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plan kitchen 6 square meters: Secrets practical comfort

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Plan kitchen, regardless of the size is based on the same general principle of ergonomics: rule of the triangle. Required actions: get products, wash, cook dictate the placement of the main elements of a rule: the refrigerator, sink and stove. The distance between the points of the triangle, not exceeding one and a half meters, It is considered the most favorable. On small kitchen This question does not become problematic, with a distance all right.

Small kitchen
In a small kitchen white furniture well increases the space

Another question: how to plan a small kitchen, to fit between the overriding points necessary working surface? Since the kitchen 6 m. there are not rare, construction of "Khrushchev" and "stalinok" type endowed with just such premises, Designers have come up with more than one version of the functional and fashion layouts.

Features kitchen layout 6 sq.m: option with the balcony door, and other ideas

Six squares are placed in two variations: square or rectangle. Custom option: very narrow rectangle.

plan kitchen 6 square meters

The first stage of planning - drawing up the plan with dimensioning, desirable placement of kitchen units, communications, refrigerators and other household appliances.

  • Planning a small kitchen also depends on the placement of the dining area. Sometimes the dining area is moved to another room, then the kitchen is clean working. Such a plan might arrangement narrow bar.
  • Decision adjusting the space in the spirit of the new-fangled trends - an association of kitchen and living room. This kitchen - Studio simplifies the task with the zoning of the space, but not everyone is suitable. Moreover, such a small kitchen layout is not without some shortcomings.
  • corner kitchen - the most common and convenient way to place work desks in the kitchen 6 meters square or rectangular shape.

Furniture orange original combined with a beautiful stand at the window

square (rectangular) kitchen

Kitchen layout with refrigerator may have such variants:

  1. corner sink, fridge right at the entrance, cooker to another blank wall.
  2. Location wash the same, but the refrigerator is transferred to the window.
  3. Rectangular kitchen considerably wins, when working angle is transferred to the opposite. Non-standard location beneath the window cleaning could be just one highlight of, which will give the standard space originality.

A plus: ergonomic chain fridge - sink - stove observed, between this triple comfortable working surface.

kitchen 6 square meters

Minus: bulky refrigerator at the entrance violates review and visually reduces the size of.

Very comfortable layout square cuisine. At the site of the thumbs to the right of the door you can even put the dishwasher.

The disadvantage of this arrangement may be necessary to the transfer of communications and the replacement of conventional window sill on a window sill - tabletop.

The kitchen is small
Furniture in the kitchen a light-dark color with open shelves - superb views

The narrow kitchen hruschevke

layout narrow kitchen considered one single-line arrangement. This is the case, when the whole situation is placed along one long wall. The opposite side of the wall settling bar, small table. Refrigerator to become part of the line or put in a corner in front of.

Interior design small kitchen with fridge: angled view

Well chosen style of the small areas is equally important, than plan kitchen. Rough style chalet or its opposite bohemian art - deco on a six-meter kitchen look like uninvited guests in a foreign city.

design kitchens 6 square meters

Miniature kitchen win at design styles:

  • Classical.
  • Minimalism.
  • High-tech.

color preferences

Proper planning helps small kitchen rational use of space for comfortable and functional accommodation of all necessary accessories. No less important is the visual effect, which is created by using colors, lighting, accessories.

design rule: light colors visually enhance the area, dark - reduce.

Red furniture
Furniture looks unusually red chairs with blue hue

But do not take this rule literally, it has a lot of "buts" ...

  • The situation in a light color space transform at room dull faceless. Match the color can literally furniture and walls, but not the floor and all the details.
  • design kitchens 6 m in a classic style takes a combination of two colors, modern styles in the design allow three colors.
  • One color will be the base - is the main color of furniture set, wall, curtains. One or two additional elements selected tone must be combined with basic.
  • The negative effect bear sharp contrasts, in a small room, they look ridiculous. Bright elements are allowed, but in one color with a basic tone.stylish layout of the kitchen 6 square meters
  • The choice of color depends on the location of the kitchen. Dark and gloomy kitchen on the shady side perked up noticeably in warm and cozy shades of peach, beige, Benjamin Creme, light green. But White, in this case, though lighten the situation, It may be too cold, and requires a combination with pastel colors sun.
  • mirror inserts, apron visually expand the space, but you should not do in a small kitchen, a mirrored ceiling. The room will look like a tall pencil case.
  • The selection of wall decor should avoid large graphics, The exception was weak embossing patterns, barely visible on the main background.
  • Avoid massive curtains, heavy draperies. Light air curtains, light blinds - right window decoration for a six-meter kitchen.

plan kitchen 6 squares

Features furniture

  • Corner cabinets - significantly add useful space for kitchen stuff.
  • Under the wide sill - no extra worktop will be a couple of lockers.
  • Table and chairs choose from lightweight materials, table can be a glass. Massive wooden chairs and a large table, not only occupy a lot of space, but also disturb the visual perception.
  • A great solution would be such details, as a folding or sliding tables and chairs.
  • Traditional dining table for a small family to successfully replace the current bar.
  • Most practical set furniture, made to order. In this case, all the nuances of your kitchen is to be taken into account, as well as the preferences. Especially, that nowadays furniture is not a problem.

Beautiful large kitchen does not necessarily! plan kitchen 6 square meters completed. We have questions? Ask them at the bottom of the article!