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Kitchen-Chalet: comfort and primitive

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Who remembers the days of indiscriminate deficit, he remembers that, that the repair and decoration of premises were reduced to a single style: "Dazzle from the, that went ". Modern reality dictates other rules: harmonious decoration of the place of residence, interior, designed in the same style, not limit dreams. All that is needed, This original concept of design, styles, and awareness of their own needs.

Kitchen in the chalet-style
Very interesting style chalet - popular among the Scandinavian countries

Styles in the interior are:

  • Classic
  • Provence
  • High-tech
  • Art-Deco
  • Minimalism
  • modern
  • ethno
  • Eclecticism
  • Loft or industrial
  • Country
  • Chalet

Features of style chalet

What is the chalet? Imagine highlands (Alps, for example), the grandeur of the natural landscape, and the distance between the rocks, literally glued to the mountain a cozy little house shepherd. This is the "chalet" in the truest sense of the word. Interior of the house in chalet style echoes the design in the spirit of a country, which means "village". But for the "shepherd's hut" is characterized by a rough finish. can say, it is a rustic minimalism.

briefly, Chalet - a stone, tree, natural colors. Furniture, dishes, appliances - rough manual work. The decor - animal skins, homespun textiles, fireplace and mountain views.

The latter definition is controversial, as the style of a chalet in the interior of a country house is appropriate marks in any terrain, but anyway, for the soul, beautiful landscape from the window - it's great. Make out in this manner, even city apartments, but there is a caveat: the room must be free and airy. Rough stop and furnished "house of the shepherd" turn the cramped space into a kind of landfill.

Kitchen in the chalet-style - it, first of all, spacious room, where massive tables and chairs will not look ridiculous.

Attention: in the same manner, draw up and the whole house. agree, Kitchen interior in a chalet-style house, where glavenstvuet, for example, high-tech, inappropriate.

The design of a country house in chalet-style event is not cheap. ostensibly to, these are the realities of life: "Shepherds" materials, natural and ecological, at current prices are not available for all. Output: manufacture of interior items independently or imitations of natural and antiquities.

Style Chalet
Naturalness of life - that's the secret of this style

Walls, floor and ceiling

The interior of the chalet-style requires a special selection of materials for the main structure. Look for a rough, bare wood and stone.

  • main, that distinguishes interior of the chalet - it beams. Rudeness and similarity to the uninhabited attic can soften, if you decorate the ceiling of wood, slightly processed with modern facilities.
  • Floor design in a chalet-style requires a solid board. It is important to paint a tree: boards treated with special means, lacquer and oil.

Council: how to choose a carpet on the floor. This element is important for floor insulation, at the same time, should not spoil the overall picture. Kitchen Design will benefit from homespun coarse knit carpet. Choose pastel colors, warm, dark.

  • Designed in the style of a chalet - a wall decoration board, "Antique" artificially unfinished brick or plaster.

Attention: Brick wall in the interior with their own hands, significantly reduce the cost of expenses.

The kitchen in the chalet-style
Boards of natural color of wood - feature a chalet-style

proper painting

Masonry in its original form, ie untreated, with skolami, faded in some places the surface of annoying your aesthetic perception? Exit - to paint the brick wall in the interior of the "shepherd's hut". This action allows the style, but, rules are:

  1. Style rustic antiques requires one tone, of a natural color tone or brick.
  2. The application of color - uneven, with differences. Special effects will help to strengthen the application of the paint does not brush or roller, and with a sponge.
  3. Carefully choose the paint. To cover the inner wall of a kind suitable for interior. Exterior Paint more saturated sorts additives, which breathe indoors, especially in the kitchen, not necessary.
  4. Try not to change the color of the brick, and add it presentable using clinker oil or acrylic parquet akvalaka.

Monochrome painting the walls in a chalet-style
Plain painted walls looks great

Furniture and other accessories

Furniture chalet corresponds to a single principle of all styles: naturalness, simplicity, without frills, at least finish. This does not mean boredom and gloom. Designed in a chalet-style reveals the potential of skilled craftsmen working with wood. Each master can create amazing masterpieces, unique and unrepeatable.

furnishing simple rules.

  • Luxurious leather sofas form, kitchen corners are welcome.
  • Wooden furniture handmade not be painted, but only opened varnish.
  • The furniture in the chalet-style - is also wicker furniture.
  • Coloring trim strip preferably, small flower, flax imitation.
  • Blankets on the sofa with successfully replace the tanned hides or homespun rugs made of natural fibers.

Interior design in a chalet-style in no way suggests a way of life "in the old". Scientific and technological progress successfully fit into a kitchen design. What should be avoided, so is the white surface of household appliances. brown, beige surface of the instrument only successfully set off with wooden furniture and stone walls finish.

Accessories for kitchens chalet.

Decor elements for the chalet could be all, that can be attributed to traditional crafts.

  • Wooden kitchen enliven embroidered napkins, towels, blinds.
  • Pottery and metal ware: more primitive and ancient, all the better.
  • Carpentry and joinery: ornate wooden chandelier, hollowed scoop or cup, and the most simple cutting boards equally well adorn the interior.
  • In this kitchen is especially relevant hung bunches of dried herbs, spice. Vases with fruits and vegetables, placed on the tables, It may be specifically created from wax or plastic.
  • The decor of the massive cast iron or copper items must be in the form of aged antiquity.
  • Electrical light sources are masked old flashlights, wrought-iron candlesticks. Good addition will create a simple chandelier is made of wood with their hands.

Classic stag mountain hut shepherd represents housing severe forms of, colors and filled with only the most necessary items.

Female spirit chalet - unobtrusive heat particles, are introduced into the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of the hearth.

Accessories chalet-style
Accessories help to create a common picture of the correct style


If the fireplace, as an element of home decor, present in many design decisions, regardless of style, the chalet without fire does not happen.

The fire in the hearth - the main, what separates the kitchen from the chalet just kitchens. The main requirement for its design, too, and that the entire room:

  • Natural stone facing, or artificial tiles with imitation of natural materials.
  • natural colors.
  • Made antique, forged accessories.
  • It is important to design a corner near the fireplace - animal skins on the floor, wooden wall decoration, niche for firewood.

A full fireplace - construction difficult. His arrangement requires significant space and cost. What to do, if the chalet-style remodeled a ready room, and a fireplace to become a problem? There is a solution - create a decorative fireplace with his hands.

Decorative, false or fireplace it's best to build your own using a drywall, profile, moldingov. For this job you will need more glue, screws, plaster and accurate calculation ....

Important: make a pre-circuit, determine the size: too big, as too small fireplace looks non-winning. Must be properly weighed proportions.

Now down to business:

  1. According to the selected sizes, set the frame profile.
  2. Cut out the drywall necessary pieces and attach to profiles screws.
  3. Fill the joints, coat primer and proceed with the scenery.

Decorative finishing trim fireplace is the creative stage. It will give the finishing construction of stylish image. Chalet for the most successful will be decorated with artificial stone.

Another interesting design of the fireplace "firebox".

  • method romantic. At the opening of the furnace set several forged candlesticks with candles, just small decorative candles around - romantic atmosphere guaranteed.
  • method realistic. Carr brim lay logs.
  • More realistic. Provide furnace decorative fireplace illuminated with simulated flickering coals and put on top of the wood lattice.
  • Christmas decorations decorative fireplace holiday brings an element not only for children. And it does not matter, the fire in the hearth is not real, the main thing - it is the warmth of family comfort in a romantic decoration of a mountain chalet.