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3 affordable way to make kitchen furniture restoration

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Furniture in the kitchen has its own life, as the daily burden falls on it. But there are moments, when he kitchen is made of high quality material and has not lost its functionality, but its appearance is not presentable and pleasing to the eye.

Beautiful kitchen
Beautiful kitchen - in fact it updated

Sometimes it's easier to take and change the old furniture a new, but now good food is expensive, and to buy cheap and short-lived furniture nobody wants. Besides, except if the headset itself and the kitchen needs to be repaired, many families can not afford to complete the process. In this case, the restoration of old furniture with his own hands - a creative and inexpensive way out of.

The reasons for the restoration of the furniture in the kitchen:

  • morally outdated. Yes, There is a really good furniture, released years 10-20, and that i 30 years ago, but, agree, Now it looks out of date.
  • worn surface. The load on the kitchen furniture is accompanied by high humidity and temperature, due to which the surface loses its appeal over time.
  • kitchen renovation. When space becomes the new, it can not fit into the old furniture or appearance, any color.
  • Accident. The kitchen sometimes happen fire or floods. If the fire is immediately extinguished, the furniture itself can be a whole, but apparently lost its appeal. Also in the flood - if only the outer layer suffered, then it is easy to recover.

Flood in the kitchen
Flood in the kitchen it is unpleasant , but do not despair

And when a family has also creative people, I love to bring a piece of themselves in each process, the restoration of the kitchen units with their own hands will be the best option inexpensive update the look of the room.

Updating the headset self-adhesive film

Adhesive tape on the furniture - a fast and convenient way to change the look of the kitchen units. Its price range is quite wide, better to choose a vinyl film average cost, if you can not buy expensive.

Adhesive tape for kitchen units sold in any furniture store, and its external variations not count - ornaments, drawings, landscapes, etc..

Advantages relates selfadhesive:

  • easy installation;
  • Humidity resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • Durability;
  • Affordable price;
  • Beautiful appearance.

The main difficulty in gluing film - applying to its smooth surface and with no air bubbles bevels.

samoklejushchajasja plenka
Adhesive tape should try to stick with no bubbles - in the whole nuance

Stick adhesive tape on the furniture, you can use the following tools:

  • Stationery knife and scissors sharpened;
  • Centimeter (ruler);
  • Pencil for marking;
  • Device for smoothing (plastic spatula, scraper, etc.).

Adhesive tape for kitchen furniture is chosen taking into account the design of the kitchen and is in the tone of the interior, as bright or contrasting element.

To glue film, must perform a number of manipulations:

  1. Measure the dimensions of surfaces, which will be glued on the film. If pasted over the cabinet on all sides, should cut the material with a margin - in the process of pasting is easier to cut off the excess, than to stay with no taped a couple of centimeters.
  2. If the facade is pasted over, it is better to remove and work on the floor, so it will be less mistakes and errors. Pens and other accessories, meshayuschuyu sticking, shoot.
  3. Rough and uneven surface of the skin and degreased (very well washed).
  4. Observed lockers pencil size on the inner side of the film, and then cut with scissors or a knife with a ruler.
  5. With self-adhesive on the inside of the small area of ​​the paper is removed and the exposed adhesive layer is applied to the furniture and smoothed with a spatula. As gluing paper and removed from other parts of the film.
  6. After gluing of the entire film within a few hours work may be adjusted - smooth bubbles and irregularities, because the film finally grasped. If after gluing remained bubbles, they can be pierced with a needle and smooth.
  7. The removed portion of the headset is mounted back, the place of return handles and other fittings.

Self-adhesive foils for furniture wood creates a natural surface effect and will look good in almost any interior. A decorative self-adhesive mirror film is more suitable for internal gluing cabinets with glass doors, since it will have to frequently and thoroughly wash with outdoor pasting.

Beautiful kitchen
Self-adhesive foils for furniture wood creates the effect of a maximum of comfort

Askew bonded film can not be re-the re-, it must be removed and discarded. Because when pasting critical care and attention.

How to update by replacing furniture facades

Replacement of the facade of kitchen units - fast, but expensive way to interior renovation. Great people, wishing to obtain a new look of the kitchen, without changing its functionality.

To update the furniture using replacement facades, you can choose to store finished products, and can be ordered individually. Should take into account the style of the room and the material, from which made furniture.

Install new facades on their own, you can use the drill, screws and screwdriver. New doors to be ordered for the old measurements. Fittings can also be replaced by a more modern.

If there is no necessary tools for drilling holes and bolting facades, better to use the services of craftsmen.

decoupage technique for kitchen facades

Refurbish the kitchen with your own hands, you can use decoupage technique. To this end, the finished picture is taken, which is carried on the surface of the facade.

decoupage dishes
Decoupage cuisine - it's very unusual and individually

Acrylic lacquer is used to fix the image and protect it from damage. Figure for decoupage can be taken from different sources - swipe, Wallpaper, newspaper, tissue, etc..

To restore the old furniture the hands need to use this technology:

  • brush;
  • glue for decoupage;
  • picture;
  • scissors;
  • sandpaper;
  • varnish;
  • sealer;
  • paint.

According to the process, there is no one master class and a video on the Internet. Transform old furniture in the process of decoupage can such steps:

  1. Sealer eliminates surface defects, aligned sandpaper roughness.
  2. The facade is covered with primer and painted with paint if necessary (if the new interior requires changing the basic color).
  3. Scissors cut inflicted image.
  4. On the facade and on the pattern applied decoupage glue and drawing pasted to the desired location. Its surface is leveled by roller or dry cloth.
  5. After drying, the adhesive surface is covered with an acrylic varnish 3-4 fold. The gap between the coating 1 time.

The effect obtained after decoupage brings creativity element in kitchen interior room and gives special charm.

luxury kitchen
Luxury kitchen can make your own hands

Restoration of wood furniture

Restoration of wooden furniture with his own hands breathes life into the old kitchen. After all, natural wood can serve more than one generation, but in the operation of its topsheet and deteriorates wear. This is also true for the kitchen, and other furniture in the room. for example, the restoration of the table with his hands refresh this element of the interior, and will adapt it for new design.

To restore an old table with his hands need:

  1. Sand the surface of the product medium and fine sandpaper.
  2. Cracks and other damage zashpatlevat and after drying again sanded.
  3. Degrease the surface and apply the primer layer.
  4. If the table is left with a surface of wood, its varnished in several layers, reducing toning with each new application; and if the table is painted, the primer is applied after the desired amount of ink layers.
  5. The product is covered by a transparent final layer of varnish.

Nothing complicated restoration kitchen furniture with his own hands no, because with a small budget it is easy to do, applying a fantasy.