cartoon drawing of a protein or other favorite characters will make it fun for the reception food campaign.

To choose the right pattern background wallpaper, wall designers recommend follow these rules:

  • If the room is broken integrity niche or mine extraction, the walls with geometric uniform design visually hide elements, sharing kitchen space.
  • For small spaces do not choose wallpaper with a large geometric patterns. Figure rhombus or large squares will create the effect of compressing the space. Walls small kitchens wallpaper with small and discreet pattern.
    Small kitchen
    Small pictures create an effect of multiplication and expansion
  • Optionally visually ceiling lift patterns are used with vertical lines. Horizontal stripes priopustyat ceiling, but the space will be perceived more widely.
  • stripes, running diagonally, will create additional momentum. This pattern is used in the austere environment for visual space filling.
  • Using texture wallpaper will create a lot of effects, the ability to expand the volume of the kitchen. Chiaroscuro achieve alleviation perception closely spaced surfaces. In this case, the emphasis subconsciously transferred to the billing perception walls, rather than their location in space.
  • To visually expand the kitchen space wallpapers used in cool tones. On a light background wall with this print visually postponed or incomplete will be perceived as part of the perimeter. Realistic graphic-illustration of a mountain landscape or the window will create a portal in the kitchen, which opens the illusory prospect of endless space.
  • Mural on the image selected in accordance with the size of the kitchen. Disproportionately large picture Surrendering space, and too small drawings add to the atmosphere of disorder and chaos.

Important! The ease of gluing and replacement photowall allows to use them for temporary themed cuisine before important events or celebrations. New picture on the eve of the winter holidays will create a festive mood.

What type of wallpaper is best suited for the kitchen

If you select a wallpaper for the living rooms of other apartments main criterion is their design, then, for kitchen design is very important type of material.

interesting wallpaper
Vyirayte wallpaper as the quality of the material

excess moisture, mikrochastitsы Coppola, fat in the air will settle on the surface and in a short time will spoil the look of the decor. Behind the wallpaper in the kitchen need regular maintenance, so the surface must withstand wiping with a damp cloth.

Paper and textile wall for use in a kitchen environment unsuitable. The particular beauty not argument for choosing this material type, because it will quickly lose its charm under a layer of dirt, and it will have to change. This also applies to liquid wallpaper. Drawing liquid wallpaper looks creative and unusual, but wash it from dirt and dust impregnated with the fat can not be. This material is hygroscopic, so afraid of water. Fiberglass its characteristics may be suitable for use in the kitchen. It does not absorb moisture, It does not accumulate electrostatic charges, that prevents dust build-up. This type of material is not widely used for two reasons:: high cost and limited pattern options.

Suitable for kitchen stuff - interlining, vinyl.

non-woven wallpaper due to the texture of the walls will hide irregularities. For their gluing smeared with glue only the surface of the wall, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of repair.

  1. When gluing require careful smoothing, since it is well keep their shape, Do not stretch or bubble. Ideal for inexperienced artists.
  2. Due to the high density glued to the wall with small cracks without spackling.
  3. Non-woven wallpaper for kitchen suitable for multiple repainting.
  4. the air is not passed, under them will not mold.
  5. fireproof;
  6. stand cleaning.
  7. Do not fade from UV rays.

Non-woven wallpaper in the kitchen
Non-woven cover is excellent for dining area

We are nonwoven and disadvantages:

  • On textured surface dust is collected intensively, and it is more difficult to remove, than with smooth surface.
  • The outer facing layer does not differ strength, that requires careful attitude, excluding mechanical action.

Important! Non-woven wallpaper necessarily painted. This lack of, and the advantage.

Vinyl wallpaper for finishing dishes - a tapestry based on nonwoven or paper, covered with PVC film. Thanks to the protective coating are water-resistant and can withstand wet cleaning with brushes. Different from non-woven such characteristics:

  • Non-woven backing is thin, and through it can show through the spot on the wall. Therefore, before gluing the wall is necessary to putty, that she had received a light shade over the entire surface.
  • This material is harder, Nonwoven than uncoated, so when glueing and lubricated Wall, and wallpaper. After soaking the web moisture swells and expands. This causes difficulties in interfacing pattern.
  • the cost is higher, than the uncoated nonwoven.

Important! Marking images on the label of each roll of wallpaper base points, shift pattern, the degree of resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. When calculating the required number of rolls is necessary to consider the pattern shift step. Figure wave indicates resistance to moisture, Brush and suggests the possibility of wet cleaning with detergent.

Quality wallpapers to choose harder. It has a value way to print. Latex ink inferior in quality prints UV, but they are on the 30 % less. The choice of a type-setting panel is closely related to the layout of the kitchen. It is important to choose a picture of this size, that it does not obscure the kitchen furniture.

Tips for wallpapering

When glueing to have fewer problems with leveling and dock paintings, the wall must be proshpaklevat.

When cutting bands should leave allowance for the change in height of the room.

The most difficult parts - pasting of corners. At gluing strips to do overlap on the adjacent wall. Mating strips are cut so, that the joint is in the top corner.

Wallpaper with a pattern, requiring interfacing, cut to one lane, applying it to the previous Unfolded.


When applying the adhesive should be carefully promazyvat edge strips. Smooth coating special plastic spatula, and projecting excess adhesive is wiped with a dry cloth.

Mural in the kitchen will not only be a highlight of the interior. Realistic painting on the wall clearly express the idea of ​​a creative plan and bring together all the design elements into a coherent composition.