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New kitchen after the replacement of the facades without any special costs— it's simple

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As a result of operation, old age or improper care, appearance kitchen units It leaves much to be desired. What to do - buy a new one or make your own hands, because to turn old furniture into the new owner is quite capable to creative thinking. Required and inexpensive materials in the public domain, it remains to choose its own version, and patience.

New kitchen after the replacement of the facades
New kitchen after replacing the facade looks great

Change or update

To start the master is required to assess the status of the headset - to repair or enough change the kitchen facade. maybe, Details remained strong, separation or damage have only moldings on the facades. Then transform old furniture kitchen much easier, than to produce new leaf. In some cases, it requires a fundamental replacement of facades:

  1. When viewed web angles bundle taped. In some cases, it helps the bonding with compression. But more often to be replaced facades on the kitchen suites. Trim will not work, since the size of the assembly does not coincide with the.
  2. Skewed facades - a consequence of the weakening or exit the loop space, but not only. Will cause heaviness and swelling of the doors from the constant interaction with moisture. The latter factor depends on the climate in the kitchen, adequate ventilation, own negligence - eg, can not put raw dishes in the cupboard. As a result, a loss of form is required replacement of kitchen fronts.
  3. If the facade framework previously represented with the decorative web, these options are changing easier and more often - from the continuous operation collapses design, wooden blocks to crack.

Solve, whether you want to replace the facades of kitchen furniture, or simply upgrade your cover - will only mistress. Usually, female soul does not tolerate untidiness in the holy of holies.

new kitchen
The kitchen is the room domohozyaki and therefore can fully proebrazit kitchen to your interests

Materials for production of fronts

so, the decision is made - facades for the kitchen replaced with new. Dear headsets require the hands of masters, If the owners do not have any experience in. It will cost less, rather than inept or buying new furniture. What raw materials selected for the new doors and countertops:


known, but, capricious commodity. Stove collected from waste wood + resin. Is environmentally friendly - a vague question, So, the quality of the resin is not known. Often manufacturers add the composition of the essential oil obtained chemically. When interacting with UV-rays, they evaporate, which adversely affects the airways. Besides cheapness, material is considered strong, but, at known care. Otherwise, excessive moisture inflates kitchen surface, decorative coating detaches, and change the kitchen facades of chipboard have already in a short time.


artificial material. Easier wood at times, but, it is rather negative, than plus - replacement kitchen facades of him will much earlier, than chipboard - the pressure on the plate will respond negative consequences. Although the, ease as quality - valuable. inexpensive particleboard, is resistant to water and sunlight. With a rich palette linings able to realize the most daring designer ideas.

Kitchen from MDF facades
Facades MDF - a designer and can be changed whenever you want

aluminum frames

Coupled with the wood-based panels creates a durable and resistant to various manifestations of headsets. Not affected by rust, combined with any decorative inserts - glass, rattan, MDF, DSP. With him not to bend the loop is guaranteed not to shatter. It does not require special care. The price is higher, than wood, but, acceptable.

natural wood

costly material, but, having more disadvantages, than merit. Its main advantage - environmental friendliness and natural drawing. Cons - fissuring, cracks, rassadok mold and mildew. Swollen door can become distorted, Countertop softwood lose appearance after pressure or mechanical action. If the surface of fat droplets fall, avoid soaking fail. Wooden set needs to be replaced more often, than any other.


Presented as inserts, and independent surfaces. Headsets are made of high-strength tempered version, so owners need not fear for its integrity - impact resistance tested. Most often used for decoration of facade, as the raw material represented by multiple versions - stained, fluted, corrugated, with pictures and printing, zatemnennoe. Another type of used inserts - Plexiglass. This is even more robust model, suitable for work surfaces. but, a common problem - the formation of scratches.

The facades of glass
Glass expensive, but chic option


laminated derevoplita. Often used as a substitute for kitchen countertops and fronts. They get a noble look thanks to the smooth, without surface flaws. Besides, Headset rounded edges and finished with a decorative material, as well as all the surface, causing strength as compared with ordinary chipboard increase in times. cost is acceptable, but to create their own hands replacement fronts will not work - requires a special milling machine for machining the edges of the incisors.

Caring for decorative facades

Once installed new facades for the kitchen, or their master's hands, their subsequent operation must be careful.

Timely care will prevent chipping on the surface, cracks, delamination or warping of wood fittings.

Caring for decorative facades
Care must be quality materials with the mind - the right tools in the right places

How to do it:

  1. The least capricious in care chipboard and MDF. On their surface is not oily stains unlike natural wood. As a cleaning agent suitable mild abrasive. In the case of mechanical damage is required to order the facades for the kitchen from the masters - repair chipped plates are not subject to.
  2. Natural wood elements kitchen afraid of excess moisture and sunlight. Important to have a "hot" home appliances away from such cabinets otherwise change the facades of the kitchen is required soon. prohibited detergents, chlorine.
  3. Corrugated or pleated glass facades means to wipe the glass without abrasives, otherwise the scratches can not be avoided. Adding detergent to the solution of vinegar deliver transparent glass from a turbid plaque.
  4. Complete replacement of countertops Kitchen require laminated chipboard. It is durable, but, cleavages are formed in place to absorb moisture. Why stove will start to swell and deform the plastic. It is important to use caution when operating the headset.
  5. To clean the natural material is impossible to use acids, non-food soda, acetone and other aggressive agents. Cleaning tool - brush, metal sponge - banned. allowed rags, suede.
  6. Kitchen cabinets made of wood, including chipboard, MDF or chipboard able to absorb any odors. Therefore, foods and spices are stored in plastic bags. can not remove sink smell - enough to pour mustard in a special container or spread out in the corners of a carnation. Regular change will not leave a chance to smell.

Professional replacement of the facades in the kitchen is expensive, so the owners to resort to costly services masters several times - repairing existing headsets, it is important to maintain its structural condition for years to come.