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The best wallpapers for the kitchen: 4 the main rules of gluing on the wall

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To repair the kitchen there are special requirements - in this room is constantly cook, a lot of steam, fat splashes, soot from the flame plate, nevertheless it is a popular place for family communication, so it should be comfortable and beautiful. Covering the walls in the kitchen and Materials, that get off the floor and the ceiling, choose more carefully: it's desirable, to be strong, parostoykymy, washable. What are the best wallpapers for the kitchen? we try to understand.

Wallpaper in the kitchen
Select the wallpaper is not so easy, as it seems

The choice between pasting wallpaper and painting of walls

To answer the question: it is better in the kitchen - wallpaper or paint, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Plastering and painting walls - consuming, a long time, messy process. Prepare the wall for painting more carefully, otherwise all defects after finishing will be visible. But after spending a time and energy on training grounds, further to repaint the walls or separate areas much easier.

Wallpapers for the kitchen
The original pattern wallpaper perfectly with the dishes in the kitchen

To paste over the wall in the kitchen requires minimal training base - enough putty dents and holes in the wall. But if taping - a quick way to hide defects, further wallpaper must be periodically removed and replaced with new, and it is repeated time-consuming procedure.

Opting for staining will require the following types of work:

  1. plaster walls for painting;
  2. putty;
  3. grinding;
  4. primer;
  5. painting.

blue wallpaper
Blue wallpapers are ideal for furniture orange

To ensure a perfectly smooth surface for painting, it is important to choose the right tool for sanding walls after plastering: sandpaper or mesh, sander, lighting device for display light, no installation is in operation will be a lot of flaws.

If the walls in the kitchen are lined with the help of plasterboard, there is no need to plaster them. Putty walls of SSE need to reinforced seams grid. Otherwise, in operation there will be cracks and breaks at the site joints sheets of drywall.

At present, consumers have the opportunity to not just paint the walls a smooth surface, but also to create decorative relief with the help of structural plaster or textured paints. This is a different kind of materials, but the layman is difficult to understand, It is different than one material from another. Textured plaster creates deep surround picture on the wall, It does not require a surface alignment, hides significant defects. This strong fundamental coverage, which is kind enough to refresh later only repainted.

Covering the walls in the kitchen

textured paint It applied only to the smooth surface, therefore it requires a preliminary alignment of the walls. She midst of ordinary, using rubber rollers paint to give relief. It's just paint, therefore, it is applied a thinner layer,than plaster. To the passage of time to update the appearance of the wall, textured paint have to be removed completely, and then apply a fresh layer of a different composition.

Choose what is best: decorative plaster or textured paint, It can only be based on the specific condition of the kitchen and your own preferences.

One of the new types of decoration - wall decoration flock, or flocking. Flock - dried acrylic paint flakes. They are sprayed on the surface of the wall, which is uniformly distributed on the adhesive layer. After drying, the walls are covered with lacquer, easy to clean, so flokovye wall coverings for kitchens are acceptable and practical option this room decor.

Luxury wallpaper
Luxury wallpaper in the kitchen perfectly blend with dining table, chairs and curtains on the window

Most modern wallpaper in the kitchen

For all the seeming impracticality, often decorated with wallpaper wall kitchen. They make the room more comfortable and warmer, drawing sets the mood, It helps give the interior a homely atmosphere. Some types of wallpaper: flizelinovye, vinyl have improved moisture resistance, so in "extreme" conditions better to glue the kitchen such species. But the presence of the kitchen ventilation and good extraction, there is no need to select a special type oboev- use any, provided, that the operating wall is protected by a separate "apron".

To pokleit walls in the kitchen, pre-prepared base:

  • remove old wallpaper;
  • if the surface is painted with water-based paints, wash their;
  • zashpaklevyvayut cracks, holes from the nails, possible cut tabs;
  • polished plaster, wash the dusty patina.

original wall covering in the kitchen

pasting technique depends on the type of wallpaper, but a few general rules apply to almost all types of:

  • for determining the vertical line is better to use a plumb line;
  • Thin paper wallpaper glue overlapping, a dense vinyl or non-woven - butt;
  • glue the overlapping start from the window - in this case, can not see the seams;
  • If the wallpaper with a pattern, need to combine pattern - waste can go to 10%, so you need to buy stock.

wallpaper strength is determined by the foundation, which can be a paper or non-woven. It is important not to confuse the basis of top coated. Any kind of top coat: non-wovens, vinyl or may be applied to the paper, or non-woven backing. Fleece or vinyl on a paper basis - more durable types of wallpaper. They do not change form and does not warp when wet, since they have a strong nonwoven substrate.

the walls in the same style to the kitchen

Correct glue non-woven wallpaper (on a paper basis) It can only be on a level base - they are thick, rolls are connected end to end, so the irregularities of the walls will not be given the possibility to dock two webs. Better wall before pasting putty and primed. For non-woven wallpaper using specially designed glue - it is diluted in warm water. Diluted adhesive is applied directly to the wall wide maklovitsej, and cloth are applied dry. This makes it possible to adjust the band to each other with high accuracy. You can use glue for glass.

Vinyl Non-woven glued the same way - the surface of the walls puttied, hruntuetsya, Glue is applied on the wall. On sale there are different types of glue, some should be applied to the wall and canvas.

Fleece paper based on different called flizeline paper for painting. This is the least durable type of wallpaper, capable of withstanding 5-7 repaintings.

Light wallpaper
Striped wallpaper - an excellent choice for kitchen

varieties wallpaper: washable, 3d, liquid

Pokleit walls in the kitchen can be any kind of wallpaper, among which the following:

  • paper;
  • cork;
  • liquid;
  • velor;
  • cloth;
  • flizelinovye;
  • steklooboi;
  • vinyl;
  • traditsionnyefotooboi or 3d wallpapers.

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, What better cover the walls with wallpaper in the kitchen, decide the hosts.

Council. If these species differ in strength, then the aesthetic appeal, ability to integrate harmoniously with the interior of simple paper wall does not give way to models based on non-woven.

wallpaper in the kitchen

It is necessary to consider when choosing a suitable color and other aspects of the relevant design and interior

At uni wallpaper light more visible joints and overlaps. Picture, especially abstract, make the connection invisible webs, and the wall looks like a uniform surface.

A compromise - pasting of walls under painting steklooboyami. Manufacturers produce not only white, but also painted fiberglass, which can be repainted later, when the colors are tired. This type of wallpaper is very durable: they can withstand more 30 perekrashyvanyy. Paint for painting on the wall and wallpaper used acrylic.

If the walls are uneven, and there is no way to align, the mask can be a wavy surface, wallpaper paste with an abstract pattern. Stripes and a clear geometric pattern only emphasize the defect, so the wallpaper with stripes stick on uneven walls is not recommended.

stylish wallpaper in the kitchen

If the interior of the kitchen used liquid wallpaper coating coverage, they recommended to protect from moisture vapor, lacquered. While taking into account, that they are no longer "breathe", lose their ecological properties.

Often make repairs with photo wallpapers in the kitchen -in this case, a realistic image seascape or city lights delight the eye every utro.Kakie best wallpapers for the kitchen? In the room with high humidity and high risks of pollution use washable wallpapers better.


Wallpaper - populyarnyestenovye coverings for kitchens. They provide ample opportunities for design, and with the right choice of harmoniously fit into the interior, decorate the room and create a cozy.