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Features designs box for cooker hoods

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Hoods are the mandatory attribute of a modern kitchen. The functionality of the device is to eliminate smoke and odors during cooking. Venting mechanism cleans the air of smoke and fumes, light protecting households from the negative influence of combustion products.

duct for kitchen hood
The box is important for a good exhaust and ventilation

Installation of exhaust devices provide a cooking comfort and cleanliness of the kitchen facilities.

Box for drawing

Absence of exhaust can lead to unpleasant consequences. Scents can be absorbed into the kitchen surfaces, and the fumes and soot will settle firmly on the furniture and curtains. The choice of model depends on the individual characteristics of the premises and the intensity of exploitation.

Types of exhaust devices for kitchens

Box for drawing give an aesthetic appearance and will hide the unsightly elements. The design was simple, allowing you to make and equip the item with their own hands. In the case of the production of kitchen furniture to order, box can be provided on the hood in the original design of furniture.

box for drawing

Modifications of different dimensions, manufacture and construction materials. Options range hoods are divided into two main types:

  • standard devices;
  • telescopic sliding device.

Classic ducts for drawing in the kitchen looks similar to an ordinary hinged headset module. Hollow interior opens up the possibility of placing a working basis device. It is important to correctly calculate the size of the box. The structure is primarily determined by the width.

Calculation of the box settings: basic values ​​and dimensions for air communication

Standard models occupy a wide 50 cm., respectively box must meet these indicators. If the width of the device has other meanings, should vary the product dimensions to suit individual measurements.

calculation of the box

cabinet depth is calculated based on the drawing dimensions. The minimum value for the compact placement of corrugations and interior parts acts depth 30 cm. Using the box under the hood in the kitchen to store kitchen utensils, need to increase the performance to the size of a standard hinged lockers headset.

definition construction height is based on the values ​​of the surrounding elements. Box in the kitchen should not stand out among the other modules Headset. The main objective of the details disguise flaws, without attracting undue attention. Visually, the design should create a piece horizon and organically perceived. It is important to take into account the technical parameters. product height must not exceed the allowable values ​​of 85 to 65 cm above the cooking surface.

Proper positioning will ensure the correct operation of the device and shield them from discomfort during cooking.

The box for the drawing of plasterboard

Types of standard kitchen baskets: plastic, plasterboard, stainless

Modern extractor duct often equipped with standard external elements, functionality which hide the aimed compound with vent. Detail can be increased and build up to the ceiling surface. Despite the generally accepted standard configuration, Not all devices are equipped with this type of boxes.

types of boxes

Designs may vary manufacturing of material. There are two basic types of standard boxes for Hood:

  1. Plastic ventilation ducts. Products allocated aesthetic properties. A disadvantage does not protrude to the resistance of the material to temperatures, sunlight and mechanical damage. plastic fragility need to replace the item with time. The dimensions of the plastic ventilation ducts correspond to the standard parameters extraction.
  2. Metal constructions. Performance Specifications details largely depend on the production of material. Steels with a decorative layer may lose an attractive appearance. Articles of stainless steel are endowed with properties of durability and practicality.

Duct for drawing in the kitchen

Simple design and decorative embedded ducts for drawing: how to hide (close) pipe

Material for manufacturing housing cabinet for built-in models in favor of MDF, natural wood, or plastic. The choice depends on stylistic kitchen, facade garnish. It is necessary to take into account the harmonious combination of interior parts.

Defining the parameters of the future box, You need to install the functional elements. The dimensions of the ventilation rectangular box should definitely include space for working parts of the device and the corrugations. box manufacturing principle:

  • on individual measurements performed by the details of future designs;
  • produced more reliable fastening elements, it is important to correctly use special corners;
  • after the establishment of framework, mounted shelf and back plane;
  • At the end of the door set.

boxes for snap hood
Place the box in accordance with all the rules

duct modifications to extract the telescopic type: installation nuances (mounting)

box assembly telescopic hood is similar to the standard design. The main difference lies in the assembly sequence. Initially mounted upper plane and side portions. design size carefully adjusted under the hood, if necessary, shrinks.

At the last stage of manufacture of the model is fixed lower part. It is important to make the hole for fixing the corrugations until the lower horizon. After the assembly is difficult to perform carpentry work. The functionality of the device based on the sliding member, which allows the use of the hood during cooking.


The device should take into account the main parameters, providing practicality and ease of use of the appliance. Plastic is not desirable to use as support structure material, possible to use exclusively for decorative purposes. Conduit securely hide visual defects stretcher elements. Proper fabrication and assembly provide the aesthetic appearance of the exhaust device, give the interior decorative and completeness.